Specific Features to Look For When Choosing a Garage Door

Choosing a Garage DoorThe garage door is an integral part of the architecture, design and security of your property. But when it comes down to it, some homeowners are clueless about which features to prioritise and which to not just bother with.

There are three features that you should be looking into when making your selection. Namely, they are safety, ease of operation and durability. Explore each of them more closely.

Safety for Your Family

The safety of your family is the first key consideration as door failures can cause fatal injuries, says nwsmbuildinggroup.com.au. Your garage door should have special safety features built into it, such as efficient steel door stops and locking bar end covers to avoid injuring your fingers.

Ease of operation

A common residential problem is domestic noise. A noisy garage is the last thing you want to disturb your napping child, your neighbours or the general peace of your home. Look for products with running strips that provide greaseless operation and mini groove top sheet that prevents paint scuffing during opening and closing of the door.

The noise is usually caused by metal on metal contact. To prevent this, you may opt for rubber-coated guide stops for smoother and noiseless operation.

In addition to noise, low-quality materials can also reduce convenience during opening and closing. Choose the product that provides the least resistance and minimised hassle.

Special features can be castellated drum wheels, or a combination of drum and precision springing to ensure consistent balance. This enables you to stop the door where you want it and make it stay there, also reducing risk of injuring your fingers. The lifting handle is another important feature to consider when making a choice.


Durability not only guarantees longevity, but the extra strength of the construction can discourage potential break-ins. For maximum durability, look for steel, round-shaped curtain. Some, more than others, provide more rigidity and strength. Moreover, choose doors with a weather seal that prevents leaves and rain from coming in.

Your garage door purchase is not something you can merely guess about. It takes a lot of consideration pertaining to safety, quality and ease of operation.

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