Treatment Ideas for Glass Walls

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Wide windows and sliding or French doors can keep a room bright and showcase gorgeous Perth views. Thinking about dressing them, however, can also be overwhelming.

If you feel intimidated about dressing wide windows and French doors, these window treatment ideas can make things easier:

Treat Windows as One

Pair drapes only on the outer edges of the windows to allow you to treat multiple windows as one.

Get Custom Window Treatments

If you need privacy or to block light, but don’t want to spend too much, get one to two-width custom blinds or drapes. For extra protection, layer a shade behind them.

Think of Motorized Shades

If you have high windows, get motorized shades or blinds. These motorized blinds often come with a remote control or wall switch that can operate up to five separate windows.

Hang Sheers from Rods

Hang sheers from rods wall to wall for a soft effect. Sheers don’t use linings, making them less costly than other window treatments. This also makes them look less bulky when hung across long windows.

Add Lightweight Panels

Add lightweight vertical blinds between windows if you have a wall of windows that stretch from one end of the room to the other. This can create an illusion that there’s no break between each window. This is a great look when using stationary drapes.

If you need privacy with lightweight vertical blinds, use a shade mounted behind the drapes. In this case, hand the rods longer than the edge of the windows to create the wall-to-wall window look.

Pull Back Drapes to One Side

Think of pulling back drapes to one side if you want to keep a beautiful outside view whole. Use traverse rods for this, as they don’t have the brackets that can stop long windows from opening and closing fully.

Whether you have wide windows or French doors, you can make the most of them with these window treatments. Choose the most suitable option for your windows and doors to create the perfect balance of light and privacy in your home.

Raise the Roof: Rubber Roofs for Your Home Improvement Projects

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Traditional roof shingles are often made of slate, wood, concrete or ceramic, but rubber roof shingles are slowly becoming a favourite. Rubber roofs are durable exterior roofing material commonly used in flat roof surfaces. They are often seen on the roofs of RVs, but are slowly making their way to many suburbs and residential and commercial buildings.

Many homeowners love rubber roofs for their do-it-yourself flat roofing projects, and here’s why.

Not Over the Top

Many homeowners prefer rubber roof shingles not only because they resemble traditional roof shingles like slate and clay, but also because they’re cheaper. Homeowners often choose them because DIY rubber roof kits and installations often cost less than tile shingles, in terms of materials and labour. Since rubber roofs are durable and quite resistant to pests and the weather, maintenance will also not be a problem, which brings down your overall costs.

Tough as Tile

Rubber roof shingles are not only cheaper, but are also quite durable. These shingles are guaranteed to last for at least 20 years. Because rubber is softer than concrete or tile shingles, it can absorb impact from other things. It can also withstand the elements better. If your roof is made of this, you can just sit back and relax, knowing that for the next two decades, you don’t need to worry about changing them.

Although the rubber roof shingles are not entirely fireproof, they undergo several quality checks to ensure that they come with additional fireproofing qualities. This includes the ability to burn slowly and emit non-toxic materials.


Rubber roof shingles come from recycled rubber and other materials, mostly from used tires. The materials are ground into a powder and moulded into the membrane and shingle size you want. These are recyclable and are a great choice for homeowners who want a greener home and less carbon footprint. The rubber shingles also provide excellent insulation, as these are heat and cold resistant. The material also bends and conforms to the contours of your roof, making it great for any roof style and structure.

When doing home construction or renovation projects, you’re looking for the easiest process but one that still provide great quality. And rubber roof shingles are a wonderful alternative you should definitely consider.

Banker Admits Bailout Home Purchase

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A US bank chief has pleaded guilty to charges of using the country’s bailout money provided to rescue his company to buy himself a luxury home.

Money intended to stabilize the economy

moneyDuring the financial crisis in 2008, Darryl Woods had no option but to ask the government for a bailout. However, more than a third of that money was spent to buy a property. Woods used $381,000 of the $1 million given to his Mainstreet Bank in Missouri to buy the luxury waterfront property in Florida.

