Mixing Plantation Shutters & Curtains for a Cosy Look

Huge windows are both classy and useful when it comes to letting the sunlight in. They, however, will expose your house to curious eyes if not properly covered. This led to people choosing different solutions, from huge cosy curtains to broad but compact louvred plantation shutters.

curtain and shutterShutters or curtains?

Some people find curtains cosy and decorative, making them appropriate for homes in cold regions. They also go well with huge houses to break the monotony and lend a cushy touch to the rooms. Shutters, on the other hand, are practical and easy to maintain. You neither have to wash them every now and then, nor draw them every morning.

Mixing shutters and curtains

Both shutters and curtains have their own strengths and weaknesses. Many Australian homeowners opt to install both curtains and plantation shutters on their windows because of the weather. During winter, residents use heavy curtains to keep heat in the house. While this might sound extravagant, it will result in a unique and highly functional combination.

Your house can take advantage of both curtains and shutters. Coloured curtains paired with shutters give your house a new look. You also get enough protection from extreme temperatures.

Mitigating the costs

Shutters and curtains can give your house a cosy look, so why are more people not using the combination? Custom plantation shutters come at a considerable cost. Good curtains are even more expensive.

You do not have to use up your savings. Halfpriceshutterswa.com.au recommends plantation shutters to cover the windows. Then, you can add smaller curtains at the edges. The shutters, which are easier to manage, are offset by the curtains so you get a stylish look for a fraction of the cost.

With your windows covered properly, you can enjoy the weather while being comfortable in your home.  Be creative in combining shutters and curtains for a stylish house that still keeps your privacy.a

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