3 Essential Traits and Practices for Passing Your Certification Exam

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Woman in a library reading a bookThe last obstacle that anyone who wants a CompTIA certification will face is the examination itself. Everyone who takes and wants to pass it needs to have the following traits as part of their system. Not only will these characteristics be useful during exam time, they can also be utilized in various other areas of your life so do read on.

1. Self-Discipline

You can’t take a CompTIA Network + N10-007 exam without studying for it thoroughly, and that takes a large amount of time and effort. Having the discipline to commit to your learning and review is necessary to succeed. This trait will also be helpful to you when you have already received your certification and are already working or have been promoted due to passing your test.

2. Willingness to Learn

If your brain tunes out what you’re trying to study or if your viewpoint is limited to your experience alone, then you’re not exactly going to remember or accept the lessons you try to take in. You need to have a hunger for knowledge and the willingness to change and improve in everything you do. Take notes, review them regularly, take practice exams, and have a go at applying what you’ve already learned in an actual setting.

3. Confidence and Composure

One of the reasons some people fail their certification exam is because they panic easily. The test not only serves to evaluate your knowledge but also your ability to think clearly under pressure. If you maintain stay calm, be confident about your skills and keep your common sense, you’ll be able to recall what you’ve learned a lot easier.

Last but not the least, a positive attitude can help make the weight of the study and examination period a little bit lighter on you. Fussing over every question won’t work as effectively as focusing on solving it. And don’t be discouraged if you fail. Just take note of the results and see where you will need to improve so you’re ready for it the next time.

Top Ways to Find the Right Fitness Coach

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elderly couple talking to their fitness trainer Getting the body that you want requires not just eating right, but also having the discipline to exercise regularly. Often times, the eating part can easily be done, no matter how tempting food gets. But when it comes to working out, a greater force, in the form of a trainer, is necessary to get you through those lazy days.

The right exercise coach might just be in front of you or they might require a little more research and effort to find. Nevertheless, Get In Shape For Women notes that it is a must to find one who would understand your needs and capabilities. Here are some tips to help you scout for one:

Credentials and Experience

A good exercise coach is certified by authorizing bodies and has a great amount of experience. These are the foundations a trainer needs to effectively help you in your quest for a healthy body.


Working with someone who encourages you while making sure you push beyond your limit is important. Having a coach whom you can work with and can give you the kind of discipline that you need is something you should not compromise.


You and your coach’s goal should be similar. Your ways of reaching that goal should also be defined early on. As a “student”, there will be days when you would want to give up. But an effective coach will remind you that you have a goal to achieve.


People progress differently. Your coach should help you track your own progress to understand the course of your workout while inspiring you to keep doing so.

The saying, “no pain, no gain” is true, especially when in the quest for a fit body. Find the right coach to help you get through your fitness journey and see how the process can be easier.

3 Tips for Choosing an Excellent Landscaper

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landscaper holding grass cutterEvery homeowner wants to have the most admired home around. One of the best ways to achieve this is by investing in superb curb appeal, says U.S. Lawns. Hiring reputable commercial landscaping services can help get you there much more quickly. But with so many landscapers claiming to be the best in the industry, how do you know who to go for? Here are three tips to help you.

An experienced landscaper can offer suggestions on how your yard can go from barely noticeable to the most talked about in the neighborhood. However, you still have the final say when it comes to what you’re looking for. To make things easier, walk around and take pictures of yards you admire. Then look for a landscaper who can deliver exactly what you want.

Keep your mind open.

Your aim is to transform your yard into a paradise. A good landscaper will go out of their way to give you exactly what you’re looking for. However, it’s important to know that some features you want may not be feasible because of either the costs involved or the nature of your yard. Be prepared to go for what’s important for you.

Look for referrals.

Do you know a friend, relative, or neighbor who has a great yard? Then you can ask them which landscaper they worked with. If a landscaper did a splendid job for someone you know, then they’ll do the same for you. Ideally, you want a landscaper with excellent communication skills and who doesn’t charge outrageous fees.

Finding the right landscaping company can help take your property from drab to gorgeous in a surprisingly short time. By using a few simple tactics, you can find a contractor you can trust.

When Is the Right Time to Use Payday Loans?

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US dollars and a penPayday loans can be life-saver for those who need a quick fix to a financial problem, such as paying for emergency healthcare or repairing your car. However, there are some nuances that you should consider before applying for one.

If you live in Utah, consider a lender who provides cash loans in Provo as they might offer a lower rate than those in Salt Lake City.

Right Timing

Medical emergencies like a dental appointment are a good reason for taking out a payday loan. Another reason to do so involves a check that requires enough money.

A bounced check affects your credit score, so using a payday loan helps in avoiding this. Since payday loans charge a larger interest rate, think hard whether the expense is indeed a one-time emergency.

Most people make the mistake of using payday loans too often to manage their monthly expenses, while some use them to repay credit card debt just to avoid paying finance charges. However, this practice can be a difficult cycle to break, especially in some states where credit card debt remains high.

Most Indebted States

Credit card debt in California reached around $107 billion by the end of 2017, which led the state to have more credit card payables in the country. This doesn’t mean that every person there routinely borrows money, but it indicates a higher risk of default among users.