Following the US housing collapse and financial crash, Mainstreet needed to be propped up with taxpayers’ money.

Misused funds

US district attorney Tammy Dickinson said, “At a time when many Americans were losing their homes, he was siphoning off public funds.”

Woods received the bailout money to help Mainstreet Bank, which is under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) established after the US financial problems.

The chief financial officer of the bank had previously written to TARP regulators explaining Mainstreet as a small community bank and saying the fund “will provide vitally needed infusions to a bleeding patient.”

His unlawful activity was discovered when officialsstartedinvestigating how the money was used.

So far, around 140 criminal charges have been filed against individuals alleged to have misused money.

Study Delves Into The Brain Health Of The ‘Super Agers’

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super agersA study is delving into the brain health of the ‘super agers’- the rare category of people who are physically in their 80s and 90s, but their brains and memories are much younger- to understand and find ways that could help protect others from loss of memory.

The researchers have already found some interesting evidence. Via imaging tests, the study observed that in these elite seniors the amount of age-related plaques was unusually low. Simultaneously, there was also a greater brain mass related to attention and memory.

The Super Aging Study

Study leader, Emily Rogalski from the Northwestern University said the research work stemmed from the fact that although people are living longer today, they are not actually living well. The study is still looking for more volunteers, but the qualification criteria are such that less than 10% of those tested have been taken aboard.

The participants are required to undergo a battery of mental aptitude tests, must undergo periodic imaging scans and other tests and should be willing to donate their brain after death.

Heyward Breaks Jaw After Getting Hit By Pitch

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heywardAtlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward will undergo surgery for two jaw fractures after getting hit by a pitch.

Fractured jaw

The Braves said that Heyward’s jaw has been stabilized, and he was to return to Atlanta for the surgery.

The team will report how long Heyward will be sidelined after the surgery.

The 24-year-old Heyward was smashed by a 90 mph fastball from New York Mets left-hander Jonathon Niese in the sixth inning of the Braves’ 4-1, 10-inning win.

The impact on his facemade a loud noise, and the crowd reacted as Heyward dropped to the ground.

Niese feeling terrible

Visibly concerned, Niese tapped himself with his glove and Heyward placed a quick hand to his heart, which appeared to acknowledge him.

“It didn’t really slip out of my hands, but it kind of just ran in on him,” Niese said. “Obviously no intent, but I just felt bad. It’s every pitcher and every hitter’s worst nightmare. I just hope he’s OK.”

An inning later, the Mets claimed that doctors examined Heyward before he was taken to the hospital for series of tests.

On a tear at the plate since moving into the lead off spot last month, Heyward started the day batting .254 with 13 homers and 37 RBIs. Atlanta entered with a 15-game lead in the NL East.

UPS Plane Crash – No Engine Failure Says NTSB

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UPS-cargo-plane-crashFederal investigators said that they had found initial evidence pointing to an engine failure or a fire that had caused the fatal UPS cargo plane to crash. On Thursday, officials said that the plane had clipped trees at the end of the runway before it slammed into a hillside, thereby killing the two pilots.

Findings Preliminary

National Transportation Safety member, Robert Sumwalt that the findings were all preliminary as of now but added that investigators were hoping to gather detailed evidence from data and voice recorders in order to better understand the cause of the accident.

He mentioned that the voice recorders were all ‘blackened and sooted’. However, he said that everyone on the probe team was optimistic that they would be able to still recover data from the box.

The twin-engine A300 was attempting to land at its destination in Birmingham at the Shuttlesworth International Airport when it suddenly crashed pre-dawn on Wednesday.

ADT: Home Security That Never Sleeps

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The family’s safety and security should be every household’s main concern. You can prevent incidents that can harm them and cause a traumatic event. Intruders are waiting for the right time to break in and steal your valuables, so you have to be ready when they strike. You should also be aware of some possible dangers, such as fire and indoor air poisoning. A good solution to combat these is installing ADT security systems.

