How Should You Transport Guns and Ammo to a New Home?

GunBeing a firearms enthusiast, you don’t want your collection to be damaged or lost during a move. It’s also important to keep people safe, and comply with all local laws for transporting guns and ammunition. All of this can be intimidating if you’ve never moved with guns before.

While you do need to make a few precautions, taking care of your collection during a move is easier than it first seems. Here is what you should know.

Moving a Gun Safe

Having a good gun safe solves most of your problems. It will make sure that your collection is completely secure during the trip. However, the extreme weight of the safe makes it impractical to move by you. Like with pianos and other large household items, it’s best to rely on an expert.

Professional gun safe movers in Denver will usually surround it in moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent damage, then use a dolly or other equipment to transport it to their truck. They’ll unload and carry it into your house, so you can then unpack it with ease.

Packing Guns Correctly

Don’t have a safe to keep everything in? If so, you have a bit more work to do. Any guns that have their own hard-shelled case must be wrapped properly in bubble wrap or soft foam before being put in a box. Notify your movers, and make sure that they verify the contents of the boxes in front of you before sealing.

Can You Move By Yourself?

DIY moving isn’t recommended by gun safety experts from Light Speed Delivery, Inc., just because of the added hassles and potential legal risks if you mess it up. If you insist on it, however, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, guns and ammunition must be kept separate. You can keep ammo in the cabin, but firearms must be far away from the driver and any passengers. It’s a good idea to keep them in a locked crate or case for added safety.

Again, make sure to check your state’s laws for moving firearms. There may be some specific restrictions that you need to know about.

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