A Leap of Faith towards Video Production

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You say you like the atmosphere in production, along with the diversity and travel that comes with it. What most people perceive in production is its exciting and prestigious nature. What many have no idea about, however, is the long hours and sacrifices that it involves.

Video and film production is not your regular 9 to 5 job. It often involves much longer hours in different stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

During the post-production, you’ll likely be busy in an editing room for hours, digitally cutting a series of one-minute infomercials for say, a toothpaste brand, or a wedding. For many others, working nights, weekends, and holidays in a television newsroom is routine.

What is great about this industry is the challenge that comes with it day in and day out, and the avenue for creative expression that is only limited by imagination. To prepare you for a career involving video production, here is some information you might find useful.

An Apprenticeship Industry

Most people, save for the very lucky, learn the ropes in entry-level jobs and work their way up. Are you married? Do you have children? Can you afford the salary for a number of years as you attempt to climb a new corporate ladder? Furthermore, to get an entry-level training for video production, you may need to move to a smaller market. Your sacrifices will pay off, but for now, as in many other careers, what you’ll be doing involves some risks.

How can the skills you acquired in your former career benefit your potential employer? Do you have any serious interests, like photography, or multimedia production that might translate into production skills?

Do Your Homework

Don’t just start sending out resumes. Some in-depth research will go a long way as it will help to present you as a person of value at a local station. Read some of the trade publications, and talk to people working in the business. Try to figure out what you would like to do, and what you are good at doing. That will allow you to focus in on a specific industry job such as video production marketing. Remember, there’s a lot more to television production than just the giant networks.

A Never-Ending Room for Improvement

Take a couple of courses in production at your community college, and navigate through circles that might be willing to use volunteers. As soon as a door opens, work on original project ideas, and pitch them to the right people at these facilities. If you’re lucky enough to be on the staff, involve yourself in the production area. Be enthusiastic about everything! Even if you discover that you don’t want a production job, whatever you accomplish can be a stepping-stone to a significant position at these stations.

Everything you do in this industry – every email you send, phone call you make, or hand you shake –reflects back on you. Make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Who Needs Friends Like Simon Cowell?

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simon cowellSimon Cowell’s affair and new baby threatens to sour his reputation.


His show, the US X Factor show is screened on Fox, have millions of viewers in conservative American states.Many of them will strongly disagree with his affair with the wife of one of his closest friends and might choose to turn off his shows.

Make or Break

This year could make or break his career. His behavior is unlikely to help ratings, as people of today are more conscious of supporting only people who make for a good role model. Right now he is likely to be terrified about the effect this affair, the divorce case, and the baby on his career. Though a workaholic, there may not be much work left for the “homewrecker” to do if the series flops.

Cowell’s Future

Cowell has just finished the Boot Camp stages in America.He will have to appear live on stages as the show progresses throughout the year. He is also due to open conversation on a new deal with ITV later this year. This, however, may be changed by how he wishes to spend more time in America, as the mother will most probably raise the baby in New York.

With friends like Simon, who needs enemies?

Call It Old-Fashioned, but…

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They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and yet there are those who dismiss jewellery as worthless items. Still, the popular opinion considers jewellery as something that connotes love. There are women who want jewellery simply because it’s pretty. There are also men who buy gold online only because their partners asked for it. To the romantic at heart, there remains an important, meaningful, and under appreciated relationship between love and jewellery.

The Desire to Possess

Every part of a man’s desire to give jewellery comes from the focus on the woman actually wearing it. Providing for a woman is the main expression of a man’s love, and jewellery carries a special role in this. It is important for men to feel a sense of possession towards women. Though she is not a property in any literal sense, he feels that she is his most prized possession. The sight of a bejewelled woman is extremely pleasing, but the effects of her choice to wear jewellery are much more important. When a woman chooses to wear jewellery a man gave her, it implies her acceptance of that role.

The Desire to Proclaim

Unlike an item with utilitarian value that she would use anyway, wearing jewellery is optional, so practical considerations do not taint this symbolism of ownership. It is an item of purely aesthetic value, proclaiming that he can give her more than she needs. In contrast to other things with aesthetic value, jewellery’s purpose is to accentuate a woman’s loveliness. Most importantly, jewellery is highly visible and therefore, often noticed and strongly associated with the man who gave it.

The Desire to Caress

The fact that jewellery is close to a woman’s body represents the physical contact that a man constantly craves. The jewellery represents the man’s hands, touching her even when he cannot. A bracelet holds her hand, while an earring caresses her face. The continuity of contact is also important, for a man cannot keep a woman in his arms all day. With jewellery, however, he can express his desire to do so.

