Trade Events: 3 Things that Can Ruin Your Display

trade eventA business grows faster when it is visible to its target audience. When you want to improve your bottom line, you should expose your brand to the widest range of audience possible. Of course, there are many ways to improve brand visibility, but one way to make sure you stand out is to join a trade event – that is, as long as you steer clear from these errors.

Skimping on the Decorations

While it’s reasonable to watch your budget, it’s a mortal sin to skimp on your display’s décor. The last thing you want is to make your brand come off as cheap, which is something you’ll achieve if you use tacky, unappealing banners, posters, and promotional materials.

Heed the advice of the marketing pros at Zodiac Designs: strive for a design that works well with your brand and your budget. Don’t go big if you don’t have the funds to pull it off. Instead, aim for a minimalist look for your display. Reducing the design elements doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re skimping on the décor, after all.

Just take a look at how Apple presents its products – striking, sleek, and simple without looking cheap. This is something you can apply to your display.

Ignoring the Placement of Design Elements

Now, you should also pay attention to the placement of all design elements – not just the décor. If you just place all the elements without much thought, the display will look disastrous.

If you have a booth, make sure that there is a natural flow so that attendees will get to see everything on display. Think about the layout of the entire stage, booth, or display. After all, this is what dictates the level of engagement your brand will have towards its audience.

Forgetting the Human Element

Lastly, humanize your display. If you let the décor and the technology do all the talking, no one will pay attention. There has to be a human element in your display or booth; otherwise, it will fail.

Draft a short program for the attendees, complete with giveaways and gimmicks. Assign your staff to man the booth at all times. With actual people on your display, guests will have an avenue to ask questions and interact with your brand.

Your next trade event should improve your brand’s visibility. Don’t ruin it by making these mistakes.

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