Here’s How You Can Look Refreshed and Well-Rested

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Woman Holding Her CheeksA stressful and a busy lifestyle can reflect on your skin, making you look tired and old. If you’re starting to notice visible skin changes like dark circles, saggy eyes, and dull skin, it is time to take control and improve your skin.

You can start by drinking more water to keep your skin hydrated and getting enough sleep to give your skin a healthy glow. Dermatologists here in Salem share a few other tips that can make you look refreshed and well-rested.

Get enough sunlight

The right amount of sunlight benefits the skin because of the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body. It also increases the release of serotonin, a type of hormone with mood-lifting benefits. The best time to get sunlight is early in the morning, with exposure between 5 and 15 minutes. Be sure to use sunscreen if you’re going out or staying in the sun longer.

Wear a cheery lip color

Changing your lip color is one of the fastest ways to liven up your appearance or look more awake. You can wear bright hues or neutral ones such as nudes or pink, but be sure to avoid dark colors like deep reds or purples.

Use an eye concealer

If you have dark areas around the eyes, an eye concealer can hide them and give you refreshed look. Those with a slight yellow undertone are beneficial in neutralizing any discoloration or redness around your peepers and make them look brighter.

Pull your hair back

A ballerina bun or a high ponytail can pull and tighten your skin, and give you an alert and energized look. You should also complement your look with an outfit that can make you look and feel awake.

Consider a facial

A facial can do more than cleanse your skin. Depending on the type of facial, it can also help you deal with certain skin issues like pimples, acne, pigmentation, and fine lines. It can get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production to give you a rejuvenated and well-rested look.

Don’t let a hectic schedule give you a tired-looking face. Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you should see a dermatologist to learn more about products and treatments can make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

Fake News in PPC? Numbers That May Mislead

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Online MarketingOnline marketers are playing a numbers game when it comes to strategizing and implementing their advertising campaigns. They gather and analyze data from different sources to identify the markets to target specifically and how to convert them. However, not all metrics may lead to success.

Experts on search engine optimization from SEO Werkz in Utah cite the following metrics that may mislead even the most experienced marketers.

Lack of Benchmarking

The numbers of your client’s e-commerce site may have grown a good 20% of a certain unit in a specific category. That percentage seems like an excellent number, especially if you compare it to other metrics shown by that product over the last few months or even years. However, this can be misleading if you don’t account for the benchmarks set by the competition. The latter may be gaining numbers of more than 30% or more of sales growth.

When you want a clearer view of the big picture, consider the niche you’re in, its historical growth rates and the competition. Solely relying on your own success may mislead and can reduce the efficiency of your future campaigns.

Skewed Baseline

Choosing only a particular timeframe can also skew your campaign’s perceived success. Some marketers use growth numbers for just one week and compare them to the company and industry’s historical numbers. This may mislead one to believe that the products or services in that category are performing better than they actually are. You’ll have to control for seasonal fluctuations and look at the percentages yearly, instead of focusing on just one timeframe.

Percentages without Context

Simply showing high percentages such as 50% growth, 60% of market share, or 70% conversions may not tell the whole story or it’s simply a presenter trying to keep his or her job. When trying to analyze numbers, check the context and look for its equivalent to a year-to-year comparison.

Numbers aren’t enough; there are ways to manipulate these to mislead and create an illusion of success. Always consider context, historical comparisons, and industry fluctuations to get a clearer view of the big picture.

The Impact of Motion Graphics in Marketing

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Video productionThe invention of technologies has affected the approach of marketing in the corporate world. More businesses are embracing high tech solutions to increase their visibility and boost their profits. Traditional advertising tools are still useful in marketing, but digital advertising tools such as motion graphics seem to be dominating the marketing industry in increasing conversion rates.


The video production company creating your marketing tools with motion graphics in Denver only requires an Internet connection, a computer, appropriate software, and a creative approach. That means you will not spend overmuch in hiring their services. You can put up the motion graphics video on your website, blog, or social networks to market your products or services.

