Me and the IRS: A Quick Guide to the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax and Form 2290

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Tax season is one of the most dreaded times of the year for people, especially for the entrepreneurs. This is especially bothersome to businesses that run day-to-day operations, such as those in the trucking and delivery industry. Businesses that have excessive road use are required to pay the Highway Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, or HVUT.

One possible bright side to this is that you may no longer need to fall in line just to file your tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service now allows the electronic filing of tax form 2290, or the HVUT tax return. Here are some important details about HVUT and Form 2290.

What’s it For

The federal government, specifically by the Department of Treasury, through the IRS, collects the HVUT. It distributes the money too all the states for use as funds for the maintenance and construction of US highways and public works.

Who is Covered

Business persons who regularly operate commercial heavy vehicles are required to file the IRS form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. You need to file for this if a taxable highway motor vehicle is registered under your name. In this case, you may be an individual, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or any other organization. This includes nonprofit, charitable, and educational institutions.

A heavy highway motor vehicle is any self-propelled vehicle designed to carry a load over public highways. The taxable heavy vehicles include trucks, truck tractors, and buses with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.

Who is Exempted

Exempted from this tax are vehicles operated by the federal government, the District of Columbia, a state or local government, the American National Red Cross, nonprofit volunteer fire departments, ambulance associations, or emergency response teams. Vehicles used by Indian tribal government for tribal government functions also fall under the exemption.

How to File

All taxpayers are encouraged to go for electronic filing, particularly for those reporting taxes for 25 or more vehicles. E-filing generally allows for a quicker processing, with a stamped Schedule 1 being available within minutes after filing and acceptance by the IRS. You can visit the IRS website for more on the electronic process. You can also still file for your taxes manually through a printed form.

You can have your HVUT form 2290 filed via a third party tax filer. These are registered with the IRS and provide you with a much easier way to pay your dues to the government. As they say, truckers are the backbone of America, making this tax system all the more important.

What Does LLC Means for Your Company

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Running a business can be risky especially if you don’t have protection against lawsuits and debts. Make sure you have the necessary protection, so your investments and efforts will not go to waste. Forming an LLC or Limited Liability Company can help you get through it and help establish your business.

Limited Liability Company or LLC is an organizational model that combines the elements of a Florida corporation and partnership structures. Compared to sole proprietorship or corporations, forming an LLC has many advantages. So what does LLC means for your company?


The “LLC” in your company name indicates permanence and credibility. Through this, you make it known that your company has adopted sound business planning. Your customers can also recognize the legitimacy of your company just by reading your business title.

Tax Savings

By forming an LLC, you can provide your business flexibility in terms of taxes. With the pass-through taxation method, the business income, deductions, and tax credits are all passed directly to your account. These are reported on your income tax returns, and you pay your taxes at individual rates.

Flexible Management

An LLC company can use an organization that will help the members run the business efficiently. You are also free to decide on who will handle your managerial duties and you day-to-day activities. In large corporations, on the other hand, only the board of directors has the final say about everything.

Liability Protection

As LLC act as a separate entity, the managers and members can run the business without risking their personal assets. Members have liability protection against lawsuits, court judgments, and other business obligations. This only means that creditors cannot go after your personal properties as a payment for business debts.

Whether you are planning to start your own business or currently own one, forming an LLC can help protect your company. Its unique structure can also benefit your business for a long time. You can also visit this website for more information about this business structure.

Social Media Can Fuel A Car

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A group of high school students from Kansas City constructed a car that can use social activities as its fuel. The project was initiated by Minddrive, a non-profit organization. The group aims to help students gain interest in learning and creating useful stuff.


A 1967 Volkswagen KarmannGhia was turned into an electric car. The reconstructed car was programmed to use “social media watts” taken from social networking sites. A lithium-ion battery pack and electric motor was installed in replacement to the car’s old engine. Activities done in Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and similar sites will be the main source of the car’s power.  The students installed a tablet PC connected to the car’s main circuits. The device will screen social network activities to gather the “fuel” for the car.


To finance their program, the students plan to sell prototypes. A sample was already made based on the reconstructed car, but it is only intended to run short distances. The car will activate once it receives the watts. Corresponding watts will be given after completion of online activities.

