Don’t Ignore These Warnings: 5 Signs That Your Engine is in Trouble

engine troubleLoud knocking? Wheezing sounds? High-pitched screeching? These are common symptoms of problems under the hood that car owners are only too familiar with. Drivers everywhere have a habit of simply ignoring them most of the time only to regret it afterwards when more complicated problems arise.

Still, those problems can still be solved with good engine reconditioning Perth auto repair shops provide. Here are 5 engine trouble signs to watch out for:

1. Warning Lights

Check. Brake. Oil. Battery. These are all there for a reason. Do not ignore them. While drivers can generally go through drives without minding them too much, these signs can be precursors to more complicated problems if you neglect them.

2. Rough Driving

Cars that jerk, stall, and even surge are in for trouble. Driving should always be free from all these issues. A problematic engine will exhibit these ailments, along with locking or popping. When you notice your car doing these things, have it checked as soon as you can.

3. Loud Noises

Another common problem among old cars is loud noises. Often, these loud popping noises under the hood are the result of premature combustion of cylinders. They can cause damage to your engine’s pistons, which are rather costly to repair. When engines make grinding noises every time you start them, you may need to have it adjusted or replaced.

4. Unpleasant Odour

Unpleasant smells are almost always clear indicators of engine trouble. The fact that you can smell them is a cause for concern because these are often toxic and can harm your health, as well as that of your passengers.

5. Smokey Exhaust

Blue smoke is indicative of oil leaking from its intended passageways, while white smoke is a sign of water condensation or antifreeze (coolant) mixing with the water supply. While you can still keep filling your reserve, it would be better if you have it checked immediately to avoid further complications.

These are signs you should never ignore. Doing so may only lead to engine complications. Watch closely for these signs and have your car checked as soon as you see them.

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