Most people don’t think about these things when they buy jewellery or wear it. There remains to be practical value and respect that are placed on those who choose to invest in bullion coins instead, and yet such does not diminish the meaning of precious jewellery for those who understand it.

5 Things to Do After a Failed Job Interview

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You’ve been waiting for almost a week and still, the HR manager didn’t call as he promised. The moment you stepped out of that interview, you knew something was off, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. You’re beating yourself up for letting that opportunity get away.

Walking away from your failed job interview with a negative attitude will bring nothing but frustrations. And as you look for other jobs openings in WA, follow these tips to ensure a successful interview next time.

Learn from the experience

It’s a fact. Bad interviews are discouraging and can cause feelings of inadequacy or even depression. But don’t let that get in the way. Identify what exactly went wrong and learn from it. You should also identify your strong points so you can use that to your advantage during the next interview.

Wages and salaries aren’t part of it

Of course, you’re looking for a job to earn money. But your initial job interview isn’t the appropriate setting to ask about it. Interviewers often discuss wages and salaries when you’ve passed initial screenings and found qualified for the position. You will be asked about your expectations after a series of evaluation and interviews. Let them bring up the topic and never talk about it unless they ask you first.

Don’t turn your former employer to mortal enemy

Criticising your former boss will make the interviewer think you might do the same when you leave their company. Instead, you can always explain what went wrong during your last job and what you did about it, in a nice way. Make your answers short and positive for an effective job interview.

“I really need this job” is not helpful

There are many people out there who badly need a job other than you. Focus on your skills and let them notice it so you can win the job.

Don’t apologise for being a flop

You don’t know what your interviewer was thinking. And sometimes, it wasn’t as bad as you think. If you did something that requires an apology, it’s a clear judgment call. You don’t want to keep reminding them what went wrong in the middle of your interview. You can also follow up through an email a few days after the interview.

Whether you’re looking for full-time or part time jobs, always prepare and be confident during interviews. Research about the company to understand its business and culture to make a good first impression.

Responsive Web Layouts: The Right Trend for Mobile-Friendly Sites

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Will the world in the near future be run from smartphones and tablets? This scenario is not entirely impossible, as the number of people owning these devices is increasing by the day. In fact, research firm Gartner has reported that more than 296 million smartphones have been shipped to many parts of the world last year. In-Stat, another research company, supports this figure with their forecast. They estimate that 65% of the U.S. population will then have either one or both gadgets by 2015.

Business owners have been quick to take note of this development. Many industries are now striving to make their websites viewable for different digital devices. It’s no longer enough to have a site you can access and browse through a personal computer or laptop. You must be able to see it on the screen of a mobile phone and tablet. This is because consumers devote more time browsing the web on their free time and while on the go. They search for the products they need online, and their phones and tablets allow them to do that conveniently.

Responsive Web Design: The Solution for Today’s Mobile Website Issues

The wide range of devices available today has made even a basic website hard to access. This happens because your site might have been created for desktop viewing only. Specialists in San Diego web design advise making your site viewable across different platforms using a one-web design.

Making your site easy to view on mobile phones and tablets can be costly, though. This, however, can be worth the investment if you create a mobile marketing strategy that works to engage current customers and future visitors.

They will find your website useful if it has the following characteristics:

Short and Informative Content

Detailed explanations are good for the times when users need to clarify information. This isn’t applicable for mobile users, however. They need short content that gives them the material they need immediately. This is why you have to make your content structure easy to understand the first time. Make your sentences short and concise. This way, users will read and stay on your site.

No Horizontal Scrolling

It can be annoying when you have to scroll the screen to see other parts of content you’ve missed. Coordinate with web design specialists about sites that compress the contents according to the screen sizes of different devices. This way, they will see and be able to browse the whole page completely, instead of guessing on the contents on the unseen parts.

Fast Loading Time

There is more demand for a fast website these days. Look for visually appealing features that aren’t too heavy on the processor. This way, you can have a visually attractive site that will allow for easier loading time. This is gratifying for many users, which can encourage them to check out other pages on your site.

A mobile-friendly website has more chances to get leads than sites that are viewed only through desktop computers. Find out how you can modify your site accordingly with the help of companies specializing in web design in San Diego. This can help you determine if you should create a new site or reformat your existing one.