Texas ranked next with $67.3 billion in credit card debt, followed by Florida with $59.2 billion. Nationwide, American credit card users charged around $931 billion in 2017 with each average household having a balance of more than $15,600.

You shouldn’t rely too much on payday loans frequently to save yourself from a financial crisis, especially if you only need to make ends meet. In case there is no other option, compare rates among at least three lenders and choose the one with the most convenient payment terms.

4 of the Hardest Things to Pack When Relocating (And How to Pack Them)

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man packing up the cardboard boxIn 2017, 11 percent of the United States population relocated, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It is equal roughly to 39.4 million Americans. This statistic is the lowest that the Census Bureau has ever recorded.

Still, for almost 40 million people who moved, the process was long and stressful. The hardest part, though, may be the process of packing up your stuff. Some household items are too fragile or too heavy, and that makes them hard to pack. Below are five of the hardest things to pack and how you can make moving them effortless.


Items made from ceramics or glass are difficult to move because they’re fragile. Wrapping these items in paper or clean socks is an effective way to protect them. As for kitchenware like pots and pans, wrapping and stuffing them with clothes not only protects them but also saves storage space.


If you’re a bookworm, the condition of your books is something you give importance to. Moving trucks and van line companies provide sturdy boxes that can carry your heavy load of books. Colonial Van Lines suggests that when packing your things in boxes, you should position them with spines down to prevent damage to the covers and pages.

Appliances and Furniture

Large appliances and awkwardly-shaped furniture are downright difficult to move. Wrapping them with bed sheets is the best way to prevent damage. Having the original appliances’ boxes would work as well because they fit right and will lessen the risk of damage while inside the box. Just make sure to get the help of professional movers when loading appliances and furniture onto your moving truck.


You don’t need dozens of suitcases in which to pack your clothes. All you have to do is keep them in hangers inside your closet. Make sure to have the closet doors sealed, and you’re ready to go. This technique will also make unpacking easier for you.

Moving doesn’t need to be stressful. As long as you know efficient ways to pack your household items, you can have a smooth move and a fresh start.

3 Common Child Support Mistakes You Should Avoid

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child covering his ears while parents are arguingDuring a divorce, most of the decisions you make are documented in court – the most critical ones being about your kids. It’s imperative that you sign these documents only when you are sure you can comply with them. This article takes you through the mistakes you make — and must avoid — when it comes to child support matters.

Failure to report income changes.

Sometimes your income may change due a pay cut, job loss, and others. It doesn’t just affect financial capacity to take care of your monthly bills, but it also means you cannot fully meet your child support obligations.

At this point, you must engage the courts on the same, so they update the information on your file, says Huff Post. Failure to report changes in your income subjects you to contempt of court, which, after that may plunge you into a much more burdensome debt.

Not paying through the court approved methods

The courts provide a means for child support funding to be made. Ensure you stick to them as strictly as you can; even if you are still on bad terms with your former partner. Failure to use the court provided channels may turn the payments into gifts which may mean you still pay for what you already paid for.

Not paying attention to details.

According to Reader’s Digest, child support doesn’t have a formula. You can never measure to what extent you ought to give support. Some factors often come into play, which demands that you hire trusted child support lawyers in Albuquerque or elsewhere to help you understand key terms. By paying attention to every detail, you don’t just avoid unnecessary over payments. You also can stand your ground against provisions that were never initially stated.

In as much as you may want to support your kids after a breakup, it’s essential that you also protect yourself from financial exploitation. Working with reputable lawyers is the key to ensuring you know your rights as pertains to child support.

3 Ways You Can Use Home Equity as a Source of Funds

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Calculator with coins on top of some documentsYour home can be your ATM when you need to come up with some extra cash. You can use the home equity you have built over time to get low-cost funds. Here are three ways you can borrow on your home equity.

1. Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a flexible loan with no or few closing costs. The interest rate is variable, but your lender may offer a fixed rate for some years. A HELOC is like a credit card in that it’s a revolving source of cash. The homeowner accesses the pre-approved credit line as needed.

Wasatch Peaks Credit Union notes that you could access your HELOC funds in Ogden in various ways. You may use an online transfer, special checks, or a credit or debit card linked to your account.

2. Home Equity Loans

Are you looking for a specific amount of cash for a one-time expense? Since it’s disbursed as a lump-sum amount, a home equity loan can suit you perfectly.

Home equity loans usually offer fixed interest rates. So, the loans come with predictable repayment costs. The loan may be tax deductible if used to improve the value of the home.

3. Cash-Out Refinance

You could convert your home equity into funds by replacing your existing mortgage with a larger home loan. You will then pocket the difference of the two mortgages in cash. A cash-out refinance may be a good option if mortgage interest rates have gone down.

Home equity is a valuable resource. If you have enough equity, you can tap it for a loan with a competitive interest rate.

