The One Thing People Ignore on Fences

Types Of FenceWhen it comes to fences, homeowners usually just want a reliable contractor to install one around their property. After all, what’s to worry about fencing apart from its appearance and longevity? What they don’t know is the effect of the right fencing style to their property.

It’s helpful to have some basic knowledge about fencing to ensure cost-effective materials. It pays to have a word in the negotiations to guarantee that they’ll get what they want.

1. Private Fence

Privacy fencing is exactly what its name suggests. The distinguishing factor in this style is that there are no gaps in between solid boards. It helps create privacy in a front or backyard, which is why most properties in America have it.

As for the height, providers like CCC Fence may point out that the city or community ordinance usually dictates the limitation of fence height.

2. Security Fence

Metal and wrought iron usually makes security fences, which is familiar south of the border. This type of fencing makes the entire property inside the fence usable for families. Security fences improve safety from home invasions and burglary.

Security fences can go as high as six feet to provide maximum protection.

3. Picket Fence

Picket fences might as well be called American fences because of how common it has been in American households since its invention. Although picket fences are white, households today prefer gardens that are full of color to make the contrast make both things stand out.

4. Pool Fences

A swimming pool is a gem of any property, but homeowners wouldn’t want strangers to walk in and use it. Before, no pool fencing was attractive enough to complement the house in the background. Now, pool fences are made of steel, wrought iron or vinyl that are customizable.

There are three kinds of pool fences. Perimeter fences go around the yard and serve to safeguard the pool. Interior fences only cover the pool and leave the rest of the yard free for other use. Removable fences allow full access to the pool when removed.

5. Deer Fences

While deers usually stay outside of people’s way, some can wander around and end up on houses. There is a surge in deer population in suburban areas and deer fences are the answer to keeping them out.

Learning fence designs will enable you to choose better, not just rely on the contractor’s word. Additionally, you can increase curb appeal and the overall value and aesthetic of the house.

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