How Military Logistics Won a War

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From the time of Alexander the Great to Napoleon’s conquest of France, military commanders have relied on good logistical planning for their successes on the battlefield. Today, it is still the focus of almost every military operation and a significant factor for different campaigns.

History proves how effective logistical plan can win key battles. Now, it doesn’t matter if one side has the latest combat artillery. With an effective tactical positioning, you can radically change the tide. One great example of this is the Finnish victory over the Soviet forces near a small town in Finland called Ilomantsi.

Battle of Ilomantsi

From 1941 to 1944, hostilities between Finland and the Soviet Union had escalated and moved to the battlefield. Finland refused the Soviet Union’s attempt to annex two Finnish territories and the establishment of Soviet forces near Helsinki. Called the Continuation War, the war was instrumental for Finland to retain its independence.

The Battle of Ilomantsi was a part of a series of Soviet skirmishes during the war. Armed with heavy artilleries and overwhelming manpower, the Soviet forces pushed to a small town near the Finnish-Soviet border. Fortunately, the Finnish army had tricks up its sleeve that caught the opposition by surprise.

Cutting off the Lines

The Finnish forces practically lived near the border, so they knew the geographical details of the land. It was just a matter of time before they launched coordinated strikes to overcome the Soviet Union. The Soviet army was only able to fire a quarter of their ammunition because the Finnish had laid their supply lines in ashes. Ultimately, Finland won the battle and the event became one of the famous victories in their history.

This logistical feat has highlighted the relevance of effective military packaging workflow. Compromising the whole operations might mean the difference between victory and defeat. Today, it’s of paramount importance to update and innovate military logistical procedures regularly.

There are reliable military packing service providers in the industry today. They can give comprehensive aid in improving operating procedures in the military. It’s best to consult them to know more about better measures in military logistics.

Getting Down on One Knee: How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

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Diamond Engagement RingMost Australians already have a general idea of what it takes to propose: purchase a ring, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry you. It takes more than that, however, if you really want to sweep her off her feet. Here are a few tips to help you get creative on the way to eternal bliss.

The first thing you need to do is buy a stunning diamond engagement ring in Melbourne. If you can’t decide between a round or square cut diamond, choose the round. It has a beautiful, timeless cut, and looks bigger than a square cut diamond.

For the most value for your money, choose a white gold or palladium setting instead of platinum. This lets you redirect your money towards the most important feature of all engagement rings in Melbourne — the stone. You can also easily search for rings online. There are plenty of jewellers on the web that provide exquisite wedding rings in Melbourne.

If you’re still uncertain, surprise her with a placeholder ring. That way you’ll be able to shop for the ring together, and she’ll be able to choose. A plastic toy stone or giant ring pop as a placeholder ring will make her smile. Make sure you document your proposal with flip cams, smartphones, or any other digital device to record this epic moment.

Make it Personal

Remember all the major events in your relationship, such as where you had your first date, where you first shared an apartment, or the first time you said, “I love you.” You could use any of these big milestones in your relationship as a common thread to tie all of the details of your proposal together in a creative way.

The Details

Once you have a better idea of your proposal, start filling in the blanks with details. Use photos of you travelling together, memorabilia, or others. It’s the details that make a generic proposal amazingly personal.

Try to make your engagement something that reflects your unique relationship as a couple. Before getting down on one knee, be creative and plan an engagement you’ll be proud to share. Most of all, keep in mind that the wedding is all about the bride, but when it comes time to propose, it’s your time to shine.

Best Ways to Survive a Car Accident

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A car accident will not be fatal if you know exactly what to do in case you face it. Preparation and discipline are keys to avoiding and even surviving a road mishap. Being aware of the things you should do will also help you stay away from serious danger or death. Read on to learn more.

Drive Responsibly

work car insurance

You are the driver. Therefore, you are responsible for your own safety. You have full control over your car while it’s in motion. Your driving skills and the decisions you make have something to do with your safety on the road. Always bear in mind that you’re not the only person driving. Stay calm and give way to other motorists, especially those who drive larger vehicles. Never use your phone while on the road, and always avoid driving while under the influence of liquor. Follow all traffic rules and regulations to avoid violations and accidents.

