Hiking with Small Children: Tips to Blaze the Trail

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Happy family ready to for their hikingTaking your family on a trail hike is a good way to introduce the kids to the great outdoors. However, hiking with small children is extremely different from hiking with teens and adults, regardless if you’re trekking your favourite trail or trying out a new one. You need some extra preparations beforehand.

Make Sure to Have the Right Gear

Safety and comfort are vital to small children, so it’s crucial that you outfit them with comfortable and safe hiking clothing, particularly hiking boots. Easy and breathable clothing is the key, along with hiking boots that have a good grip so they could walk easily and safely.

Bring the Essentials

A majority of experienced trekkers could easily complete a trek even if they left something behind, but this isn’t the case for small children. With this in mind, make sure to have these in your backpack:

  • Water and snacks – nuts, trail mix, Granola bars, cereal, and crackers are your best bet
  • Waterproof Sunblock
  • First-aid kit
  • Hats
  • Lightweight raincoats
  • Insect repellent
  • Extra clothing

Prepare Yourself for the Question and Answer Portion

Going on a hike with small children won’t be all about walking. Expect them to ask tons and tons of questions, so prepare yourself in advance. A good starting point would be to familiarise yourself with the common animals and plants you’ll see on the trail and go from there. Otherwise, it’s best that you get a certified hike leader to come with you. Chestnut Mountain Resort noted that this is especially true if you’re staying at a lodge or at a resort and exploring a trail you’ve never trekked before.

Safety Above All Else

While you should encourage your children’s curiosity while hiking, keep them at arm’s length — or at most, within eyesight. Let them wear a whistle on their necks and tell them that they should only blow it when they don’t see you, suggests hike leaders from a family-friendly lodge near Chicago. They also said that you should tell them to stay put and blow the whistle if they lose sight of you, so the group could hear and easily find them.

Yes, hiking with your children could be overwhelming and a bit scary, but it could also be one of the most memorable activities that you could share with them. Just keep these simple tips in minds and have the time of your life.

Make Your SEO Campaign Work Even Better This 2018

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SEO on a laptopWith search engines constantly changing and updating their algorithms, it can be challenging for you as an average website owner to keep up and ensure that your campaigns still produce favorable results. With 2018 just around the corner, it’s important that you acknowledge the possibility that the tactics you have implemented this year may no longer be enough or effective next year.

Due to this, you should consider outsourcing the crucial components of your marketing strategies to a professional NYC SEO firm. Coforge Marketing explains that these experts specialize in a specific niche. Enlisting their services won’t only free up valuable time you can spend on other important things, you can also rely on them to manage your digital marketing efforts efficiently.

Here are just a few things that they can do to make your SEO campaign work this 2018:

Encourage better website engagement

Through regularly updating your online assets with useful and interesting content, SEO experts can foster better user engagement, particularly on your website. The stronger the engagement is, the more chances you have of Google rewarding you with higher SERP ranking.

Expanding content on well-performing pages

This 2018, you should start promoting existing pages that continue to perform and rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO professionals can drive even more traffic to these pages through updating it with more in-depth, related content. With additional high-quality content that feeds more useful and specific details to readers, these pages will continue bringing in more site visitors.

Localization of your SEO campaign

You shouldn’t actually wait for 2018 to have SEO pros incorporate localized strategies to your digital marketing campaigns. As early as now, you should get in touch with them, seeing as local SEO has become an integral search engine ranking factor for quite some time now.

You don’t want to wait too long before you start implementing local SEO strategies, as this can mean potentially huge losses in terms of traffic and prospective conversions.

How to Improve Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings with an SEO Audit

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SEO on an iPadNo matter how great your search engine optimization strategy is, it will always need constant reviewing to make sure you remain on your intended goal. This is where an SEO audit comes in.

An SEO audit acts as the initial step in creating an SEO strategy — if you don’t have an existing one. If you do have one, you can use it to spot critical issues you might have missed along the way.

