How to Plan your Home Renovation

Home being renovatedPerhaps you need a room for the newest family member, for a home office, or you just really require more space to lounge about. Maybe it is the perfect time to build the master bedroom of your dreams. Whatever reason you have for renovating, you need to know from the start that it will not be easy.

So how do you start? With proper planning, of course, added to these practical guidelines.

Prepare for Stress

Fact: renovations are stressful. So accept it and do not expect everything to go smoothly, so you will not be as stressed when something goes awry. You will probably bicker with everyone and even move out your house for a bit if you are doing extensive renovations. You will test your resolve.

Determine the Most Crucial Objectives

List down everything you need and want done, down to the last detail. From there, you could see which ones you could afford right now and which ones could wait in the future. Prioritizing is key.

Determine your Budget

If you do not have all the money you need to finish all the renovation work you want done, consider taking out a loan. You could choose from constructions loans like the FHA 203k loan program – offered by institutions such as Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. – line of credit, a second mortgage, or a home equity loan.

Seek Inspiration

This is the fun part because you could get inspiration anywhere. Search online, pick up a magazine or book, watch shows about flipping houses, or go around town for potential materials and furnishing. Consider going to newly built or newly renovated homes in your area as well for actual visuals.

Identify the Scale

How much are you renovating? Are you planning to tear down walls? Rewiring electricity and plumbing? Adding a room? Everything else is like constructing a home – you will need contractors, necessary permits, an architect (if you need one), plumbers, electricians, roofers, framers, window installers, etc.

If you plan your renovation right, you help reduce the chances of mistakes happening and going over your budget. Now that you have the perfect plan in place, it is time to execute it.

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