Keep the Business Safe from Break-ins

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It’s a great blessing to build a business and make it a good source of income. Make the business sustainable by securing it against break-ins and other criminal elements. Protect Your Home, a top security company in Austin, shares some useful ideas to help Texas business owners realize this goal.

Security systems are useful in the home, but having them in the business premises is also a great idea. The secret to a smooth-running and secured business is precaution. Owners should always expect the unexpected. This means they have to take every effort to prevent security issues before they even occur. Installing a cutting-edge security system will help keep the establishment free from burglary.

Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems like digital touchpads will secure any business establishment in Austin. These devices often come standard with every security package available in the market today. They will reliably alert authorities whenever thieves attempt to break-in through doors and windows. Emergency personnel such as police and firefighters will automatically receive an alert, allowing them to respond immediately. No wonder these systems are widely used by many business owners in America and in other countries.

Smoke and Motion Sensors

Fire may break out in an office, store, or warehouse when you least expect them. Investing in smoke and motion sensors will provide owners with peace of mind. Smoke sensors and alarms prevent fire by alerting people and authorities whenever they detect smoke within the business premises. Motion sensors will activate the alarm system Austin security companies installed when they sense movement within the specified range. Having enough extinguishers in place is also ideal. Place them in conspicuous areas so anyone can easily grab them in case of fire.

Security Cameras

CCTV cameras are among the most reliable devices used by millions of businesses worldwide. These surveillance cameras will monitor the safety of the business premises 24/7. They will serve as eyes especially in hidden corners or areas not frequented by staff.

Prevention is always the best option. Take the step towards a secured home and business in Austin, Texas. Visiting websites like is a great way to find reliable security equipment in just a few clicks.

German Automakers Hit The PEV Market

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Last month, three major German automakers, Daimler, Volkswagen, and BMW, together with their subsidiaries, announced deployment schedules for their long awaited plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

Daimler’s smart fortwo ED was the first German PEV to hit the mass market. It is the smallest and most affordable highway-capable PEV in the US.  The ED went on sale in March for $25,000.

The ED was followed by BMW’s i3, which features a range of around 100 miles. BMW has connected the car’s infotainment system to assess road topography and real-time traffic data. Buyers of the i3 can go for a small gas engine to accompany its all-electric range, making an extra 80+ miles possible.

Biggest German automaker, VW, and its subsidiaries Audi and Porsche will launch their respective models in 2014. These are the VW e-up!, the Audi A3 e-tron, and the Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid.

Click this link for more information on the entry of the German PEVs in the automobile market.

Drive A Flying Car About Eight Years From Now

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Terrafgia, a Massachusetts-based company, is known for the Transition. Transition is a plane people can basically drive. You can fold its wings, which means pilots can drive it off the runaway and head straight home. The Transition, according to the company, brings a new level of freedom, versatility, and fun to personal flight.

Presently, the company is working on the TF-X, a completely futuristic car. It looks to sell TF-Xs in the early 2020s. Many consider the TF-X a hybrid of Google’s self –driving car, a plane, and a helicopter. The vehicle can take off vertically, right from your driveway, using electric-powered rotor blades on each side.

Once up in the air, the rotor blades drop, and a rear-mounted gas engine operates. The company claims that learning how to operate a TF-X safely should take an average driver no more than five hours. The company did not disclose the price of the vehicle. Read the rest of the article here.

Nike, Samsung Support AOL Video Unit

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Nike, Samsung, and Italian football team AS Roma are few of the first brands to support AOL’s Be On, its new content marketing service, as the online advertising agency looks a higher share of TV ad budgets. Samsung and Starcom MediaVest, its online media-buyer, will be the first to launch a Be On campaign with a campaign to endorse Galaxy S4 starting on May 1.

The football team and its kit sponsor Nike will launch a worldwide campaign with a video marking Francesco Totti’s 20-year career. The content marketing service allows brands to create and syndicate online campaigns and gauge their effectiveness.

Be On is the result of the merger of Goviral, AOL’s video distribution service. The new tool for measurement allows brands see analytics and get intent measurement in real time. A key person from the ad company cleared that the new business is not a result of reorganization.

Visit this link to read more of AOL’s ad unit launch.

NBA Center Jason Collins Comes Out

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Jason Collins, a 12-year NBA veteran, surely feels that the world outside the closet is so much better than the inside. The free agent center announced that he is gay and became the first active athlete in all of professional sports in North America to ever do so.

His bold move freed him from years of fear playing in a contact sport of basketball. He didn’t come out in the past, for fear that it might cause him to lose focus in his game due to controversies in his personal life.