While you can always hire a professional to do an audit for you, it doesn’t hurt to analyze your website’s SEO performance yourself. Below are some basic SEO audit steps you can do:

Check the Page Titles, Descriptions, and the URLs

Look at how your website and its pages appear on search engines. Do the page titles incorporate the right keywords? Do the page descriptions include enough information? Are the URLs short and readable? If the answers to all these are “yes,” then your website and its pages have a great chance of ranking higher on search engines.

Assess the Content

Once you’re done analyzing the surface, dig deeper and check your content for consistency and quality. Be sure your content is relevant to your industry or market. It should also be readable enough to make your site visitors share it. SEO Werkz and other reliable Salt Lake City SEO consultants noted that you need to include organic keywords and a clear call-to-action. In addition, your website should have a good code-to-text ratio that search engines used to verify the relevancy of a page.

Check the Speed and Functionality

The loading time of your site should be the priority, especially if you are running an e-commerce business. Visitors, in general, don’t like waiting for pages. They expect the web pages to load quickly and properly. To test your website for speed and functionality, you can search for reliable plugins and speed test tools.

Review the Structure and Navigation

Developing a solid structure can help accommodate and retain site visitors. It also allows search engines to better understand your site. Check if your information is organized in a way that makes sense. You should also make sure that important pages are not buried too deep within the site.

Conducting SEO audits is important for several reasons. For one, search engines update their algorithms constantly that you have to keep up to make your site rank higher. Another thing is that SEO rules tend to change every year. You have to stay up-to-date to lower your website’s competition for rankings and visitors alike.

Utah Launches Funding Program for Small Biz Owners’ Tech Projects

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Business consultancyCash-strapped small businesses in Salt Lake City that have promising technology projects may apply for funding grants from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

The Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program aims to distribute $2.5 million in 2017 to around 25 qualified companies. Clark Cahoon, TCIP Fund Director at the GOED, said that small businesses have until November 20 to submit their applications.

Funding Awards

The funding program will award between $100,000 and $200,000, according to Cahoon. A committee comprising 40 members will screen applicants based on their technology resources, ability to implement their plans and their understanding of the market.

The program will further uplift Salt Lake City and the Utah’s status as a technology and innovation hub. Wallet Hub ranked the state among the top 10 most innovative states in the US, according to Annie Davis of the Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development.

Friendly Environment

Those who plan to buy a business in Utah have another reason to do so, as the process becomes easier due the “friendliness” of the state. A Thumbtack survey revealed that the state ranked seventh most business-friendly place in the country. The poll based its findings on more than 13,000 small business owners in 50 states and 80 cities.

The rankings showed how easy it was to create, run and expand your business. With an A+ rating, Utah maintained its standing from the previous year. Thumbtack economist Lucas Puente said that respondents have a higher confidence in the state’s support for small businesses. They were 4% more positive about the system. In addition, the expansion of Comcast Business in the state and Boeing’s six funding grants to nonprofit groups represent some of the positivity.

Your company should take advantage of Utah’s funding program and business-friendly environment, as your business rivals may have already begun to do so.


Great Marketing Means Greater Market Share Portion

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Marketing collaboration with the employeesAustralia, fondly referred to as a “Nation of Small Businesses,” have millions of these enterprises scattered throughout the country, many of which are head-quartered in Melbourne. Local owners and operators take pride in their organisations for having the power to compete against larger, more established and more known corporations. All these further prove just how stable and secure the nation’s economy is.

From a business-side point of view though, this incredible and continuous growth also brings with it a concern that you shouldn’t overlook: the increase in your competitors. Not only do you need to strengthen your grasp on your existing customers to stay afloat in this kind of market; you also have to persistently convert “browsers” to paying customers.

Where great marketing campaigns come into play

Whether your business is new or has operated for quite some time now, it always pays to routinely check and analyse the results that its marketing campaigns produce. As early as now, you should look at the current programs you have in place, and ensure that they’re indeed giving you your desired results.

