Know Your Enemy: Common Pests at Home

termites on booksPests are common problems in many households. While they create serious damages on properties, they also bring sleepless nights and terrible headaches to homeowners.

The first crucial step in preventing pests at home is knowing your enemy. Here are the most common pests found in the house.

  1. Rats

Rats may grow up to a foot long, while mice are smaller. If you hear sounds of swishing and scratching in the attic, walls, basement or ceilings, this may mean that you have rodents at home. You may also find furs, small bits of droppings and urine in areas where they nest. The presence of rats at home may cause health problems for the family, such as hantavirus, lypus, and leptospirosis. To prevent rats from entering your home, cover up or repair holes and take out the garbage that may be a nesting ground for them.

When rat infestation becomes severe, it’s important to call pest control experts to ensure that the entire place will be cleaned out and your family is safe from potential health risks.

  1. Bed bugs

You may recognize them as the little creatures that have flat, oval bodies hanging out in your bed. Although adult bed bugs can live over a year without food, they enjoy sucking blood. People who have been bitten by the bugs may experience itching and serious allergic reactions. The inconvenience these bugs can do to a home may also cause anxiety and insomnia for family members, so while the infestation is not that critical, it’s best to get professional pest control services.

  1. Termites

Termites are called the silent destroyers because of the overwhelming damage it can do to the property, even before homeowners have the slightest clue. When wooden furniture begins to have small holes or the doors and floors start to weaken, you may have termite infestation at home. It’s important to have licensed pest control experts regularly check your home to ensure it’s free from these pests.

Be aware of the most common pests that may damage your property and compromise your comfort. Prevent these pests from entering your home and get regular inspections from the experts.

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