Fast Alarm Service 24/7

Security companies have trained staff to monitor your house. They use the latest technology to detect irregularities, so they can launch immediate action when necessary. They can respond to emergencies, saving your family and belongings from any threat.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Security systems from an authorized dealer of ADT will safeguard your house from danger. Be it a thief or an unwanted person who wants to harm your family. It sets up an alarm signal when someone tries to break-in through the doors or windows. For security purposes, the center will notify the authorities for backup.

Indoor Quality Monitoring

Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide are some indoor threats that can harm the family. Installing a security system will protect them by notifying the entire house and the authorities of the danger it could bring. It offers 24-hour home protection, keeping everyone safe from air quality threats.

Flood and Temperature Monitoring

ADT flood detectors protect the house’s foundation from water damage. It monitors the cooling and heating systems to identify any changes in temperature. This way, you can prevent excessive moisture and avoid microorganisms, such as fungus and mold, from developing.

Medical Alert System

This allows you to communicate with an ADT expert through an intercom system. Simply press the button and a trained staff is readily available to give you the necessary assistance. This is ideal for emergencies, especially when you’re far from a hospital or clinic that can respond to your needs immediately.

Never put the lives of your family at risk. Look for an ADT authorized dealer today and discover its many benefits.

Israel Approves Prisoner Release

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prisonIsrael’s government has approved to free the 26 long-term Palestinian prisoners as part of an agreement that will see peace talks resume.

First group of released Palestinian prisoners

A list of prisoners selected by a ministerial committee was released overnight. The government will free the prisoners in a couple of days. The delay allows times for last-minute legal challenges by victims’ families.

The announcement came after Palestinian officials accused Israel of trying to interrupt the peace talks by approving almost 1,200 new settlement homes.

An Israeli government spokesperson dismissed the allegations, saying every peace initiative so far had planned that the settlements in question become Israeli territory.

The Palestinians are willing to accept land swaps.

Around 500,000 Jews live in over 100 settlement homes built since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The settlements are considered illegal under international law, though Israel argues this.

Peace talk: A settlement for prisoners

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement announcing that 26 prisoners would be freed. It said they would be released at least 48 hours after the Israeli Prison Servie published a list of their names.

According to the statement, “during the discussion it was emphasized that if one of those released will return to engage in hostile activity against Israel, he will be returned to complete his sentence.”

Its Curtains For Behar From ‘The View’

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One of the last original hosts of ABC’s daytime talk show, ‘The View’ will soon bid adieu to the program. After her exit, only Barbara Walters, the program’s inventor would remain as the one who was with the show since its start.

joy beharJoy Behar’s Last Day

Joy Behar is all set to quit the hit talk show on Friday. Her last day on the sets, which has already been taped, is punctuated with profane jokes to lighten the heavy mood. The program has been specially edited as a tribute to one of its best hosts. It highlights several memorable moments including her interviews with President Obama and her walk out on Bill O-Reilly.

The standup comic and writer, who is 70 now, says that the reason behind her quitting was her desire to do something different without being chained by the daily talk show schedules. Her ambition now, she said was to do different things instead of doing just one.

Loeb’s Entertainment Sale Proposal Rejected By Sony

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sony-entertainmentDaniel Loeb, a US hedge fund manager’s proposal that Sony sell a part of its entertainment business has been rejected by the Japanese company’s board in a unanimous decision. This has affected Sony’s shares, which have slid by over 5 percent.

In a letter addressed to the Third Point CEO, Sony affirmed that continuing to fully own Sony Pictures and Sony Music was ‘fundamental’ to its success.

What’s more in the Letter

In its letter to the CEO, Sony also added that the content in its shows is increasing in value. It also mentioned that the entertainment business would benefit over time given the rampant spread of new distribution platforms, the internet and mobile devices.

While Sony’s response to Loeb’s proposal was on the whole guarded, several analysts view the contents of the letter as a means for the Japanese giant to unlock its unrealized value. Sony also wrote in the letter that it is capable of raising money if needed and restated its plans to revitalize its electronics sector.