Where the Germs Are: 3 Areas in the Office to Keep Clean

office cleaningYour company’s productivity is only as good as the health of your employees. When someone calls in sick, your output – and eventually, profit – suffers. This is why you need to maintain a healthy environment – something you can only do when the office is clean.

Cleaning the office is more than just emptying the bins and wiping the windows. You have to focus on critical areas where germs proliferate. New Focus Cleaning lists three germ-filled areas in the office that you should always keep tidy:

The Carpet

The carpet is the first area that you should pay attention to when cleaning the office. After all, every employee walks on it right after they tread the dirty streets of the city, regardless of the weather.

As such, the surface requires regular cleaning – by a professional, preferably – so that you can control the germs in the office. The last thing you want is for dust and debris to accumulate on the carpet and cause employees to miss work for allergies and other illnesses.

The Keyboard

We all depend on trusty computers now, so the typical day at the office consists of typing away on a keyboard. For this reason, keyboards have become a hot spot for a lot of germs and bacteria.

Moreover, a lot of people have the habit of eating in front of their computers. Although they are careful with how they eat, bits of food still make their way into the insides of the keyboard. Now, an office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Add the hygiene risk that comes with food crumbs in your keyboard and you have the formula for sickness.

The Microwave

Whilst the microwave is the reason you’re able to eat warm meals during lunch, it’s also the culprit behind many allergies and illnesses in the office. As such, it is important to keep this appliance clean at all times, especially the handle. A study found that there is a higher concentration of germs and bacteria in microwave handles than other parts of the office pantry, so be sure to keep it spotless.

When what you want is a clean office, putting fresh liners on trash bins is not enough. Pay attention to these four key areas to prevent bacteria from taking over your office.

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