Be a Smart Driver

A smart driver knows what he needs to do before, during, and after an accident. Stay ahead of everything. It doesn’t mean you should expect an accident, but being mindful helps. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a personal or commercial vehicle. You should have car insurance in place so you can seek compensation to cover your hospitalisation and car repair expenses.

Make Sure Your Car is in Good Conditions

Your safety also depends on your car’s condition. It’s easy to ignore small problems, but the outcome can be fatal. A brake failure usually leads to a serious car crash. Make sure your engine, transmission, suspension, and tires are well maintained. The best way to survive a car accident is to avoid getting involved in it.

Stay Alert and Focused

Remember that even if you’re driving safely, others may not be. It’s best to stay alert and focused. Pay attention to all the vehicles in front, beside and behind you, along with the pedestrians. Always keep your eyes on the road so you can take precautionary measures should you notice any potential danger.

Be proactive and ready at all time. Drive safely and make sure you have commercial or personal vehicle insurance in place. Follow all these tips so you can avoid and survive accidents in the future.


Michael Jackson Death Trial Near Closing Arguments

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michael jacksonConcert promoter AEG ended the defenses in the months-long saga of Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial, and both sides agreed to start closing arguments to be delivered in a Los Angeles courtroom.

End of months-long trial

Jackson lawyers will call two more witnesses before resting their rebuttal case. While the initial trial has been held in a small courtroom, closing arguments will be held in a large courtroom to allow hundreds to watch.

Katherine Jackson and grandchildren Prince, Paris, and Blanket contend AEG Live executives negligently hired, retained or supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Murray did not testify in the five-month-long trial because he said he would invoke his constitutional right to refuse to answer questions while his appeal is pending.

Drug use

AEG lawyers played a video of Metzger’s testimony as their last witness, but Jackson lawyers say they want to ask him questions not covered when the deposition was recorded  a year ago.

They contend Jackson’s secrecy about his drug use made it impossible for its executives to know that Dr. Murray posed a danger to the singer.

They said they expect to rest their case at the end of the day.

Biomimicry in Residential Homes

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the pursuit of better and greener architectural framework, Mother Earth proves to be the best source of design ideas. Since the beginning of time, the planet has inspired humanity to innovate and create new ways of modern living. Today, architects and designer look to nature to improve their projects.

roofing trends

Taking Cues from the Environment

Many modern residential designs feature elements inspired by how nature works. In the field of science, this practice of adapting natural functions using modern technologies is called biomimicry. Robots with snakelike movements, for example, have become instrumental in the development of emergency response units. With incredible flexibility, they can navigate even the tightest of space and works ideally for situations such as search and rescue missions.

Another application of biomimicry is the development of sustainable means of living. Due to rapid urban expansion, cities are increasingly deprived of a greener lifestyle. In response, architectural designers are beginning to take cues from nature in building environment-friendly infrastructure.

Elements of Design

Nature has unique ways of harnessing energy from its surroundings. The Gunnera Manicata, a plant species endemic to Brazil, for instance, makes the most out of the sunlight they receive with their wide leaves. More areas exposed to sunlight mean more capabilities to convert it to energy. The sloping surface of the leaves also allows rainfall to fall directly onto the roots.

House roofing options today enable more efficient energy-harnessing capabilities. Roofing trends in places like Brooklyn, for example, show a rise in flat roof-design residences. The extra space and elevation provide more options for the homeowners to extend their activities. They can either set-up solar panels or put vegetable boxes on their flat roofs. The flat surface also acts as a catch basin for rainwater.

Green Living

Nature serves as a perfect teacher in sustainable living. Now that architectural designers are placing more emphasis on better green residential places, it might only be just a matter of time before houses become one with nature itself. You can even find roofing services providers today that can meet such requirements. Indeed, the world is giving back to the environment in more ways than one.

Check out websites to learn more about better roofing options.

For the Love of Food: The Joys of the Catering Business

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catering servicesOne of the joys of the catering business — aside from the food, the fun, and the smiles you put on your clients’ faces — is working with people to help plan their special events. Caterers are sort of a fairy godmother for your events, where they make your wishes for the perfect occasion come true. Whether you’re throwing a big New York wedding and planning to rent a classic catering hall in Suffolk County, or just a simple backyard party, caterers can do wonders to any event.

