A Few Incredibly Amazing Facts About Whales

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Whale WatchingWhales are air-breathing, live-bearing mammals like us. But they spend almost their entire lives submerged, living in the vast ocean depths. That alone makes them an interesting species. But the next time you go whale watching, know that the magnificent animal you’re witnessing is amongst the most interesting life forms of all.

The Lung Capacity Of Champions

Whales are the undisputed champions of the world in terms of lung capacity. Bar none. It’s basically due to their evolutionary adaptation to life in the sea. But here’s an interesting tidbit about their lungs: they’re quite small in proportion to their massive bodies. It would be dangerous for them to have huge lungs due to the depths of their regular dives.

Coupled with this is the fact that whale lungs store oxygen differently from that of other animals. They don’t even need to have oxygen in their lungs to live, specifically. About 75 percent of the oxygen whales breathe in is stored in their blood. This allows whales to hold their breath for as long as one hour. The human record stands at a mere 22 minutes.

Female Humpback Whales Love Their BFFs

Think only human women love spending time with BFFs? Think again. Female humpback whales are amongst the most social of all whale species — they don’t just make friends but also see each other again every year. When in each other’s company, the female humpbacks float, eat, and just “enjoy” their time together. Scientists even claim that this mutual connection gives birth to healthier babies. Only lady humpbacks do this, however.

“Whale Society”

Humpbacks are also at it with their socialisation techniques. Male humpback whales “sing” the most complex communicative songs of any other species. These songs also possess the largest frequency range, at 20 to 90,000 Hertz. They use these sounds either to directly communicate with one another or to look for food.

One of The Most Endangered Animals Of All

Rampant fishing, pollution, dam/bridge construction, and commercial whaling have reduced whale populations greatly. In fact, this has been going on for thousands of years. Many of our earliest human ancestors hunted whales for their blubber, meat, and oil.

Whales are truly amazing creatures. These few interesting facts about them might add to the mystique of seeing such whales in person — not everyone has the privilege to see them thriving these days.

Onward to a Keyless Future

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Keyless Entry Door

The world has gone a long way from crude, simplistic lock systems. Today, everything is classified as smart: smartphones, smart homes, and even smart locks. The latter, with aid from commercial locksmiths like Goldy Locks, Inc., is paving the way to a keyless future.

Forget About Keys And Keyrings Soon

Having a boatload of keys is troublesome. You’re always liable to misplace or lose one, or if your luck’s worse, all of them. But, life nowadays is too fast-paced to waste several minutes just to find lost keys. Today’s the age of keyless security — the days of bringing a lot of keys might soon be long gone.

Today’s keyless security systems are much more intuitive. But, this idea isn’t exactly new; it was already conceived back in 1975. Norwegian engineer and inventor Tor Sørnes is the one to come up with the world’s first electronic keycard lock. As a result, a new market for programmable locks opened up. Since then, security systems can now be accessed using fingerprints, passwords, and even facial recognition.

The Dawn Of Handheld Security

A good number of today’s keyless security systems are controlled via a smartphone app. From their device, users can unlock and lock their doors remotely. They can then choose who to share their passcodes with—family, close friends, and everyone else within their inner circle—provided that trust is not an issue.

That’s not even the meatiest part. These systems can be set to activate at a specified time in case the user forgets to lock up. Lastly, the app takes note of who comes and goes through the system in a log, allowing users to keep track of what’s going on.

Digital Crooks

But, what about hackers? Here’s one truth about keyless entry systems: they’re still not literally theft-proof. Hackers can still find their way through these locks if they try hard enough. For one, keyless entry systems on cars aren’t particularly safe—they’re often broken into a lot of times. But, fear not: hackers breaking into keyless system-protected homes are still few and far between.

Should You Remove Roof Moss On Your Own?

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Moss-Covered Roof Houses all over the country have roofs made from different kinds of materials like metal, wood, concrete tiles, clay, and asphalt. All of them, however, are areas where moss can grow and accumulate. The roof is under high exposure to rainfall and humidity, the two things that moss needs to grow and thrive.

Moss growth is more prominent on the roof’s north side where it stays wet for a longer period. Big trees produce more shade on the roof that can promote the growth and development of moss. Rainfall and dew takes longer to dry up on the roof’s surface due to the reduced amount of sunlight it gets.

Roof damage ahead

While a moss-covered roof can give your house that quaint medieval look, moss can be more of a nightmare than a fairy tale. Left without treatment, the verdant growth of moss can result in the degradation of roofing material, especially wood and asphalt.