Elements of Content Marketing (that every Business should have)

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Content is at the top of the online marketing food chain. Of course, your strategies in writing and disseminating your web content have to be in line with the algorithm changes of Google. No matter what update the Internet giant rolls out, however, content will always play a significant part in Internet marketing.

Web content helps you reach and attract your target audience in more ways than one. Some traditional methods continue to produce great numbers when it comes to generating fast return of investment. Modern methods, on the other hand, are shaping the future of content marketing in the ever-changing online environment.

To help you achieve your online goals and succeed in business, here are some of the elements of a successful content marketing strategy:

Business Blog

Many experts consider blogs the second most important online real estate after your business site. Blogs boost your marketing and SEO in a variety of ways. Blogging gives your target audience valuable information complementing your products and services. Business blogs also create interlinks for a better linking structure for your site and enhances your visitors’ overall browsing experience.

eMail Marketing

Many digital marketing companies still use this strategy because of its flexibility. eMail marketing is an efficient way to stay in touch with millions of clients over time. It’s also used for testing marketing messages and spreading information quickly. This method allows you to send specific messages to segments of audiences easily while saving time and money on your marketing.

Video Marketing

Content marketing is no longer just textual, as the popularity of tablet computers and smartphones has made video marketing more effective. Videos add more dimension to the way you deliver your message. As watching video is more entertaining and engaging for most online audiences, video marketing has gained better acceptance. This has, for instance, led well-known photo sharing app Instagram to introduce video sharing support.

Marketing companies specializing in SEO solutions can help you maximize your content marketing efforts. They have the expertise and experience to manage your campaign and use the right strategies that suit your business. Content marketing is truly a powerful method, but working with the right company matters to ensure your success.

DRP: Backing Up Your Computer Data

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While computers are seen as one of the best inventions of humankind, they can also breakdown. Viruses and hardware failure cause these machines to cease operating. Moreover, natural disasters can destroy the company’s IT structure and therefore disrupt network functions. Without proper planning and preparation for such disasters, computer systems could become unavailable for a long time. Worst, all important data and information stored in the computers could be lost forever.

Recovery Plan

While businesses can’t avoid disasters, careful planning can help minimize its negative effects. A disaster recovery plan presents a set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure. This specifies procedures that an organization must follow in an event of a disaster. The plan helps reduce the disruption in the daily operations and makes sure that some level of organizational stability and a recovery after a disaster remain in place.

Backup System

File corruption is greatly increasing due to the spread of viruses. When viruses invade your computer, all your data can be easily lost. This is why you need a backup system or a data center management to make sure that all of your data will be safe. Through this, even though the data is lost, you can always rely on your backup and retrieve your files. The backup system can restore the corrupted files and allow the business to continue with its daily operation.

Data Colocation

If you lack the time and money to build a full data center, data colocation may be a great option. This refers to the process of placing multiple or related entities in a single location. This can help you optimize your department’s processes and give your employees more time to concentrate on more strategic business tasks. Such facilities provide the space, power, security, and networking equipment. Colocation allows multiple consumers to access a network and a server, connecting them to a variety of service providers.

While it always better to be prepared for disasters, it is also important to think of your methods. As not all disaster recovery plans can work on some business structures, you need to determine what is right for your company. You must develop a disaster recovery plan with detailed procedures. It is also important to test the plan to determine possible shortcomings or failures.

Top Indicators You Need to Redesign Your Website

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Web design plays an important role in driving traffic to your site. Online users tend to like and stay on web pages with attractive designs and functionalities. If you’re not getting the traffic and conversion you want, then it’s time to think of redesigning your website. Here are the top indicators you need to give your site a makeover.

Your Site is Old

When was the last time you refreshed your website design? If it’s more than three years or so, then you really have to overhaul it. A reliable website redesign company will help you do this. Design experts know the current trends that will give your site a fresh new look. It’s good to have a website that evolves with time.

Your Content is Outdated

An old website is sure to have outdated content. The general rule is to update content regularly to attract more readers and generate substantial leads for your business. Add fresh articles, blogs, and news updates to your site and you’ll get more attention from online users. You can also incorporate announcements and sharing options to allow readers to spread the good news about your business, products, or services.

Your Website is Unresponsive

Your website should be accessible to all devices, especially mobile phones and tablets. More and more customers are going mobile, and it’s a great idea to use responsive web design. This way, your site will be more visible online. Some firms offer different website redesign options to help you make the right choice.

Your Site’s Performance and Traffic is Poor

Your site needs a little reworking if you’re having a downward trend of conversion and sales. The same is true if you’re finding fewer customers are engaging or using your website. This normally happens when your products or services don’t fit your target market. Drastic decline in traffic metrics can mean you need to give your site’s design a lift.