The social-fuelled car will have its test drive on June. The organization will make a road trip from Kansas to Washington D.C. to make presentations about their creation at different locations. With creations like the car fuelled by online social activities, many will realize that online social networking can support programs to empower education and inspire others.

Buying a Big Truck for Your Logistics Business

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Other than a warehouse, a business specializing in logistics should have a trusty fleet of trucks. Transportation is one of the names of the business, so it’s just right to invest in a quality fleet and equipment. Buying one is like getting Kobelco excavators. You need to contemplate about some things when you’re planning to start, complete, or change your fleet.

Know your type

Knowing the type of truck depends on the type of logistics business you operate. For example, an enterprise that delivers building materials and other heavy equipment can go for full-size trucks. Those carrying perishable goods should use trucks that have a special temperature monitoring system. Dealers usually market three types of trucks: compact, mid-size and full size.

Set a budget

Decide on the budget for how much you are willing to spend on your fleet. Consider gas mileage, as big trucks will burn more gas than smaller and more compact vehicles. Under this phase, you will also have to decide whether you’re getting a new or pre-owned trucks. Both have advantages. Brand new trucks come with special warranties while used trucks are more affordable.

Compare and prioritize

Just like buying heavy machineries like a Kobelco excavator, it is highly unlikely that you will find two trucks that are exactly the reason. Comparison is crucial in this phase. Create a list of specifications that are important to your business and the compare. Prioritize the choice that closely complements your business needs. At this phase also, you can visit different dealerships. Create a list of their offers and decide.

Ask help form you bank

Starting or revamping your fleet needs a great deal of funds. Ask help if you think you can’t shoulder all the expenses alone. But most of all, you have to make sure that you can afford what you need to buy. Many owners out there risk almost everything just to start a fleet. Go back to the second step if you think this not clear for you.
Investing in a good fleet to make your logistics business efficient may be difficult. But always remember that there is someone out there who is willing to help. Visit this link to find out who.

Former NY Representative Anthony Weiner Announces He Is Running for NYC Mayor

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anthonyFormer New York Representative Anthony Weiner, who was disgraced and forced to resign nearly two years ago for sending a picture of his sex organ, announced his intentions to run for public office for the position of New York City mayor.

In a two-minute YouTube video released Wednesday, the former congressman confirmed the rumors of him running and tells voters he wants a second chance in politics.

“I made some big mistakes, and I know I let a lot of people down, but I also learned some tough lessons,” says Weiner in the video.

“I’m running for mayor because I’ve been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it my entire life. And I hope I get a second chance.”

Weiner’s planned comeback tom politics comes nearly two years was he was forced to resign from Congress after admitting he was sexting with women who were not his wife, and a hacking disclosing that he had sent lewd photos of his wiener to a 21-year-old Seattle college student.

Last month, the former lawmaker kicked off a public amends tour with an interview with the New York Times, his first major one since the scandal. In the interview, he called the NYC mayoral race a case of “now or maybe never for me.”

It’s still unclear if voters will forgive Weiner for his transgressions, but politics has long been a career of second chances. His wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, appeared on the video together with their son Jordan.

“We love this city,” Abedin tells the camera. “And no one will work harder to make it better than Anthony.”

Spic and Span: Cleaning Solutions for Your Office

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Cleaning is a necessary chore, but not everyone can find time to do it. You are busy with your desk job with all the paperwork, meetings, and miscellaneous tasks. This leaves you with no time to mop up the water from the air conditioner or empty your trash basket. This is why janitors are important. One or two cleaning staff can do for a regular-sized office.

There are times, though, when you need to perform a major spring cleaning in the office. This cannot be easily accomplished, especially if you use carpets and upholstered furniture. Make your office clean and ready for business with professional help from a cleaning company.

Arizona-based companies can help you make your office building and commercial premises look great. You need to look for cleaning staff who are well versed in janitorial services such as dusting, mopping, scrubbing, and vacuuming. They should also be able to perform major cleaning tasks, especially carpet washing, graffiti removal, and building maintenance solutions.

Most cleaning companies, if not all, commit to providing professional and customer-oriented services. Make sure you choose a company that can provide the right solution for your needs. Here are some specialty areas you need to take note of:

Customizable Schedules

You have an event coming up. Your current janitorial staff cannot cope with the cleaning demands. Get your venue in order before, during and after the festivities with the help of a commercial cleaning company. Many companies accept temporary or long-term service agreements. There are also daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis arrangements.

