The Skin of Interior Design: Understanding Different Fabric Types

comfortable sofa bedOne area of interior design that architects or designers always focus on is use of fabrics. No matter how simple your design plan can be, you will find it impossible to veer away from this element.

Fabric, in interior design, is what accentuates the overall feel of a space. It can be a simple cloth that covers the reception table or that textured surface of your upholstery pieces from Newbury Park home stores. When it comes to this, you may feel overwhelmed by a myriad of choices. You don’t have to worry too much, as this article will discuss the top fabric choices that will work best for your home.


Silk is what you need if you want that opulent feel in your space. You can use it for curtains, pillowcases, or coverings for your upholstered furniture. This fabric is famed for its ability to reflect light, making it bright and visually appealing. The only problem you will have with silk is its durability. Never use silk in areas where traffic is high.


Go for rayon if you want a more durable fabric while retaining that silk-like appeal. Rayon is easy to incorporate into any design plan. The only problem you will have is it wrinkles easily. This means you have to avoid using it on furnishings.


Leather may be the last option when talking about fabric, but it’s what usually gives a space the richest appeal. Leather can practically last a lifetime. What you need to do to preserve it is to give it special maintenance, which actually sounds a lot of hard work.


Cotton suits those who are maintaining an organic or environmentally sustainable home. It’s comfortable, which makes it excellent if you’re focusing more on function over form. The problem you’ll have with cotton fabrics is their susceptibility to stains. Nevertheless, it’s still durable.


Polyester is very common in bed sheets and seats, but you can use it in a design pursuit by combining it with other fabrics. Polyester is ideal for upholstery coverings and drapes.

These are only some of the options you have when it comes to fabric. The easiest way to determine the right one is to see first if your interior design is heavily dependent on form or function.

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