Why is removing moss from your roof important?

Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest and other experts say that roof moss removal is a task that should take place on a seasonal basis (or whenever necessary) to keep your roof protected and good-looking.

Below are some of the advantages of removing moss on your roof:

  • Prevents gutters from getting clogged

  • Prevents underground drainage from blockages

  • Enhances your roof’s appearance

  • Prevents damage on tile surface

  • Enables you to see and replace the damaged tiles under the layer of moss

  • Removal of thick moss can extend the lifespan of your roof

Not for DIYers

Cleaning moss off roofs can be a risky task. Wet algae and moss on an inclined roof can be slippery as ice. Working on rooftops is dangerous and is not recommended as a do-it-yourself task.

A fit homeowner can perform the task but, in most cases, moss removal on roofs involves the use of ladders, towers, harnesses, and other equipment. It’s not that complicated either but you should still leave the job to a professional company that specializes in rooftop services.

Common Metals Used by Jewellery Manufacturers

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Jewellery ManufacturersBirmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a quaint place, a favourite stop for many tourists. More than 40% of jewellery in the UK comes from Birmingham. There are more than 500 jewellery companies there today. In fact, many modern developments came from the area.

To know anything about jewellery, Birmingham is where you should go. You can learn about the history and art of jewellery making, and find places to buy tools and raw materials for making your own. The most common metals for jewellery are gold, silver, and platinum.


Most people associate jewellery with something made of gold in all its forms. Gold is a relatively soft, rare metal that is easy to work with. You can make jewellery using a variety of methods, including casting and threading. You can make a thread 50 miles long or a flat sheet that covers 100 square feet with one ounce of gold, Jewelcast.co.uk states.

Jewellery designers can create unique pieces with gold that is not possible with other metals. It is also non-reactive, which means it will not tarnish or corrode. In most cases, however, jewellery makers do not work with pure gold. They mix it with other metals to make it less soft, especially in casting. Gold alloys show more detail than pure gold and keep its shape longer.


Silver is not as rare as gold, but it is also a popular metal for jewellery because it is beautiful. It is harder to work with than gold, however, because it conducts heat instead of melting. This is the reason students practice soldering on silver before moving up to gold.

The main problem with pure silver is it tarnishes, so you have to put more effort to keep it shiny. It is also soft, so jewellery makers mix it with other metals to make it more durable. Britannia silver has 95.4% silver, and the rest is another metal, usually copper. However, the most common silver alloy used for jewellery is sterling silver, which has 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is also popular for high-end cutlery and teapots, hence the term “silverware.”


Platinum is a metal that looks like silver, but it is much rarer than gold and silver. It is more durable than gold and does not tarnish like silver. Many wedding and engagement rings today are made of platinum. However, its use for jewellery is quite recent. This is because platinum was hard to refine back in the day. Some people even thought it was unripe gold, so it was worthless. Jewellery makers only started to realise its value and use it in 1900, and it works well with most methods. Today, jewellery makers use a mix of 90% platinum and 10% iridium, which has very similar properties to platinum.

Jewellery manufacturers work with all kinds of metals, not just gold, silver, and platinum. The metal and method used to depend on the design. Your best bet to get it right is to go to Birmingham.

Life Lessons You Can Learn from Being a SAF Volunteer

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SAF VolunteerSingapore is heightening its national defence and security to protect its citizens. In fact, the military is eyeing on a budget to get the latest weapons and equipment to prepare themselves for sudden attacks. If you want to be part of them, lucky for you because the national defence has opened its doors for women and immigrants who want to serve the country. You can now volunteer for the national defence and acquire life lessons that only men and locals get:

Teens learn patriotism and self-improvement

Social trends, especially in fashion, technology and behaviour, have caused teens to overlook the essence of patriotism. This is why the country is encouraging the young ones to become SAF volunteers. They can have the sense of patriotism by learning to stand on their own, improving their physical strength, and serving the country without being told to do so.

Gender equality is reinforced

National defence is a duty for all men, but nothing is constant, especially now with Singapore's ageing population. This has paved the way for women to volunteer for SAF. The military believes that women can likewise contribute to the national defence with proper training. Training can strengthen their physical and mental abilities and help them learn how to handle rifles, grenades and defence strategies. Women who passed the training have proven that they can do what men can do.

Foreigners pay forward the good deeds

Many first-degree permanent residents and new citizens join the defence team because they want to feel they belong to the country. They were fully welcomed to live in the country after all. Mindef.gov.sg noted that volunteering is their way of giving back and paying forward the trust and everything the country has offered them.