Green Cleaning Methods

Commercial cleaning chemicals are often toxic and damaging to use. You need to find a company that promotes caring for the environment. Ask your cleaning company if they use natural cleaning products. You will find that they are just as effective as the usual chemical cleaners available in the market.

Latest and Innovate Solutions

There are many types of advanced cleaning equipment for specific purposes. Carpet cleaning can be a demanding task, so you need a pressure washer and dryer. There are also other tools you can use to remove the graffiti on your building walls and other premises. Find out which company uses efficient equipment to help you solve your cleaning needs.

It is important that the cleaning company you hire can deliver excellent and fast results.This way, you can enjoy a spic-and-span commercial environment you can be proud of. Look around now for a company like Compass Cleaning Solutions to help you clean up your place effectively. Call 877.221.1213 for more information about cleaning solutions for your business.

What’s New with the 2014 Ford Mustang V6?

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Ford Motor Company introduced its newest offering for 2014. Coming standard with a 3.7L 4V Ti-VCT V6 engine, the new Ford Mustang V6 coupe came back with improved features. Buyers should check out this model in different Ford dealers in Long Island, NY.

Initially based on the platform of the second-generation compact car, the North American Ford Falcon, Mustang has gone through a series of transformations. The 1965 model was the first generation and the 2014 was the latest. This “pony car” class member now comes with better performance, features, and options. Here’s what buyers can expect from the 2014 Mustang, which is now available in every Ford dealer in NYC.

Power Steering Options

The new Mustang offers better maneuverability, handling, and fuel efficiency. It features the selectable Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS) that automatically adjusts to deliver accurate response to speed. Drivers can choose from three different settings. Standard is the normal or default factory setting. Sport setting requires slightly greater steering effort. Comfort setting allows the driver to feel less road force through the steering wheel with less steering effort required.

The Power of V6

Improved performance is a key feature of the 2014 Mustang. Ford released the model with a V6 Performance Package to provide buyers with better driving experience. The package includes:

– Choice of automatic and manual transmissions
– Strut-tower brace
– Larger front sway bar and SVT rear sway bar
– Unique front springs
– Unique front and rear calipers with performance friction pads
– 19-inch painted machined aluminum wheels
– 255/40R19 summer-only tires
– Unique stability control calibration
– Gloss black side mirrors
– 3.31 limited-slip rear axle

LED and HID Lamps

The new Mustang uses LED technology for its tail lamps and brake lights. The HID headlamps come with more power and durability. They feature a gas bulb that last longer and produces a whiter, brighter, and stronger light. This will give drivers better vision while on the road.

Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

The latest Ford Mustang offers comfort and convenience with its standard features, which include:

– All-Weather Floor Mats
– MyKey Technology
– Massage Center
– Covered Cupholders
– Center high-mount dome interior lighting
– Entertainment System

The 2014 Ford Mustang is now available in many Ford Dealers in NY. Visit their showrooms for a free quote and a test drive.

Stopping the Pain with Neuromuscular Dentistry

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While misaligned jaws are not lethal, it certainly causes discomfort — at some cases severe enough to interfere with daily activities. Disorders like this require immediate medical care, specifically neuromuscular dentistry, from an orthodontist in Melbourne. But what is it and how it can help patients? Dimosdental shares some valuable insight about this dental treatment.

Neuromuscular dentistry is a new area in dental medicine practice. This studies and treats the overall health of the patients by considering how their muscles, teeth, and joints work together. While traditional dentistry focuses on specific parts like teeth, bones, and gums, neuromuscular dentistry works with the soft and hard tissues, muscles, and nerves.

An orthodontist understands that hard and soft tissues have a complex relationship. They know how the power source (muscles) and the controls (nerves) work harmoniously together to initiate movement, pressure, and proper functioning of the mouth.

Here are some benefits of neuromuscular dentistry:

– This effectively treats jaw pain. Jaw pain is a persistent problem for people of all ages. Some reasons behind it include misalignment of jaws, physical injury to the jaws, and weakness of jaw muscles. Neuromuscular dentistry offers a good solution to treat jaw pain.