Your Business Has Grown

Your website should also improve as your business grows. You’re adding some products or services, and you need to let your target customers know about it. Updating your site according to your business’ improvements will make a big difference.

It’s time to assess your business website to learn whether it needs redesigning or not. Companies like Webloft Designs will help you with all your web-designing needs.

Your Skin against the Sun: Skin Care Advice to Remember

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Every summer seems to be hotter than the last one, as the effects of global warming and climate change continue to be felt. You need to ensure proper care for your skin, especially in the tropical regions where the sunshine is particularly strong. Arizona is no exception. Although its location is not as close to the equator as Texas and Florida, the temperature can go beyond 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Living in the Grand Canyon State means proper preparation with the right skin care methods and materials. They can help you can maintain your skin’s health and beauty. Arizona advanced dermatology specialists recommend that you take the following steps to avoid sunburn, skin cancer, and other sun-related skin diseases:

Dress for the Heat

In the summer, be sure to wear loose-fitting, light-colored, and lightweight clothes. This is more comfortable even when the temperature climbs to more than 90 degrees. Hats and umbrellas should also form a staple part of your wardrobe. Sunglasses, especially those that provide ultraviolet ray protection, are also necessary.

Slather on some Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 if you’re planning to go out during midday and other times when the sunshine is intense. If you’re fair skinned, choose sun block with SPF 40-50. SPF 30 will work well enough for brown and dark skin types.

SPF 50+ is better if your family has a history of skin cancer. Make sure to take a sunscreen with UVA and UVB coverage for enough sun protection. Some types of skin, however, react differently to certain types of sunscreens. Consult a dermatologist in Phoenix to find out what suits you.

Drink Water

Water is the best thirst quencher, no matter what ads for sugar-rich fruit juices and sodas say. Everyone, even those who stay indoors, should drink at least two liters per day. If you need to go out, you should have a portable container with you. This way, you don’t feel dehydrated even if you get stuck in rush-hour traffic. You should also have a ready supply of water when exercising or engaging in other strenuous activities. You’ll be better able to prevent heatstroke and lightheadedness as you replenish the water you lose through sweating.

Taking these steps will be meaningless if you don’t limit your exposure to the sun. Follow the advice of Arizona dermatology clinics strictly. This way, you avoid dehydration, skin cancer, and other skin ailments from too much sun. Consult your dermatologist for more skin care advice. Professional advice, when taken right, can go a long way in keeping your skin healthy.

Sewing Different Types of Closures

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Repairing a piece of clothing is a daunting task for many people, especially those who don’t have any experience in doing it. With today’s technology, however, sewing on a hook and loop or some other form of closure is easy as turning on an automatic sewing machine and letting it do most of the work for you.

There are many practical types of closures you can easily sew by hand or by machine, whether manually or electronically powered. Although there are other types such as a buckle (or clasp) common in belts, Chinese frogs, and hook-and-eye, there are still other forms most common in today’s apparel, bags, and footwear, among other things.

Loosen Up the Buttons

As they’re small and require both the buttonhole and an actual button, these are one of the most difficult types of closures to sew on. Buttons come with or without a thread shank, which you sew differently. Still, they add a touch of class to any outfit while serving their purpose. If you really want the buttoned look, try sewing the button only, and then attach snaps behind them instead.

Oh, Snap

Although snap fasteners are tiny and you need to sew them by hand, they are more practical and easy to attach to clothes compared to buttons. These interlocking discs are easy to fasten and unfasten, and you can easily replace missing parts, unlike with buttons where you have to always find a matching piece.

Stuck On You

Velcro is very handy, and everyone knows they’re one of the easiest ways to open and close a piece of garment. Swiss engineer George de Mestral discovered this technology after seeing that burrs stuck to his clothes and his dog’s fur.

Just make sure that if you sew on hook and loop yourself, see that you attach the Velcro properly. This way, you can easily remove and fix the thread in case of any mistakes, unlike with an electronic sewing machine where you may have a difficult time unraveling and fixing any incorrect stitches.


Using zippers makes using clothes very convenient, and they work best on fly openings. Attaching them, however, is a different story. A sewing machine makes it easier to add zippers to an outfit, but you have to use the right length, approximately an inch longer than the actual hole. You also need a steady hand and a lot of patience to stitch this properly whether by hand or with a machine.

You can buy supplies for sew on hooks and loops, and other types of closures online. Visit websites to find out how.