Frugal Living Essentials: Home Furnishing on a Budget

Home FurnishingSo, you’ve found the perfect apartment and have made the big move. You’ve put in what seems like a lifetime’s worth of savings in security deposits, bags, cardboard boxes, and duct tape. Now what?

From a place you can call home to a haven for having a good time with loved ones, here are a few creative ways you can furnish your home on the cheap:

Avoid Stores Offering “0% Down Payment” Deals

Many stores nowadays offer 0% interest for certain credit card sales. While this may look like a great deal, it usually isn’t. Stores often include the cost of financing into their prices up front. Any place offering 0% interest financing may be selling you goods at a significant markup.

Quality over Quantity

Invest in a few key pieces first before going all out in furnishing your home. Make your choices carefully and do not rush into buying things. As your budget will likely be limited, you will probably need to buy a few things from places like Ikea, but if you have the patience, you can hold off buying certain items and wait until you have enough money to buy nicer things.

Get your sofa, living room set, dining room set, and other essential furniture pieces from trusted furniture shops like Action Wood. Buying it from trusted retailers and providers ensures your furniture will last longer and look better compared to something you build on your own.

Don’t Ignore Used

Buying new furniture is expensive, and you’ll likely get poor quality ones compared to pieces you may be able to buy used. Just because furniture is used doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality. A $200 used solid pine table, for example, may be more durable and longer lasting than a plastic and plywood table from Ikea with the same price.

Of course, you will need to buy new things, but you should know which pieces to spend on and which should be skimped on.

Furnishing your home is almost a rite of passage, especially if you’re moving into a new place. You’ve already spent a lot with the big move; don’t waste more by spending money on the wrong furniture pieces.

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