Don’t Make These Critical Mistakes When Buying a New House

Buying a New House in Las VegasBuying a new house is an exciting endeavor, but it is never free of pitfalls that can cause aspiring homeowners to lose money and regret their decision. While buying a newly constructed house seem to be a great decision since you’ll be the first owner, it comes with complications that are not only difficult to detect, but also prove costly in the long run.

Unclear completion date

Some contractors pressure buyers to give a down payment to an ongoing project. While some live up their end of the bargain, others tend to delay the completion of the houses. Rather than take chances, have the contractor commit to a set completion date. Still, don’t take their word for it. Have a lawyer draw up a contract that imposes a penalty when they fail to deliver on time.

Not checking the firm’s previous works

If ever you chance upon houses for sale in Tuscany or anywhere else in Las Vegas, check the contractor’s history before closing the sale. Reliable firms boast a long list of top grade constructions in their location, including their satisfied customers. Check their previous works in person and talk to buyers turned owners (if possible) before making a decision.

Dazzling display model

As part of their marketing ploy, some contractors use underhand techniques that show the model unit in the most dazzling manner. Some units feature miniature furniture to make its space look larger and spacious than they actually are. Others feature optional upgrades that come at an extra cost and the seller might omit to mention such details. Having the seller give you a complete breakdown of what the unit has can save you from disappointment.

Waiving the inspection

Skipping inspection simply because the house is new is a fatal mistake among many homebuyers. Unscrupulous contractors often cut costs by using low-quality materials, but charge you a premium price for them. An inspection reveals such dishonesty and saves you a considerable amount of pain later.

As exciting as buying a new house sounds, you should be careful during the process to avoid making costly mistakes.

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