Electric Fencing: The General Rules Farmers Should Follow

Electric FencingAn electric fence fulfils one important task for farmers – that is, to keep all animals inside or outside an enclosed space. Whilst its technology is not as advanced as that of farming drones, it also improves the overall productivity.

It all seems easy, but not quite. Your concern about this goes beyond what electric fencing supplies you have, says DTSWA.com.au. As this mechanism carries its own risks, the Australian government has enacted several rules regarding its installation. Before you think about maintenance, you have to first install it properly.

Do note that these are only general guidelines. Certain areas of the country may have specific policies for farmers.

On barbed wire

Barbed or razor wire should not have an electric shock, as this is dangerous and fatal to animals. If there is barbed wire on top of an electric fence, there should be enough offset insulators to reduce the risk of entanglement.

On electric fence earth systems

When burying fence energisers, you have to make sure that it is at a safe distance from other sources of power (e.g. household mains, telecommunication systems). The prescribed minimum distance is 10 metres.

On connection leads

The connection leads of the fence should never be inside a building. It should have proper insulation from the earthed parts of the structure. Especially when there is metal in the structure, the insulation must be spot-on.

On power lines

As much as possible, avoid crossing the fence with an overhead power line. There are cases when this becomes impossible, though. In such a case, you have to make sure that the electric fences are at a lower height than the power lines.

On warning signs

The presence of warning signs on all parts of the fence is essential. In every area of the fence where a person may be in contact with, you should put up a visible sign indicating the risk of electrocution.

There are risks that come with electric fences. To make the most of this mechanism without jeopardising safety, follow what these guidelines from the federal government and any other local policy active in your area.

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