Care and Cleaning of Oriental Rugs

Oriental RugsThe common problems that can happen to oriental rugs can occur to other types as well. Moth damage, water damage, dogs chewing, pets scratching, vacuuming damage etc. are some of the commonly occurring reasons when dealing with carpets and rugs. Oriental rugs are particularly fine and made of fibres which when not handled properly can result in a lot of wear and tear.

Protecting your oriental rugs from water damage

Many kinds of oriental rugs commonly available in the market are made of woollen fibres; however, the foundation of the carpet may be cotton or weft. The cotton foundation may be damaged or it could get rotten if the rug is always wet and not dried sufficiently. Most of the time problems like moths, eroding of the cotton weft and other concerns occur due to lack of proper drying after cleaning the house or the carpet with water. Dampness is a strong precursor in decay.

Moth damage

Moth damage can also eat your rug. Female moths, which lay hundreds of eggs that hatch larvae, lead to damage of the oriental rugs. As the infestation leads to a cobweb like damage in the carpeting with the larvae feeding on the fibres, it deteriorates into sand-like debris eventually. A moth infestation could occur in specific areas of the rug or can spread from other woollen materials which are infested.

Take care of what you leave around your oriental carpets and attend to an infestation problem immediately. You can contact pros like Boss Systems to help you out.

Weekly vacuuming

When vacuuming your rug, make sure you don’t overdo it. While a weekly vacuum is recommended so you have to also be careful that you don’t overdo the vacuuming and set the power in a way so as to not damage the fine fibres of the carpet. Vacuum the sides, at least one or feet two along the borders and the back side.

Take note of this info. Knowing how your oriental rug can be damaged is the first step to maintaining it.

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