Hiring such a company to create a motion graphics marketing video is cheaper than putting up a billboard or running an advertisement on television.

Effective Marketing Tool

Motion graphics are often quite engaging. Therefore, your advertisement will grab much attention from your target audience. The audio drives your message home while the visual imprints a lasting image on your customer’s mind. Statistics reveal that more customers are likely to purchase an item after watching the respective or a related product video.

Effective Use of Motion Graphics

When choosing motion graphics as a marketing tool, you need to be picky about how you will use it to communicate your message effectively. Carefully consider the type of message, target audience and digital platform to use. Focusing on your marketing goals and the period you intend to keep your message up will help you determine the motion graphics plan to use.

Digital platforms have become a tool for the corporate world to build an online presence. Businesses in Denver and beyond are now seeking to convert their online audience to potential customers, then to loyal clients. You can achieve that with motion graphics video, and more, into creating awareness of your business brand and products.

3 Considerations When Buying a Motorcycle

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motorbike on the road with man ridingSo, you’ve always wanted a motorcycle and finally decided to get one. Before you do, consider several factors so that you can make an informed decision. Check out some of these factors.

Your Finances

First, you should consider your budget. A motorcycle can set you back anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 for a decent model. Your safety gear, such as the helmet, jacket, and gloves, must be included in your budget, too. Of course, you’ll also need motorcycle insurance, especially if you live in Chicago, IL where it’s required by law. Then, there are the fuel and maintenance costs that you must prepare for, as well.

Your Abilities

Next, you’ll need to assess your skills at competently and safely riding a motorcycle. Even if you already know how to ride one, it becomes a whole new game when a powerful engine comes into play. If you’re still a newbie, for example, try to stick to a less powerful engine, say 150cc, and just work your way up from there. Additionally, you should take into account your body size to ensure that the motorcycle is the right fit for you—not too tall, small, or heavy.

Your Needs

Finally, you must be clear on what purpose your motorcycle will primarily serve. Will you use it for your daily commute, a long drive on weekends, or your monthly off-road trip? If you’re going to ride it every day, for instance, the standard type or the roadster is a good option. Still, you should consider what you want—design, make, brand, etc.—for your motorbike so that you’ll be excited to ride it.

Before you buy a motorcycle, take the time to consider several factors, so you can choose the right model. Enjoy your ride and have a safe journey every time.

Aligning Naturally

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Photo of InvisalignHaving a great smile is increasingly important in UK society today. For some, the health benefits may outweigh the naturally pleasing look that comes with it, but overall nothing boosts the confidence like a dazzling smile. And these days straighter teeth do not require having to suffer treatment with a ‘mouth full of metal’ either, neither does it take years to achieve. It can be done discreetly and in some cases quickly. In Stanmore, Invisalign is one of those discreet methods.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign in Stanmore is an inconspicuous and non-invasive tooth straightening treatment that is offered at many dental practices, including Centre of Dental Excellence. Invisalign treatment involves a clear set of aligners that are nearly invisible to the untrained eye. They fit comfortably over the patient’s entire arch of teeth.

The Invisalign process

In Stanmore, Invisalign is created using the latest technology and techniques. During this non-invasive process, a dentist will take a series of digital photos and x-rays. The images are then uploaded on to a computer and then with the help of a computer programme, the dentist can make a full assessment of how the patient’s teeth are positioned and show the patient a video of how the teeth will realign back into the desired position. Having that image in mind goes a long way to inspiring patients to achieve their goal of straight teeth.

The next part of the process

The next step in the Invisalign process is creating the patient’s unique set of aligners. This is done by the measurements taken to create the 3D computer image. A series of aligners with progressively different pressure points built in is 3D printed. As the pressure wears off on one aligner, it is swapped for the next in the series to slowly but surely move the teeth into alignment. The aligners are worn for approximately 7-10 days before changing to the next aligner. As the aligners are removable, they are make eating and cleaning the teeth much easier than with bracket and wire braces. They can also be removed for special occasions as long as they are worn for about 20-22 hours per day.

