Go Easy on Your Knees: 5 Alternative Exercises to Running

Alternative ExercisesRunning isn’t for everyone. It is a form of exercise that can put great strain on your knees, and the problem only gets worse the heavier or larger a person is. This can make it frustrating and even dangerous for some people.

Thankfully, there are plenty of exercises out there that won’t end up ruining your joints down the line. Even
better, each of these is fun on its own way, so you definitely won’t get bored.

1. Cycling – To start things off, why not grab a bike and hit the road this weekend? Biking is one of the most joint friendly workouts there is, and everyone can do it. Not only do you get to explore, this is also a great chance to hang out with your other cyclist friends.

2. Rock climbing – While not everyone has access to a rock climbing wall, this is one of the most physically demanding, yet incredibly fun exercises you can try. You won’t be putting much pressure on your knees either, since you will be using your strength in slow, controlled bursts.

3. Trampolining – Ever had one of those small trampolines in your backyard when you were a kid? Take it to the next level by visiting one of the many free-jumping centres across Australia. Industry leaders, Bounce often states that their facilities, which house over a hundred huge, interconnected trampolines, provide an excellent way for people of all ages and capabilities to have fun while working up a sweat.

4. Ballroom dancing – Far from the relaxed image that you might expect, ballroom dancing can be a seriously intense way to workout. Apart from improving your cardiovascular endurance, you will also develop your coordination, balance, reflexes – and of course, your ability to impress your partner.

5. Yoga – One of the most popular ways to reduce stress and improve flexibility also happens to be a great method of exercise. Yoga is for everyone, and you can add it to your daily routine without an issue. Either sign up for a class after work, or learn at home with the use of videos or the internet.

Each of these options will do wonders for your physical fitness without putting excessive strain on your joints. There’s no reason to put your knees at risk when there are so many other options out there.

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