Things You Should Never Do to Your Airconditioner

AirconditionerAn airconditioner changes the temperature of the air inside a space. Using Freon, other chemicals and moisture, it can regulate the temperature in the room depending on how hot or cold the temperature of the outside air is. At some point, extreme heat or cold can make your air conditioner useless.

Whether you have a unit at home or several commercial air conditioners at your business, says there are some things that you should never, ever do to that machine.

Here are some things that you should never do when you own air conditioning units:

  • Don’t put it near a corner, against reflective surfaces, a neighbor’s window or against two adjacent walls.

The worst place to put your unit is between two walls or somewhere your unit will not be able to discharge the temperature. This will not only create a huge amount of noise (that may be illegal in your area) but it can also wear the unit out prematurely.

  • Don’t use an extension cord for your unit.

Extension cords disperse heat and energy, which means that your machine may not be getting enough energy to work. Before installing your air conditioner, it might be best that it has its own socket quite near.

  • Don’t keep your plants near the unit.

Your air conditioner can generate a lot of heat or cold, depending on which side your plants are on. Plants on the outside wilt and die quickly thanks to the heat from the machine. If you put your plants near commercial air conditioners indoors, you can expect those plants to die as well.

Air conditioning units are not simple machines. They need a lot of different parts and sophisticated factors to work. Make sure you always clean your unit and check for mold and spores inside your filters.

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