Achieving the Best Pre-Nuptial Photos

weddingRecently weddings have become more and more of a big event, from the proposal to the pre-nuptial preparations to the wedding itself. The couples can call in experts for the job: wedding gown designers, stylists and make-up artists for the photos and the parties, the photographer and videographer for the documentation.

Fortunately, these services are readily available in Perth especially the city’s esteemed wedding photographers. It’s just a matter of finding the right photographer to suit your needs and moods.

The First of Many, Together

There are few things that couples should know if they decide to do the prenuptial preparations themselves. My Wedding Concierge advises couples that there should be a concept behind the pre-nuptial souvenir. Some ideas are the couple’s favourite movie, a throwback fashion editorial, a narrative of their courtship or simply photos of them in Perth’s scenic spots.

Pre-Nup Photography

Creating the perfect romantic shoot entails a seamless and hassle-free collaboration between the couple and the wedding photographer. In fact, couples will spend more time with the photographer, especially when creating the pre-nuptial photos. Typically, the couple can hire a team of stylists and artists to take care of the necessary preparations but still the groom and bride should be on top of it.

When discussing plans, the pair should confer with the photographer. This concerns them because the lights, lenses and other equipment will depend on the concept. For example, if it is outdoors, then the photographer will use a different set of lighting and camera lenses.

On Props, Location, and Wardrobe

The wardrobe choice and props should come next after finalizing the concept. Better, in fact, if there are props to make the shoot more fun and lively. After this, the team must secure a location for the shoot. Typical pre-nuptial shoots last from half-a-day to a full day depending on the concept.

Once everything is finalized and double-checked with the photographer then it’s all about setting the date and, yes, even the exact hour if the couple intends to have sunsets in their photos. Most of all, of course, remember to have fun and cherish the romantic moment – it only happens once in a lifetime.

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