Everyone can be a leader

Leadership is not only measured by power, seniority or uniforms. In training, you can develop leadership not only in national security but also in your roles. You can have assignments at a medical field, legal defence or technical role according to their skills. This shows that anyone can become skilled and be a leader in case emergency occurs.

Volunteering is a good opportunity to contribute to the national defence and support national service. With progressive training, you can be more competent, be united and be prepared for terror attacks. Most importantly, you can learn and understand the sacrifices that men have given for the country. 

Don’t Make These Critical Mistakes When Buying a New House

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Buying a New House in Las VegasBuying a new house is an exciting endeavor, but it is never free of pitfalls that can cause aspiring homeowners to lose money and regret their decision. While buying a newly constructed house seem to be a great decision since you’ll be the first owner, it comes with complications that are not only difficult to detect, but also prove costly in the long run.

Unclear completion date

Some contractors pressure buyers to give a down payment to an ongoing project. While some live up their end of the bargain, others tend to delay the completion of the houses. Rather than take chances, have the contractor commit to a set completion date. Still, don’t take their word for it. Have a lawyer draw up a contract that imposes a penalty when they fail to deliver on time.

Not checking the firm’s previous works

If ever you chance upon houses for sale in Tuscany or anywhere else in Las Vegas, check the contractor’s history before closing the sale. Reliable firms boast a long list of top grade constructions in their location, including their satisfied customers. Check their previous works in person and talk to buyers turned owners (if possible) before making a decision.

Dazzling display model

As part of their marketing ploy, some contractors use underhand techniques that show the model unit in the most dazzling manner. Some units feature miniature furniture to make its space look larger and spacious than they actually are. Others feature optional upgrades that come at an extra cost and the seller might omit to mention such details. Having the seller give you a complete breakdown of what the unit has can save you from disappointment.

Waiving the inspection

Skipping inspection simply because the house is new is a fatal mistake among many homebuyers. Unscrupulous contractors often cut costs by using low-quality materials, but charge you a premium price for them. An inspection reveals such dishonesty and saves you a considerable amount of pain later.

As exciting as buying a new house sounds, you should be careful during the process to avoid making costly mistakes.

Prolonging Lifespan of Home Appliances

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Lifespan of Home Appliances in Salt Lake CityA healthy house depends on how you care for your appliances. Home appliances are the organs of your house. Once they malfunction, the house cannot live on. 

Though appliances have their estimated lifespan, many problems can still occur anytime. You have to spend much for repairs or new purchases if these problems are not fixed quickly. According to dedicated appliance repair professionals, you can help our beloved appliances prolong its lifespan with a thorough examination.

Refrigerator troubleshooting

The normal lifespan of a refrigerator is 13 to 17 years. But, few years down the line, problems such as failed door gasket, malfunctioning ice makers, or unstable temperature call for a repair. But, if the compressor is broken, you have to save up for a new fridge.

Refrigerator repair services from Salt Lake City suggest simple DIY repair such as cleaning condenser coils, testing temperature settings if cooling problems occur, or defrosting the freezer once. Lastly, a fridge full-packed is safer than an empty one.

Everyday care for stoves

Gas ranges or stoves reach up to 13 to 15 years. Prolong it by doing everyday maintenance such as cleaning the whole oven and the burner every after use. A good burner will help you save energy and gas use, and will keep your food from burning.

AC annual care

It will take 15 years for an air conditioner to last. But, it usually breaks down in winter and summer because of the change in temperature. HVAC professionals suggest doing annual checking to avoid problems, especially during these seasons. Changing air filters or thermostat batteries can be done on your own in case problems suddenly occur.

DIY Maintenance for Dishwasher

One of the main reasons a dishwasher gets damaged is by overloading it. When this happens, people complain about leaking, failing to start, and not cleaning the dishes. To avoid these issues, don’t overload if you are lazy, clean the spray arm, use proper detergent, and test the spin motor since it gets stuck sometimes. All in all, read the manual thoroughly or research dishwasher care before calling the repairman. These simple methods will prolong its life longer than 9 years.

Daily care is needed to prolong the lifespan of appliances. The estimated lifespan doesn’t assure that your appliances will be free from defects. Dedicated professional technicians believe that reading the manual is your first line of defense.

