Urethane: Making Use of the Versatile Component

What if you had an ingredient that could be used for practically anything you will ever want to make? Urethane, invented in the 1930s, is precisely that—a compound that can almost claim to be the be all end all of building materials. Well, almost.

What exactly is it?

Multi-colored foamUrethane is a plastic compound that possesses better flexibility and weather-resistance than ordinary rubber. It has become a popular choice for its toughness, flexibility, and resistance to tear, water and abrasion.

You can use it to build practically anything because of its inherent qualities. The combinations and formulations of urethane have increased to a vast amount over the years, which is why it can be made and molded to specific standards meantfor different needs.

Customized urethane prototypes can be used for a variety of items. Due to its flexibility, it is available in both sheet form or spray form.

One component that can be found everywhere

Polyurethane foams are used as cushions, structural support devices, and many other similar industrial functions. Even everyday items like shoes make use of urethane components. Urethane even trumps good old-fashioned rubber because unlike the latter, urethane doesn’t chunk out under stress.

One component fits all industries

Urethane applications are virtually limitless. Its dynamic flexibility has made it useful in many industries such as the steel, mining, paper, marine, construction, hydraulics, printing, railroad, and even aerospace industries. It has a practical use for pretty much any imaginable industry. Many companies manufacture customized urethane prototypes for different purposes.

Urethane is also a safe ingredient to use. There has been no exposure limits that have been established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States.

Versatility is the one word which stands out when you think of urethane because of its many applications. The industries mentioned are merely a few of which urethane, as a component, can have practical applications for. It’s no wonder that manufacturers from different industries the world over have benefited from it.

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