Brighter, Happier Smile

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Smiling woman in the dentist's officeNothing is more appealing than a bright, happy smile with a shine that dazzles. However, it is natural that as we age so do our teeth and with that comes the weakening of tooth enamel and this can lead to a natural discolouring of our teeth.  No matter how much we brush and floss and how much we maintain a healthy care for our teeth, the natural ageing process can sometimes overcome that.

How can we overcome this natural discolouration?

Teeth whitening in Belfast can be the answer, providing patients with a way to feeling good about their appearance once more. It can give that last little touch to brighten their day. In Belfast, teeth whitening is a treatment that is popular and readily available at dental practices, such as Blue Sky Dentistry.

Is it just the natural ageing process that discolours teeth?

No, it’s not just age that discolours teeth. Ageing and years of brushing thins the enamel so that the yellower dentin below shows through. Along with this, certain beverages such as coffee or red wine can play a part too. Smoking also stains the teeth. There are certain medications that can result in discolouring teeth and some people are just genetically predisposed to having darker or yellower teeth. These though can all be whitened either dramatically or by just a few shades through teeth whitening in Belfast.

What is the process for whitening teeth?

There are two ways in which the process of whitening teeth in Belfast can be done. The first way can be as simple as sitting in the dental chair for an hour. This is known as a power teeth whitening session. When a patient wants results and wants them fast, this is the way to do it. The next way is for the patient to take a teeth-whitening kit home. This method can take a couple of weeks or more to achieve results. Either way the patient is assured a treatment which is painless and results in brighter, whiter teeth. How long the treatment will last will depend on the patient’s level of dental hygiene, diet, and lifestyle habits.

Ensuring Quality of Life: Home Care Services for Seniors

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Doctor in elderly's homeMedical care and home assistance have improved over the years. For seniors, this has become even more crucial especially for those who are living alone and independently in their own home. While family members may leave the nest for their pursuit, here are a few home care services that your elderly relatives could consider.

In-home care

Specialized care is crucial for the elderly because these are the times when the elderly experience different types of ailments and illnesses. One professional service for senior home health care services in Alexandria include dementia home care. This type of in-home care requires a more focused approach and monitoring to reduce the symptoms but also slow down the progression of dementia with proper therapy and medication.

Faith-based resource

Most communities have their respective faith-based communities, and these usually have volunteer groups that support older people with certain errands. These faith-based groups offer help with home maintenance, repairs, pet care, an even delivery, when applicable. The good thing about these services is that they enable the elderly to continue living independently in the comforts of their own home.

Hire a skilled caregiver

Another type of care that one can provide for seniors is a skilled caregiver. There are times when the elderly will need medical care, from as simple as bathing and dressing to other assistance like rehabilitation and pain management. Skilled caregivers are the best option for those who want to ensure that their family will have in-home senior care whenever they need medical services.

These are a few of the services that will boost your loved ones’ quality of life, especially towards their later years. You can rest easy knowing that they have access to the proper assistance and medical services even in the comforts of their own home.

Which U.S. States Have the Best High Schools?

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Students walking down the hallwayMassachusetts ranked as the best state in the U.S. in terms of high school education for 2018, with 25.7% of its 354 eligible high schools earning gold and silver medal status.
U.S. News based its rankings on the number of schools with a calculated state performance index. California ranked second best with a 25.4% of 2,062 high schools having gold and silver medals, while 24.1% of high schools in Maryland achieved the same.

State of Education

Gold and silver medals serve as proof of the schools’ ability to prepare students for tertiary education. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate test results determine the capacity of high schools to produce college-ready students.

High graduation rates also reflect the standings. While California only ranked second, it had the most number of high schools with gold medals at 85. Texas and New York had 73 and 57, respectively. In Massachusetts, there were only 20 schools with gold medals. A higher tuition fee is often understood as a benchmark of quality education, but luckily for students, there are now cheaper yet equally good alternatives, such as online high school classes. Many schools, including The American Academy, offer these programs.

School Expenses

New York City’s private high schools charge the highest tuition costs among all cities in the country at more than $29,000 on average per year. On the other hand, private school education in Litchfield County, Connecticut, costs around $45,000 on average each year.