When to Get Your Windows Repaired

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Windows Repair in IndianapolisLack of knowledge regarding window solutions has led people into making uninformed decisions. While some end up replacing the fixtures unnecessarily, others opt to stand the sight of damaged windows without hope of finding the means to fix them.

Instead of replacing a window that seems faulty, Suburban Glass Service, Inc shares that you can get in touch with notable Indianapolis contractors to have your windows repaired instead.

Here are some reasons to call a repair professional.

Window Moisture

The window may have a broken seal if one sees moisture gathering on the window panes. Dual pane windows suffer from the said problem. It only takes restoration to give the window its original look. Aging is the main cause of the problem, but it only calls for repairs.

Glass Scratch

Sometimes the glass on the window gets scratches from various elements making it lose its beauty and form. Such a problem is a no cause for alarm since it only takes repairs to restore the glass’s former beauty. Most people tend to rush in replacing the glass making them use hefty amounts of money while a repair would only have a friendly price.

Stains from Hard Water

Stains are some of the annoying faults that windows get. The stains not only block sunlight from getting into the room but also block visibility. Restoration through repairs is an ideal service that the window requires.

Jammed Windows

Dirt, solid waste, and rust are some of the causes of window jams. The elements make the window hard to slide or open; creating quite an inconvenience. While it seems like a replacement is the only answer to the problem, repairs are the easiest procedures to carry out in order to have the window functioning again.

Broken Latch

This is one of the most common defects that windows get due to constant opening and closing. One does not have to suffer a window that does not support itself while open or one that does not have a latch to use while closing. Repairs are the simplest way of getting the latch back making the window to function properly.

You don’t have to live with a malfunctioning window. There are window contractors always on standby to give any repair service needed.

The Things Tattoo Artists Want You to Know

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Tattoo ArtistEven with the excitement of getting a tattoo, there are a few things that tattoo artists wish their clients knew. This article lists down some of them. 

1. Bring friends along

If it is the first time getting tattooed, you might feel intimidated. It is alright to go into the tattoo shop in Brisbane escorted by a few of your friends. It is a common thing to have a friend by your side. Coming with a whole group of friends, on the other hand, might not be the best thing. The group might distract the artist when working, especially if they are loud and touching things in the shop.

2. Exercise patience

It might sting and you wish you could get out of there as soon as possible. You can't do that. There are people who expect to get a massive artwork on their arm in just half an hour. The time you take on the seat will vary depending on the size you want, says SeventhCircle.com.au. There are some that require multiple sessions. Hurrying the artist does not make it better. Exercise some patience to get the best.

3. Quality comes at a price

You have to be ready to spend some money. Large tattoos and ones that are of great quality are never cheap. It can be compared to dining out, if you are sure you cannot afford it then do not do it. If you want a large piece, you will be charged by the hour. Save up enough to get something that looks great.

Keep these simple hacks in mind to avoid costly mistakes. Be sure that you are prepared. Also, remember to take good care of your tattoo, so it heals beautifully without infections. Do your research on the best tattoo artists and book an appointment. Look for design ideas on Instagram or Facebook.

Dangerous Areas at Home for the Elderlies and the Disabled

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StairsAs people move towards their elderly years, their family should take the necessary steps to protect their older loved ones from injuries. The same goes true for individuals suffering from certain disabilities, particularly those with limited motion.

Something that used to be a non-danger can now pose serious hazards for these individuals, especially since the elderly and the disabled no longer have the same bodily functions and capabilities they once had.

Knowing which areas of the home places the elderly and the disabled at greatest health and safety risk can help you prevent them from getting into serious accidents.

The bathroom.

The most common area where injuries occur, the bathroom should have elderly- and disabled-friendly equipment and accessories in it. Slipping in a wet or even just a damp bathtub can already lead to slips and falls. Fortunately, you will now find tubs for disabled individuals as well as those made specifically for the use of elderly individuals.

Safety bars in the bathtub, as well as raised toilet seats with a nearby installed safety bar, will also go a long way to prevent these injuries.

The stairs.

The stairs are among the most common areas at home where injuries can occur due to slipping, tripping, and falling. This can happen to anyone, even those with superior health, so those with limited or compromised vital senses are at even greater risk.

To prevent these accidents, you should install safety railings so that people going up and down the stairs can have something to hold on to and support their weight. Also, make sure you keep the stairs and all its steps free of items and other clutter that may contribute to trips and fall.

These are just a couple of the areas in your home where accidents can occur, especially those that involve the elderly and disabled. Make your home as safe and secure as possible, so that your elderly or disabled loved one can live in a healthy and safe environment.