Want to Sleep Like a Baby? Invest in a Hotel-Grade Mattress

Hotel Most of the good hotels have one thing in common: good quality mattresses. They do not all use the same brand, but hotel quality mattresses are always firm and provide good back support. Most of them are innerspring coil mattresses with a foam top, although some hotels have switched to foam mattresses.

Top-quality mattresses are not cheap, but there are good reasons that hotels invest in them.

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Hotel guests want a good night’s sleep. After all, hotels are mainly a place to sleep for most people. This is especially true for frequent travelers such as businesspersons. No matter how many comforts a hotel has, if the guest does not sleep well, they get bad reviews. They are also less likely to come back.

On the other hand, a guest is sure to rave about a hotel where the bed was a pleasure to sleep in. It makes practical sense to spend more on a mattress than on expensive fixtures that the guests will probably not even notice.

Good Mattresses Last Longer

A hotel mattress has to be durable because people of different sizes and weights use them every day. They may also be subject to abuse, such as children jumping on them. Buying cheap mattresses that will sag and break down after six months is not a cost-effective way to do business. It is better to buy an expensive one that will last for 10 to 15 years.

Most of the best hotels have bed manufacturers design mattresses exclusively for them.

Unfortunately, this means that they are probably not available to the public. Many manufacturers have “hotel quality” models that smaller hotels and private individuals can order. It will usually be one of their top of the line models. You would be wise to choose those models. It will be like sleeping in a good hotel every day!

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