Fans remember him well as a significant part the then-New Jersey Nets in 2002 against the Los Angeles Lakers who played alongside with Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin. Collins became the starting center of the Nets the following year to battle toe-to-toe some of the league’s all-time best centers such as Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan.

Read the 7-foot center’s story fighting years of fear and silence in this report of Howard Fendrich in Yahoo! Sports.

Lebanese Firms Involved In Drugs

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The USA Treasury Department accused two Lebanese money exchange houses of laundering money for a giant drug trafficking ring. Both Kassem Rmeiti and Halawi Exchange are allegedly financing the Lebanese militant group Hezbollahas. Authorities also suspect links between South American drug traffickers and Middle Easterners like Hezbollah. They fear that drugs and terrorism indeed coexist across the globe in a marriage of mutual convenience.

The South American drug traffickers are eager to expand into rewarding markets in Europe and the Middle East, according to DEA’s Derek Maltz. This is possible with new shipment routes through West Africa. Hezbollah found it harder to get money directly from governments since the Sept. 11 attacks, when the United States cracked down on financing.

Officials now say Hezbollah gets money from Iran. The country is currently experiencing financial sanctions over its nuclear program.

Will the Lebanese firms recover from this accusation? Find out more in this article from the New York Times.

Research: Lenient Attitude Toward Teens And Medication Abuse

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A new study suggests that parents have to speak with their teens regarding the hazards of abusing Adderral, Ritalin, and other types of prescription medicines. When asked teens were asked about the most recent substance abuse talk they had with their parents, only 14 percent admitted they discussed misusing prescription medication.

Through comparative analysis, 81 percent of teens said they have discussed about the risks of marijuana with their parents. Almost the same number of children admitted that they talked about alcohol with their parents. Only one third discussed crack and cocaine.

Some parents did not see anything dangerous about teens abusing prescription medicines. The probe revealed that one in every six parents said using prescription medicines is safer than street drugs. About one third of the respondents believed that ADHD medications could do something to improve their child’s academic performance.

Visit this link and see the rest of the study’s findings.

Chilean Students Rally For Education Reform

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About 15,000 students in Chile staged a rally Thursday demanding reforms in education of the country. The demonstration that happened in Santiago is one of the largest marches for education reform in more than two decades.

The protest started out peacefully with students waving flags, chanting slogans, and dancing in the streets. The demonstration ended with clashes, however, after police tried to arrest some activists. About 109 people, including 24 minors, and at least 6 police agents were injured in the incident.

Education protests in Chile started during the 2006-2010 government of Michelle Bachelet. She tried unsuccessfully to calm the movement by naming a committee to discuss student demands.

The protests have turned into a bigger headache for President Sebastian Pinera. Her government is focusing a chunk of the 2013 budget on financing school loans at lower rates. Students, however, say the system still fails them, with poor public schools, expensive private universities, unprepared teachers and unaffordable loans.

AP tells the rest of the story.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Passes Away

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‘The Iron Lady’, former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher passed away, Monday, April 8, 2013, following a stroke, her spokesperson says. She was 87.

“It is with great sadness that Mark and Carol Thatcher announced that their mother Baroness Thatcher died peacefully following a stroke this morning,” said Lord Bell in a statement.

Baroness Thatcher was the first woman prime minister of Britain who served from 1979 to 1990, under the Conservative party.

Officials from Downing Street say that the Baroness will be accorded the same status of funeral as the Queen Mother and Princess Diana, but will not lie in state as per her own wishes. The ceremony, with full military honours, will take place at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. The Union Jack, Britain’s National Flag, above 10 Downing Street and the British Parliament has been lowered at half-mast.

Click here to know more about her passing and her life and times in photos and in quotes.

FACEBOOK: Bug Caused Site’s Search History Tool Disappearance

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Leading social media site Facebook acknowledged Tuesday that a bug has resulted in the sudden disappearance of its search history tool. The feature, which first showed up in September last year, lets users view and edit their prior Facebook searches. This could be previously accessed by selecting “Search” from the “Activity Log” in the user’s profile.

The social network apologized for the inconvenience that the bug has caused the Facebook users and promised to fix it shortly. The company, however, denied that the bug was not intentional, as opposed to what the rumors have said.

In connection to this, Facebook announced the launch of its next-generation search product in January. Graph Search, as the social network calls it, is a new way of finding people, things, and places in Facebook easily.

The Dublin-based company promised to keep users updated as soon as the bug on the feature has been fixed. Read the whole story at CNET.