– Migraine can also be cured by neuromuscular dentistry, with some patients reporting no succeeding attacks. It also treats other conditions like neck and shoulder pain, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, and clicking or popping of the jaw joints.

– Neuromuscular dentistry treats misaligned teeth and reduces tooth breakage, tooth shortening or muscle thinning. Consistent bad bites eventually result in misaligned teeth. Dentists need to solve the problem relating to the muscles and wrong alignment of teeth.

For patients with TMJ disorders and looking for an effective treatment, visit this site. DimosDental is one of Melbourne’s leading Cosmetic and General Dental practices. They are committed to providing exceptional dental care to every patient every day. You may reach them at (03) 9654 6667 or email them at for further inquiries.

The Aussie Solution to Cleaning Up and Re-Energising Cities

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Nearly half of the Aussie population live in cities now than in any other time in human history. They’re the economic engines of the society, but they’re also the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. Now, what can you do to help take care of the environment? One of the obvious solutions is to conserve water, and you can do this by renewing rainwater.

Collecting and Storing Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting is used for collecting, storing, and using rainwater for landscape irrigation and other uses. Normally when it rains, the rainwater pours off your roof, down through your gutters, and runs off into your yard or street.

After heavy storms, cities in Australia have to deal with what to do with all the water. Many residents in cities, like Sydney, have water tanks and antiquated water-processing systems that overflow their storm drains and release toxic water into their waterways. These cities create a sustainable hangout by using flow-through planters, tree trenches, and porous pavement.

Reducing Water Bills and Demand on Community’s Drinking Water Supply

Rainwater is a high-quality water source for your home. Some of its benefits include diminishing flooding and erosion by reducing peak stormwater runoff. Harvest and use rainwater for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering plants, or washing cars to reduce water bills and demand on your community’s drinking water supply. You can also improve plant growth by using rainwater for irrigation. Store rainwater in stainless steel water tanks to avoid contamination due to pollutants.

Improving Plant Growth and Irrigation

By preserving the monsoon rain, farmers are more likely to increasae the area they irrigate, grow crops in the dry season, support livestock, and even recharge groundwater. This means better food provision for their families and higher incomes. You can increase plant growth by recycling rainwater for irrigation, as stored rainwater is free from pollutants, salts, minerals, and other natural and artificial contaminants.

The practice of collecting and storing rainwater has been around for decades and is becoming popular throughout communities due to interest in reducing the consumption of potable water. It’s appropriate for landscapes, such as parks, schools, commercial sites, parking spaces, apartment complexes, and even homes. Visit this website to learn more about the necessary steps to help the environment.

Turning your Dirty Old Bike into a Stylish Ride

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The sun is shining and the day seems to be a perfect time for a bicycle ride — right then you think about getting your bike out from the garage. Kept for almost a year or two, your bike now looks like it needs repair.

Worn out tires, rusty metals and misplaced spare parts — these may urge you to just throw that dirty old stuff and buy a new one instead. But its sentimental worth may make you realize that you’ll just have to restore it and make it useful again,make it brand new again. With enough time, patience, and sometimes a little bit of money, you can restore your fixed gear bike into something that’s fast and fun to ride.

Getting started

Check first if your bicycle is worth fixing up. If yes, you can remove all parts that has rust, as this can be dangerous. An overall inspection will help you see cracks in the frame, broken spokes, misaligned wheel rims, bent forks, and even seized headset. These things require replacement. You might enjoy fixing your old bike using some parts that are still in good condition; you can just get a basin, brush it with a detergent and polish it with a clean rag.

Restoring Color

You might have a different idea about what it’s worth spending on a frame restoration, but you can just spend on a can of paint to improve the appearance of your bike. Repaint using any color you fancy, provided you observe proper preparation. If you are new to this task, practice before you begin to avoid any problems. Better yet, leave the work to professionals.

Accessories & Gears

Adding accessories also add impact to the overall look of your restored bicycle. Personalizing your bike’s look is a good way to stand out. Solé Bicycle believes that your bike is more than mere transportation. You may restoring your old one or refit your new bike and come up with a stylish ride.

If you’re one of those tired with the boring old look of fixed gear bikes, Sole Bicycle will help you design and refit your ride and turn it into a high-performance machine. Turn your bike into a work of art and drop by the Sole Bicycle gallery in Venice Beach today.