Your primary goal is to stand out from the crowd and to achieve this, you need reliable and compelling advertising. And in today’s increasing reliance on technology and the Internet, it’s time you start working with a digital media agency in Melbourne.

Web-based marketing: Key to modern brand awareness

So long as consumers aren’t aware of your organisation, then you can’t grow your clientele list. Without growth in the number of paying customers, your revenues will start to drop and make it difficult, even impossible to keep your business in operation.

Marketing, regardless of the platform (whether physical or online), plays a massive role in spreading brand awareness. However, keep in mind that today’s consumers rely heavily on the web for most of their business transactions. The bottom line is: you need to expend just as many resources for your marketing campaigns online as you do with their traditional counterparts.

Ski Holiday Packing Tips for Beginners

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Family Ski VacationGoing on your first ski trip can be an exciting and a nerve-racking experience. Sure, you are looking forward to hitting the slopes soon; preparation can take so much of your time, especially if it’s your first time to go.

Make sure to reserve a hotel in advance to avoid any hassles. While there are services that offer last-minute ski accommodation for clients, early reservations will help you save money.

To make sure that you do not forget to bring every important item, this list is here to help you out. Feel free to use this as your reference, and you’ll surely have a fun ski holiday.


Aside from having a ski helmet, you need to have your own ski/snowboard clothing. You should get those that are waterproof and made from breathable materials. Put that into consideration when it comes to the jacket, salopettes, and ski gloves or mittens.

Be sure to also wear glove liners for cold weather or some hand warmers (if it’s extremely cold). It’s also good to have a fleece, merino scarf, or neck warmer. Don’t forget to wear thermal bottoms, too. Snow boots are necessary, as well. As for ski socks, it’s advisable that you bring about three or four pairs.


Of course, every skier needs to wear appropriate eyewear. While it is possible to rent goggles at the ski resort, that can be expensive. As such, it’s still better to buy your own pair, especially if you plan to ski often.

Once you are on the mountain, a small rucksack can be pretty useful. This will make carrying certain objects (such as water bottles or snacks) much easier.

Other items you will need will include skis or snowboards, ski poles, avalanche transceiver, and probes.


Because of extreme temperatures, you will also need sunscreen and lip balm. In case of emergencies, have your insurance details and passport photocopies ready. Some ski resorts also require you to provide that.

Positive Consequences of Peer Pressure

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Group of drug addictsA research conducted by the Cool Spot reveals that 8 out of 10 teens struggle with peer pressure. This can be on either negative or positive side. Learn about some of the benefits of peer pressure, which many people do not know.

Academic performance

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, teens are likely to obey peer pressure to please their friends. When teens channel their efforts to academic achievements, they can influence their fellows to do the same. In this situation, peer pressure can achieve a positive cause.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse starts with a few sips of the drink. Eventually, teens get used to alcohol to the extent that they cannot do without it. The habit leads to alcohol addiction, which can lead to a substance abuse rehab here in Salt Lake City for treatment.

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to:
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Coma or death

Alcohol addiction can also cause depression in the victim. All the same, it is possible for teens to say NO to the negative effects of peer pressure. It starts by choosing the right friends that will not influence you into doing something bad to yourself or to the people around you.

Healthy eating

Cases of obesity among young people are on the rise. By adopting healthier eating styles, teenagers can avoid the consequences of poor eating habits. Teens in schools and other communities can influence their fellows to develop healthier eating habits.


Teens can come together for a wellness initiative such as physical exercise. This can help build their muscles and overall health, which is a good thing.

All the same, you cannot mention the positive consequences of peer pressure without highlighting the bad side. Among teenagers, peer pressure leads to several negative choices, some of which affect their lives for a long time. So do not take peer pressure lightly, as this can make or break a person.

The Differences Between a Bed and Breakfast and a Hotel

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Woman with her hotel breakfastWhen planning a holiday vacation, you have numerous things to think about and one of that is your accommodation. Accommodation options can be as diverse as the travellers. Whether you are going on a business trip or a family vacation, you have the following choices: hotels, motels, inns, or bed and breakfast (B&B), among others.

