Emergency Kits You Can’t Afford to Not Have at Home

Emergency food supplyEmergencies can happen even when you least expect it. That’s why it’s only vital to make your home a safe and ready place for just about anything. Sometimes, you can be caught up with the everyday luxuries of life that you forgot to prepare for such cases. It’s time you take on emergency preparedness once and for all. As a start, here are some essential kits you should have ready at home.

Emergency Food

The aftermath of natural disasters can last for days or weeks. Nearby stores can be closed and food supplies can be scarce. Good thing you can now buy food storage kits that can last you and your family days, weeks, or even months! Food choices include fruits, vegetable, food bars, and dried meats, among others. Just make sure to get your supply from a trusted shop.

Emergency Water

Water is a primary need to survive, and you can’t run out of it in times of emergencies. Experts recommend having at least a 3-day supply of drinking water per person in an emergency preparedness kit. Make sure to replace this supply every six months or earlier, as bottled water only have a 6-month shelf life.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Either during disaster or just careless accidents, it’s best to have a complete first aid kit ready to use. Make sure your kit is comprehensive enough so you could accommodate most, if not all small injuries as soon as possible. Other than medicines, it must include gauze pads, bandages, antiseptics, compresses, rolls, and so on. Adding a CPR mask also can’t hurt.

Other essential kits include emergency lights, radios, search and rescue supplies, sanitation supplies, and shelter supplies. Having these in your home at all times is important to survive whatever emergency you may have to face. This will also provide peace of mind for all members of the family, causing less stress during times of struggle.

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