Meals On the Go: Food Preparation in a Kitchen Trailer

kitchen trailerCooking inside your trailer can be a little challenging because of the cramped and limited space. Fortunately, advance preparation and the right tools can go a long way in making the most of your kitchen space. Maintaining simplicity and flexibility with your food choices also helps if you want tasty and nutritious meals when on the road. shares a few tips on preparing meals in your trailer’s kitchenette.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Create a meal plan for each day of your trip, and try to choose one-dish meals or easy-to-prepare cooker recipes if possible. You can check out food websites for tasty and low-hassle choices. Pasta dishes like spaghetti with garlic bread and simple salads are easy to prepare after a busy day. This tip is perfect for those who are just renting a motor home.

The Shopping List

After planning the menu is the preparation of all the ingredients you will need for each recipe. Make a list of the items you need from the store before you go. It is also important to list what you already have and all else you need to pick up upon arrival at the destination.

Benefit from Leftovers

Make use of leftovers by repurposing them into new dishes. Leftover veggies and meal dishes can be excellent for brunch the next day. You just need to be creative with the ingredients. This is ideal for families with plenty of activities lined up and don’t have enough time to cook.

Bring the Basic Spices

Save more money by bringing spices you already have along. Measure the right amount you need and place it in a Ziploc bag. If you need to buy new spices, choose those that can fit reasonably in the space you have. Make sure to set aside the food you will bring from home and the things you need to purchase when you get to the location.

While it is more affordable to cook meals inside the trailer, you should also consider trying a special dish wherever you are headed. Keep these tips in mind and have a great road trip!

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