B&Bs have become popular in recent years, especially for individuals looking for a cosy home-like accommodation. Here are the main differences between a B&B and a hotel.

What a bed and breakfast can offer you that a hotel cannot

Most hotels are part of franchises, so they can sometimes lack the personal touch. In 90% of cases, you will never get to meet or even speak with the owner of the hotel. Upscale hotels offer various dining options, rooms, concierge services and room service.

A B&B, on the other hand, like the Bailbrook Lodge in Bath, offers a more personal approach. You usually have a choice of a few rooms in a home-like setting. You will have your own bathroom and breakfast is a part of the package, as the name suggests. Breakfast may be served as a basic menu or buffet style, depending on the guest house and the owner.

Your personal preference

Staying at a bed and breakfast lets you socialise with others. There is usually a dedicated room, such as a TV room, where guests can chat and get to know each other better. Hotels have many staff members taking care of various aspects. The owner of the property, as well as one or two other members, usually runs a bed and breakfast.

People who often travel will admit that they enjoy the personal touch they receive at B&Bs. So the next time you travel, why not try a B&B?

How Community Banking Can Help You Plan Your Finances

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Bank signChoosing the best way and the best place to entrust your hard-earned money is one of the most important decision you must make in your adult life. Everyone wants to earn from their investments, and though there are ways to help you earn cash from these, many people still prefer to save it in a bank like Patriot Bank.

Take Me to the Bank

Choosing a bank to grow your finances gives you protection from risks and uncontrollable events, such as a sudden fluctuation in interest rates. Unlike buying shares of stocks, your bank savings are protected from changing share values.

You can also withdraw your savings with fewer restrictions, unlike government bonds. This makes it essential during emergencies. You can also choose to put your money on various saving options: savings, checking accounts, time deposits or trust funds.

But not all banks are the same. There are commercial banks that offer an array of sophisticated deposit products, savings instruments and credit lines while private banks cater to specific clients (companies and small businesses). Community banks operate as your friendly neighborhood bank.

We are Family

Community banking means you don’t go far and away in choosing where to invest your money. This is a model that some banking companies use, and some have become excellent models for this type of operation.

The firm aims to be seen as a neighbor rather than a business through active participation in community life such as local fundraising events. Its lending rules cater to the borrower in the communities it serves, and lines of credit can be extended to professionals and entrepreneurs without the stringent lending requirements of big commercial banks.


Community banks operate with the mindset of a local, and as such, their products and services cater to the needs of their co-residents, which is an excellent way to grow from where they are planted.

High-Quality Kindergarten Education for Your Child

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Preschool kids enjoying schoolChildhood is a very important stage of a person’s life. In fact, this just might be considered as the most important and critical stage. This is mainly because the childhood years are also known as the formative years of every individual, explains childhood programs specialists in Phoenix.

This means that this is the time when the person’s brain and body are developing and most efficiently absorbing all the pieces of information in their environment. More than what their elders teach them, children absorb and embody the different things they experience around them.

Their Surroundings

We can say that it is essential to be aware of what is going on in your child’s surroundings. This is important during the childhood or formative years more than at any other stage in a child or person’s life.

The first formal education that a child receives outside of the home is preschool education. Even though children still have a long way to go after preschool and kindergarten, it is a good idea to start being critical of the preschool that you choose for your child.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool is already a major player in the shaping of a child’s mind. You might be under the impression that children do nothing but eat, sleep, and play during preschool. But, it actually teaches them a lot of things that they haven’t already learned at home.

As such, it is important to choose a preschool and kindergarten school that offers a pool of qualified teachers and instructors. With highly qualified instructors and teachers, you don’t have to be concerned about whether your child is getting the kindergarten education and care they deserve. The teachers and instructors will take good care of your children in a holistic manner.