Three Kinds of Mini-Stages You Can Set Up in Your New Home

New HomeRemember the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott where the little ladies decided to put up a play which they performed at home? There’s also that scene in Sound of Music, where Captain Von Trapp’s children put up their own puppet show in their mansion. 

If your family has these sorts of artistic streaks, why not set a miniature stage for them when you buy your new Truganina, Victoria house for sale.


As with many typical theatres, the proscenium is an easy to build and maintain stage for all kinds of straight plays and musicals. It’s basically like a TV screen, flat and easily separating your performers from the audience. You can choose to have it elevated from the floor to make the actors more visible but otherwise, leave enough space on the wall to create a simple backstage.


Also known as ‘theatre in the round,’ this set up reflects the Roman coliseums and arenas. Imagine a flat, square or circular stage in the middle surrounded by bleachers and you’ve got your arena. This is perfect for very intimate plays and it allows your audience to really see and experience the full range of emotions of the actors or band. If you intend to have this sort of stage, consider houses for sale that have large rooms to make the entrance and exits accessible.


Imagine the proscenium but with an extension past the stage, like an outstretched tongue, and you’ve got your thrust. This is perfect for plays and performances where the most important scenes and characters can be emphasised by simply placing them at the very front of the stage. Popular with musicals with great solos, this is also perfect for acoustic performances.

Create foldable versions of these stages for easy storage after each presentation. Whether it’s a one man show, or your whole brood performing a hodgepodge of performances, a mini-theatre at home is an exciting and inviting call for creativity and performance. Make your family day celebrations or holidays extra special with that special performance your children – or even you – can stage.

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