The Food Fairies

As a caterer, you’ll often be instrumental in fulfilling someone else’s dream wedding, special anniversaries, and other once-in-a-lifetime events. Though it’s a major responsibility, getting the opportunity to make people happy and show them what you can do, not just in the kitchen but also in the service department, is probably one reason many people venture into catering. You enjoy showing off your cooking skills, you love to organize parties, and you enjoy the feeling of satisfaction from seeing guests partake in your food preparations.

Food and Friendship

They say that a great way to socialize in parties is with food, and for many caterers, one of the many perks of their business is meeting and working with a lot of people. This adds spontaneity to a boring or simple life.

Not only do you make friends with your clients, especially if your food is great, you also meet their friends. You get to talk to guests about how delicious the food is, or how great the service is, and then you move to other topics of conversation. Before you know it, you’ve already made a new friend, and possibly even a new customer.

Getting Paid for What You Love

You love to cook and to be the reason why a party went off without a hitch, and that’s why you love catering. Being able to let your culinary vision come to life is a lot of fun for you. Looking for reliable catering services in Suffolk, for example, may seem hard for customers, but it’s not a walk in the park for caterers either.

Handling the heat of the kitchen and managing your team may not be easy, but it all pays off when the food is finally prepared, the tables are set, and the guests are ready to eat. By the end, it’ll be more than worth it since you get paid for doing something you love.

Caterers want the event to go off without a hitch as much as you do, and although it’s still a business, catering is actually more of a passion and love for food, throwing parties and making friends along the way.

Optimizing Your Website: A Key Advertising Strategy

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In a country where most people rely on the Internet to purchase goods and to find services, it’s important that your website is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization can establish your website’s presence on the World Wide Web. It can make your website visible across search engine results like those of Google, helping you draw potential customers to your business. By optimizing your website, you can increase your web traffic. Higher traffic can then lead to bigger business opportunities for your company.

Making use of website elements such as menus, titles, content, images, and keywords, effective professional search engine optimization services work by placing your website on top of popular search engines’ result pages.

SEO Defined

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of obtaining traffic from the free, editorial, organic, and natural listings on different search engines. When you search for something on search engines like Google, you’ll see a search result containing web pages, videos, local listings, and images. SEO services work by optimizing websites so that they can have a better rank on different search engine result pages.

SEO targets different kinds of search, including news search, local search, image search, video search, academic search, and even industry-specific search engines. As an Internet advertising strategy, SEO considers what people search for, how different search engines work, the keywords or actual search terms people type, and which search engines are preferred by the audience.

Helping Businesses Reach Online Success

Hiring SEO services and optimizing your website can help you reach online success. By placing you on top of search engines results pages, it can help you find new clients and customers not just in the country, but in different parts of the world. SEO services can bring you a higher return on investment or ROI than any other form of marketing. As it works to secure your rank on search engines, you’ll receive customers consistently.

SEO services can increase online visibility. As more and more people see your website and your line of products and services, you’ll have an opportunity to develop better brand recognition and awareness.

Whether you’re a startup or have been in the business for years, search engine optimization services can help your business succeed. To learn more about SEO services, click here.

Escaping from the Shadows of High Hospital Bills

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fast cash loansA car accident or sudden heart attack of a loved one is always difficult to deal with. It’s really painful to know that a loved one is at risk. Other than that, you don’t even know how you’re going to deal with high hospital bills. Getting caught in such situations is extremely stressful, especially if you don’t have cash on hand and when you’re living off one pay cheque to the next.

Dealing with emergency expenses like this is not easy. Hopefully, you’ll have insurance to take care of these expenditures. But if you don’t have coverage, there are some options available to help with your hospital bills. For instance, you can look for lenders offering fast no credit check payday loans. After all, you don’t have to be thrifty when it comes to the health of your loved ones.

The following are some options available when dealing with high hospital bills.

