Volunteer to Be Better: Opportunity in the Armed Forces for Students

Soldiers lined upStudents take much of their time and effort on studying in hopes of honing themselves as educated individuals in their respective fields. Volunteer work, however, can hone students all the same with regard to their character. Have you performed volunteer work yourself yet?

Grow as a Volunteer

Volunteer work can benefit you personally as well as the community you serve. On a personal level, you can develop positive values such as empathy and compassion. You can even build confidence and improve your communication and leadership skills. On the community level, social responsibility can be inculcated and a network of support can be initiated.

Volunteer for the Armed Forces

You can join many different volunteer work here in Singapore. Some will be formal and structured, while other works remain informal. In terms of scope, some will target specific communities, while others can serve the whole nation of Singapore. Take the Volunteer Corps of the Singapore Armed Forces, for example.

What’s Your Reason?

The Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) offers a volunteer opportunity for students willing to serve in the military.

You can join for various reasons just like the two students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic who volunteered last year. One joined because she wanted to develop herself into a stronger woman, while the other joined to develop herself as a person and to give back to Singapore.

The Volunteer Corps

The volunteer opportunity in the SAF remains open to all Singaporeans and permanent residents over 18 years of age who aren’t required to join by the National Service Act, yet desire to help in national defence. You will undergo a two-week Basic Training and another week of Qualification Training. You may even undergo a fourth week of Advanced Training. As an SAFVC volunteer (SV), you will serve for seven days each year in the role you have been assigned to.

Do you want to serve Singapore? Volunteering for the SAF Volunteer Corps can be a great educational experience for you as it has been for the many volunteers that have joined since 2015.

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