Reasons Title Loans are Better than Pawnshops

Red Sign of title loans with a checkIf you need quick cash in between paydays, pawning your jewelry pieces and getting a car title loan are two good options. Whichever you decide to get, they do not care about your credit scores.

Unlike conventional bank loans, even if your credit score rating is not that good, you can still get some quick cash for your pawned jewelry pieces or car title loan. But here is why getting car title loans is better than pawning your precious gems.

Consider these benefits if you are deciding to get a title loan in Provo from institutions such as Utah Money Center.

You do not need to hand over your car

When you pawn your precious jewelry in a pawnshop, lenders hang on to the pieces until you can pay back the loan plus interest. This means you cannot wear your grandmother’s heirloom piece to that wedding next week or your diamond engagement ring for some time.

Your car is worth so much more

Unless you have a rare piece of jewelry that is worth a high six figures, your vehicle is worth so much more than your pearl earrings. Whether you go to the pawnshops or car title lending companies, the money you can borrow is proportional to the value of the things you hand over.

But for car title loans, you only need to hand over the title, not the actual car. Therefore, you can get more if you get a car title loan. If you need to borrow a larger amount for emergencies, just go for a car title loan.

You do not have to worry about losing your heirloom pieces

While you can always wish that the pawnshops would not chip a piece of your precious jewelry pieces, you can ensure that your car will be safe even if you get a car title loan. For the latter, you just need to provide the title of your vehicle as collateral.

Life can get hard sometimes, but with car title loans, you do not have to worry about losing heirloom jewelry pieces just because you are in need of quick cash in between paydays. Consider getting a car title loan instead of pawning your precious jewels.

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