Ask Around

When times are tough, you can rely on your relatives. Ask them if they can lend some help. They might have some spare money to lend you. If they are also on a tight budget, your second option is to talk to your closest friends. Explain to them your status and they will surely understand you. Make sure to give back the money on time to prevent any misunderstandings.

Importance of Payday Loan

When facing high hospital bills, life can get very overwhelming, and people often worry about how they’re going to pay for those bills. You don’t have to worry too much. You can easily apply for a fast payday loan even with no credit. Look for a reliable lender and submit all requirements needed to get approval. You can use it to pay for your emergency expenses while waiting for your next salary.

Apply for Financial Aid

There are hospitals across the country that offer financial assistance to low-income patients. This financial aid, often called charity care, can help reduce hospital bills. Some hospitals will require you to fill out an application form and submit it to them together with documents to verify your financial circumstances.

Accidents are inevitable, so it’s important to be financially prepared at all times. While it’s hard to save for future expenses, you can visit this website and apply for a quick loan to pay your emergency expenses.

Solar Energy: Reducing Costs and Saving the Environment

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Many people know Australia as the Land Down Under. Some people, however, also call it as the Sunburnt Country. Australia is one of the countries with the highest solar resource potential. According to the Australian Energy Resource Assessment, the country receives an estimated amount of 58 million petajoules of solar radiation annually.

To maximise this source of power, the government encourages its people to use different kinds of solar energy technology solutions. Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic systems are types of solar energy technologies used in Australia.

Solar Thermal

This system transforms sunlight into heat (thermal energy). Many people use solar thermal systems to heat water or for space heating. Apart from heating, you can use this technology to power a refrigeration cycle to deliver solar-based cooling. You can also use the heat generated from this system to produce electricity through steam turbines. Experts recommend this type of system for large industries, as it is more cost-effective to build this system on a large scale. If your business’s electricity usage ranges from tens to hundreds of megawatts, you will get more savings with this system.

Solar Photovoltaic

Also known as a solar panel, a solar photovoltaic system is the most common way to maximise solar energy. The photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. One of the advantages of this system is that you can easily integrate it into your building design. You can install it on rooftops, and even on vehicles.

Solar Credits

To encourage more people to use different solar power solutions, the government offers solar credits to qualified users. You can qualify for solar credits when you use small-scale, off-the grid technologies, including solar panels, hydro structures, and wind systems.

To qualify for this credit, you should install a new and complete small-scale wind, hydro, or solar panel system. Furthermore, you should set up your solar energy system in an eligible premise before the 30th of June 2014.

There are different ways to reduce energy costs and help save the environment at the same time. You can start by using renewable energy options, such as solar energy systems.

Making Your Mobile App Appealing to Customers

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mobile app developmentDeveloping mobile application is not just an alternative marketing solution anymore. It is now a major business initiative. This is because mobile provides the most convenient channel in engaging customers and attracting website visitors. Before starting your mobile app development project, however, here are some things that you should think about.

Is your app fresh and original?

Selling an original, useful mobile application can bring in huge profits. With the help of professional app developers in Melbourne, you can create such an app. Just make sure that it is targeted to a particular niche. If your application is unique and functional, it’s likely that it will go viral and popular.

Can you offer mobile payment services?

People are now using mobile phones not just for communication and entertainment but also for daily routines like paying their bills. Developing an application for mobile payments allows you to get an edge over your competitors. By providing such convenience, you are showing your customers that you value their needs.

Do you have a social media strategy?

Social media provides excellent opportunities for small businesses – from being a cost-effective means of marketing to being the ideal place to network with new and existing customers. With this in mind, you can use social media sites in your favour by integrating your mobile app with Facebook or Twitter. For example, you may enable publishing use activities in your app to their Facebook Activity Feed, promoting your app to a wider audience.

Does you app encourage customer participation?

One of the advantages of investing in mobile apps is the opportunity to interact with your market and enhance customer experience with your site. Launching contests is one way of doing this. Contests can help you generate leads as well as get useful information about your competitors.

The mobile market offers excellent opportunities, especially for small businesses. Tapping this market can help you establish your online presence while improving your return on investment. Make the most of your mobile app development efforts by taking into account the above questions. They can help ensure that you attract more customers through interesting mobile applications.