Public school education costs less, but many still look for cheaper alternatives, leading them to consider online classes. Some schools have integrated online learning to their curriculum in response to the changing needs.

High school tuition fees shouldn’t always cost a fortune to be seen as a factor for producing well-educated students. The broader availability of the Internet serves as one reason virtual courses can complement traditional classes, if not completely replace them.

Improve Your Restaurant’s Business

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A group of friends enjoying a fine-dining experienceOne of the things that makes any business a success is people. People who work in the enterprise, as well as the customers that a company provides products or services for. With this in mind, every restaurant owner should make an effort to make people happy to ensure the longevity of his/her business.

How to Make Customers Happy

The term ‘hangry’ describes a person who is irritable or moody because s/he is hungry. This just shows how people can change when they are in need of nourishment. Incidentally, this may also demonstrate the importance of restaurants within the foodservice industry.

Any restaurant owner desires to provide sumptuous fare as well as impeccable service and surroundings to his/her customers. However, s/he can only do this with updated equipment. And because restaurants need money regularly to keep them in operation, sometimes it may be difficult to find funds to allocate for repairs or the purchase of new equipment. This problem can be properly addressed with ARF Financial‘s restaurant financing.

However, the work doesn’t end once the kitchen equipment is updated and overseen. Additionally, the restaurant atmosphere should also be well-maintained. This includes the upkeep of physical assets such as chairs and tables, as well as other design accouterments. Of course, service also plays a big part in the dining experience. Sometimes this may be the key in heightening the enjoyment of diners. Making sure that customers are happy, not just with their food but also the whole dining experience, will keep them coming back for more.

Apart from service, foodies also greatly value creativity. The introduction of unique dishes or drinks for given periods of time, as well as attractive promotions, will draw existing customers, and even new clients. Posting these novel offers on social media will undoubtedly grab their attention and make them want to visit your restaurant real soon.

Could You Use Your Vacation Home for a 1031 Exchange?

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a couple looking at their vacation houseSo you have a vacation home that you’d like to use for a 1031 exchange. The question is, could you? The simple answer is yes, your vacation home might qualify for a like-kind exchange considering that you follow specific guidelines and your vacation home meets certain rules. So how do you know if yours could meet the IRS’ stringent eligibility rules?

Qualification Requirements for 1031 Vacation Home Exchanges

Say, you stopped using your vacation home, lease it for several months, and then decided to exchange it for like-kind property. In this scenario, you’re now a landlord, and your vacation home is now an investment property, meaning that you could potentially use for a 1031 exchange in Nevada, notes 1031 Exchange Place. However, if you don’t actually have regular tenants, your vacation home won’t probably qualify.

The key is timing, meaning that the more time that passes after renting out your vacation home, the better. While there’s no set standard, six months to one year should be enough.

However, if you’re looking to use your exchanged property as a primary or second home, you won’t be allowed to live in it right away. According to the Safe Harbor Rule of the IRS, it won’t challenge the eligibility of a replacement dwelling as an investment property provided that it meets the Safe Harbor qualifications below:

  • You own the property for a minimum of 24 months immediately after your 1031 exchange;
  • You should rent out the property at a fair rental rate for a minimum of 14 days; and
  • Your use of the property shouldn’t exceed more than 10% of the days you’re renting out the unit or 14 days.

Other Vital Things to Know

After you’ve successfully completed a 1031 exchange using your vacation home, you won’t be able to convert your newly exchanged real estate to your primary residence and benefit from the $500,000 exclusion, as was the norm before the IRS modified the law in 2004. Currently, if you obtain real estate in a like-kind 1031 exchange and then later try to sell it as your primary home, the $500,000 exclusion won’t apply to you for five years starting from when you obtained the like-kind property. Put simply, you’d need to wait for some time to utilize the primary home capital gains tax benefit.

If you’re seriously considering a 1031 exchange using your vacation home, consult an experienced qualified intermediary to find out your property is eligible for an exchange.