Safety First: The Benefits of Having a CCTV System for You, Your Loved Ones and the People You Work With

cctvThe German military was the first to use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in 1942. During that decade, the US military also used the same system in developing and testing atomic weapons. During the 70s and 80s, these devices were first used by commercial establishments like banks, convenient stores, retailers, and other businesses as added security measures.

Nowadays, CCTVs are needed even for residential use. Why should you consider it for your home or for your business or in the workplace? ASA Security shares a list below:

1. Serves as surveillance
Security is the number one purpose of having these systems installed. A video surveillance prevents potential criminals from entering your perimeters. As studies have found, these could reduce crime by increasing the likelihood that offenders will be deterred, caught, stopped, removed, punished and deterred.

2. Makes your loved ones, customers and employees feel secure
Knowing that something is on the lookout for any untoward incident makes your loved ones at home or your customers and employees feel more secure. They are less fearsome that crimes may happen. With every move caught on cam, potential offenders may also think twice.

3. Prevents incidence of loss
A security camera system installed in your place reduces incidence of theft and provide evidence for such. CCTV videos can help reduce or prevent losses to a business.

4. Keeps records of malicious activities
Evidence doesn’t lie. Once caught on cam, offenders find no excuses The police camera footage can also help them identify potential witnesses.

Video surveillance is for your own good. It serves a number of purposes, especially for business owners. Now is a good time to buy when prices are not as expensive as before because of market competition. Apart from the technical considerations about this technology, you must also adhere to some ethical issues governing its use.

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