5 Health Lessons to Pick Up from Asian Cuisine

asian food“Eat healthy,” that’s what dieticians would tell you when you want to counter obesity and reduce the risk of diseases. Indeed, our diet plays a key role in how well our body copes to different conditions. By now, you’re probably wondering how you can start doing just that. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far – you just have to consider these health lessons you can pick up from Asian cuisine:

Cold Drinks Need to Go

It has become common practice to drink water whilst eating a meal. What’s worse is that we do this with cold water. The problem is this hampers digestion, disrupting the natural acidity and bile levels in your body. In effect, the habit dilutes the enzymes in your stomach and slows down digestion.

What you can do here is to adopt the practice of Asians in drinking broth and warm beverages whilst eating. Instead of asking the waiter for a tall glass of iced water, order some tea on the menu or gulp down a cup of soup or broth.

Soup Works Wonders

The abundance of soups in Asian cuisine works to everyone’s advantage. Soup, being in liquid form, tends to fill you up more quickly, not to mention that a cup of soup loads you up with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the warm temperature of soup speeds up your digestive process.

Vegetables > Meat

One quick look at the menu of the top Asian restaurants and you would know that vegetables are highly important in the cuisine. This, however, is more than just about the sensible choice of ingredients, as it is also a lesson in nutrition. The greater ratio of vegetables gives you more nutrients than the usual protein and starch overload from the typical meat-potato diet.

Seafood = Nutrition

It’s time to put seafood under the limelight when you want to eat healthy. Different types of fish abound in healthy oils, which make these sea creatures great choices for your entrees. Incorporate more fish in your meals and you will surely benefit from these oils.

Desserts are Better Natural

Most Western cuisines would load you up in sugars and dairy come the time for desserts, but such is not the case in Asian dishes. Fruits are at the centre of most Asian-style desserts, and this is something you can pick up for your diet, too. If you find yourself craving for something sweet after a meal, cut up some seasonal fruits – this is way better than chomping down on a cake slice.

Take these lessons into heart and start eating your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

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