From Racks to Forklifts: Material Handling Equipment 101

forklift equipmentWhen you handle fragile materials that need special attention during transport and distribution, you have to know the different tools of the trade. One of the tools you need to have at your disposal is a set of devices that will handle your business’s materials. There are many trusted manufacturers of material handling equipment, so find out what you need for your business. There are different types of these pieces of equipment, to wit:

Storage and Handling

This refers to the equipment you use to hold materials whenever you go through a downtime or when the items aren’t in transit. Storage equipment usually consists of non-automated items such as racks, frames, shelves, drawers, bins, and mezzanines.

Engineered Systems

Engineered systems enable efficient storage and transportation of multiple items through a set of different units that work together. Automated machines dominate this type of handling equipment. A great example of an effective engineered system is an AS/RS or an automated storage and retrieval system. This pertains to an automated structure that involves racks, shelves, and aisles that a shuttle retrieval system accesses. This shuttle locates and retrieves different items easily. Conveyor systems fall under this category.

Industrial Trucks

The transport of materials is important, as broken or mishandled materials can cost you a lot. You need to have industrial trucks that will ensure proper handling. These devices range from simple hand-operated cart-like trucks, to pallet trucks, walkie stackers, and to different kinds of forklifts. Each truck has its own unique trait that makes it suitable for a certain operation in the business. Forklifts, for one, can carry heavy weights of materials to certain heights. Other trucks will need a separate part to allow loading.

Bulk Material Equipment

This refers to the process of handling loose, yet in bulk, materials such as liquids, minerals, and food. Conveyor belts, reclaimers, bucket elevators, silos, hoppers, and stackers are part of this type. Often, the design of these devices allows the movement and transport of large amounts of the material to different places. It can also handle packaging.

Industrial equipment isn’t just about trucks and heavy machines that need lots of power to function. It ranges from the simple to the robotic gadgets. It’s important that you know these things to have an easier time finding what you need on the market to run an efficient business.

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