You can take a home equity loan if you need cash for a one-time expense. A HELOC can suit you if you need a cheap loan to finance ongoing expenses. If you have accumulated significant equity, need cash, and want a better-terms loan, you may consider a cash-out refinance.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits for Your Child

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Accounts Receivable Solution Many parents of children with disabilities struggle financially with the continuous increase of medical care costs every year. One way these parents can get financial support is through the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Social Security Income (SSI) Disability Program for Children.

But do you ensure social security disability eligibility for your children? Here are some ways you can secure the benefits your kids need:

Age Requirement

A child has to be under 18 years old to be considered for the SSI disability benefits. However, the child can be exempted to that rule if he or she is still enrolled in either high school or junior high full time. In these special circumstances, then the child will still be eligible until he or she reaches 22.

Medical Requirement

You need to show documentation of your child’s disability, whether it’s a physical impairment that limits his or her physical functions or a mental impairment that may last for more than a year. You may check with the SSA the list of all impairments included in the requirement. If met, there’s a higher chance that your child will be eligible for the disability benefits.

Financial Requirement

A certain level of income is also checked to see if the child is eligible for SSI benefits. According to the SSA, it may also consider a portion of the parents’ salary together with their resources, as if they were free for the child to have access. The government may also consider a portion of a stepparent’s monthly income if the child resides with a biological parent and a stepparent.

Social security benefits for disabled children is a great way to provide kids with pre-existing health conditions the help that they need. You might want to work with a company that knows a lot about the matter to get the customized solution for your child’s medical needs.

Pediatric Cardiology: The Kinds of Heart Surgery

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Man with heart diseaseEveryone hopes that they will give birth to a healthy baby free from not only diseases but defects too. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some kids suffer from congenital heart defects at birth.

Such problems can only be diagnosed in an Orem clinic that practices pediatric cardiology. Most of the solutions of heart defects involve surgery. Although the process is risky, it is the only gateway to your child leading a normal and healthy life.

Advancements in technology have allowed the existence of various kinds of pediatric heart surgery. They include:

Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Ligation

Prior to the birth of a child, the fetus has a vein that runs between the pneumonic conduit and the aorta. This vein is commonly referred to as the ductus arteriosus. When the child is born, the vein closes up as soon as the baby can inhale and exhale on its own.

In the case that the vein does not close up, then the condition is referred to as patent ductus arteriosus. The vein can be closed up using pharmaceuticals, but in the case that does not work, then surgery to close up the vein is required.

Coarctation of the Aorta Repair

Coarctation of the aorta refers to when the aorta has a narrowing at some point making it develop an hourglass shape at that specific point. The danger with the narrowing is that it will restrict blood flow and it may eventually lead to high blood pressure.

The most popular technique used to repair such a defect is the cutting of the restricted area and having it replaced by fix made out of Gore-tex.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Repair

The ventricular septum refers to that which separates the right and left ventricles of the heart. In some cases, you will find that there is a gap in the ventricular septum and this is what is often referred to as a VSD. This defect gives a chance to utilized blood from the body to mix with oxygenated blood.

The result of this is irregular heartbeats and other more complicated heart issues. VSD’s that remain open after a year are often shut with a fix through open-heart surgery.

If the above procedures go smoothly, the chance that your child will lead a healthy life is way above average. You will have to, as the legal guardian, give consent for the above procedures and any other kinds of heart surgeries thus it pays to know much about what you are consenting to.

Always have the best pediatric cardiologist make a diagnosis of the heart issues your child is experiencing to increase the chances of the right diagnosis and quick recovery.

Visit the Peninsula State Park at Any Time of the Year

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Woman on a vacationThe Peninsula State Park is the third largest state park in Wisconsin that attracts around a million visitors yearly. It has a golf course, group camps, a lighthouse, biking and hiking trails, and a sand beach. Open year round, it is an excellent place for the family to enjoy.

When visiting the Peninsula State Park, you can billet at one of those condo rentals in Fish Creek, WI that gives you a feeling of home away from home. This way, you are free to enjoy the famed park and your accommodations at the same time.

Peninsula State Park

The Peninsula State Park is located at Door County and is one of the most popular year-round state parks in Wisconsin. Due to a variety of features and attractions, your family will never run out of things to here, as people consider it as the most complete park in the state.

Among them is the scenic 18-hole Peninsula Golf Course, first proposed in 1913 as two separate 9-hole golf courses. In 1921, it started operation as a 6-hole course, which expanded to a 9-hole course by 1926. In 1931, it had developed into a 5,000 18-hole golf course. During the 1960s, the course was redesigned and lengthened.

Other attractions

The state park also houses a lighthouse called the Eagle Buff Light, built in 1868 and automated in 1926. Visitors can tour the attraction. It also is home to Sunset Bike Trail, which has 5.1 miles of paved and gravel trail. The entire 9.5-mile route takes an hour to bike or three hours to hike. Bikers can use this as an alternative to the Shore Road.


The park also has three group campsites and 468 family campsites with flush toilet and shower facilities. The campsites are at Tennison Bay, Nicolet Bay, Weborg Point, and Welcker’s Point. Campers can choose between campgrounds that have electricity and those that don’t.

Camping and enjoying the great outdoors is a great experience at Peninsula State Park. What are you waiting for? Make this park your next vacation destination!