Clog 911: Emergency Unblocking

maintaining drainageIt’s not a common occurrence in Melbourne to enjoy a sunny morning one moment, and be under a deluge of rain the next. Melbourne averages a precipitation rate of thirty millimetres every month. While that amount of rain may not seem like much at first glance, it automatically translates into twenty five and a half litres of water per square metre of catchment area.

Emergencies and Effectiveness

Fortunately, unblocking drains is fast and easy with emergency services available for sudden flooding caused by heavy rainfall. The work starts with preparing the drains to cope with conditions that undergo a drastic change in a matter of minutes.

Clearing blockages requires an intimate knowledge of the city’s inner, or in this case, under workings The Melbourne pipe system has been in place since 1897 and a lot of improvements and changes were made to the original structure. Those working on it should be well aware of nearly every inch of it to be effective.


Fixing commercial drains under pressure is a higher grade than drains clearing 101, and that’s because the damage could cost the city thousands of dollars if the work isn’t right. The 2011 floods in Queensland caused untold damage not just to the state, but also in the industry and the health of the entire country.

Then Queensland Premier Anna Bligh reported that the floods caused seventy-five percent of the state’s coal mines to shut down, destroyed crops, cut major road and railway links, and affected twenty-thousand people. According to the Queensland Resource Council, an estimated $1 billion was lost in coal production that year. Not all of the flooding was because of faulty drainage. though; it was simply a freak event that no one saw coming. But, it should show people the devastating potential of floods when one or two things are left unchecked.

Plumbing companies and services collaborate when it comes to flooding concerns because it takes the expertise of more than a single company to serve the needs of Melbourne’s plumbing system. It increases the area in which they have knowledge of, and be able to work twice as fast with more hands on deck.

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