Countries Every Firework Fan Should Visit

beautiful fireworks displayEveryone’s love for fireworks is palpable, as it is a regular thing for many to buy fireworks online. The most common occasion that deals with pyrotechnics may be New Year’s Eve, but people around the world have found ways to include fireworks in their celebrations. For fans of the sky’s rockets and lights, places that hold events which feature fireworks are must-visit areas.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to one of the grandest events that celebrate fire. This is the Guy Fawkes Night, or more commonly called Bonfire Night, in which the UK lights up the sky with a lot of fireworks and cheers around the streets. What is great about this event is its historical significance, as it is a celebration of King James I’s survival from a foiled attempt – known as the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – to sabotage the government.

United States

Pyrotechnic lovers have a lot of places to visit in the US to see those lights in the sky. The most famous occasion, of course, is the fourth of July, which celebrates the independence of America. People in the country welcome the occasion with grand fireworks displays across all states. Apart from the awe-inspiring explosions of sound and colour, the fourth of July is one of the strongest symbols of patriotism in America.


When you go to Canada for the fireworks, you will not be there for a countrywide celebration;you will visit for the competitions. Home to events such as Vancouver’s Celebration of Light, Montreal Fireworks Festival, and Global Fest International Fireworks Festival, Canada is surely a treat for those who want to see bright lights in the sky and enjoy competitions at the same time.


Speaking of competitions, the Philippines is also a great venue for fireworks watching. The country hosts the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition and the World Pyro Olympics annually. The two events showcase the pyrotechnic prowess of different countries around the world through amazing displays.


Summertime in Japan means a lot of fireworks festivals – or hanabitaikai – throughout the season. Festivals include large fireworks displays, with some of the shows using as much as 100,000 to 120,000 rounds. The occasion attracts over 800,000 tourists. What is great about the occasion is that it is fairly easy to enjoy Japanese food on the side, especially with the lines of street vendors on alleyways and roads.

Around the world, there are several fireworks events worth watching. Know these places and visit them to enjoy the art of lighting up the sky with different cultural contexts.


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