Take 5: Not Just About Safety

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Build Self ConfidenceWhen it comes to risk assessment, Take 5 for Safety is among the first programs that come to mind. It’s a bible for identifying hazards in the surroundings and managing all forms of risks present in the area, including the PPE and tools needed for the activity, before commencing work.

While it’s obviously designed to make a construction, a mining, or any industrial site a safer place, it doesn’t stop there; in fact, it was never intended to eliminating the possibility of accidents alone. Even if they’re not really considered afterthoughts, using this program lets your workers:

Think about the Task

Step number one in any Take 5 book from bsprint.com.au is to stop and get the brain on the right track to carry out the task at hand properly. A valuable lesson and a useful habit to develop, training your workers to think of all the processes involved in the activity is essential for streamlining your operations.

Other than identifying the risks, focusing on the things they have to do methodically helps workers plan the best course of action to perform the industrial activity in the most efficient way possible.

Build Confidence

A worker with high self-confidence is someone well-informed with the task at hand and the scenarios that may happen as the result of his actions. Knowledge is the root of all this; as long as your workers know nothing bad would occur because every possible hazard is already managed before work is a huge confidence booster.

Finish the Job Faster

With all the hazards out of the way, nothing else could hinder your workers from doing their utmost and completing with their activities with efficiency. Discovering potential risks along the way disrupts the smooth flow of the operation, slowing down your workers.

Excellent use of the Take 5 program not only keeps the level of risks of industrial activities to a minimum, but also helps your workers be at their best.

What Children Teach Adults About Learning

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learningParents sometimes look at their children and wonder how they learn new things effortlessly. Instead of hiding behind age and experience as an excuse to acquiring new knowledge, why not relearn your childhood ways to discover what made it so easy back then?

The left and right brain dominance

People become more rational and organized as they grow up. The carefree approach of children to finding answers starts to follow a logical sequence, partially due to the influence of the school system. And since going to school cannot be avoided, some parents enroll their children in enrichment classes. These classes train children to optimize their right brain and harmonize it with their left.

Similarly, this kind of effort should be conscious for adults. Reading about cultivating the right brain, which supports imagination, proves its efficiency only when put into practice.

Making it personal

Children ask mundane questions and go to great heights to get answers. They make it their missions to discover the reason behind the sky’s colour and the water’s tastelessness. Silly as it may sound, the sense of fulfillment they find enables the facts to stick to their memories better.

The workplace, the social media, and the other major influences in an adult’s life all encourage people not to take things personally. This serves a good purpose in many aspects of our lives, but not in learning. Taking it from a child’s perspective, emotional and mental investment enables people to tackle new things from a refreshing perspective.

Beyond the Book

Moving away from the stigma of books as the only useful source of information opens the possibility to encountering knowledge in various ways. Just as parents don’t read textbooks for their children to learn new things, so most adults step out and explore other resources that tap into their imagination. This relieves the stress of sitting for long hours and squinting at the words on a 300-page encyclopaedia.

Fun learning doesn’t stop upon reaching adulthood. In fact, the pressures of growing old should serve as motivators to pursue enjoyable means of doing things.

Millennials and the Practicality of Hiring Personal Trainers

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Personal fitness trainerThe Millennials exercise their minds, fingers, and eyes the first thing in the morning when they scroll down Twitter feeds and reply to Facebook messages. The health trends online keep them interested in joining yoga classes and running marathons, but that’s usually as far as the majority goes –staying interested.

A Trainer’s Purpose

Personal fitness trainers serve as physical – and often daunting – reminders of health goals waiting to be realized. Their mere presence helps the mind focus on the body, the equipments, and the movements that happen in the present. Even without saying anything, they make common excuses to skip out sound like a coward’s anthem.

A professional’s guidance enables the distracted generation of young people to stay physically and mentally fit amidst the popularity of fastfood and idle entertainment. fitnessU.com.au says motivations to become a personal trainer vary per person, but those motivations prove strong enough to keep people on the treadmill until they’ve reached their goals.

It’s Personal

Muscle cramps after jogging. A high fever the morning after doing strength exercises. Millennials do what they do best in these situations – consult the web and make changes based on the opinion of people they haven’t met. While some websites release health information with the assistance of reputable people in the health and sports industries, their generalized solutions serve a generalized audience.

Personal trainers take into consideration other contributing factors such as weight, previous injuries, and possibly undiagnosed conditions. They trim the general information on the web and tailor fit it to their clients to create well-informed individuals.

Healthy Distractions

Due to the increasing demand to make everything computer-generated, the ability of Millennials to stay mindful of the physical world abates. Hours spent offline, therefore, should be spent as productively as hours spent online. Personal trainers act as healthy distractions against the beckoning of mobile phones and computers.

The affordability of personal trainers depends on a person’s budget and the type of training aimed at. The practicality of having one regardless of the price, however, proves just how much Millennials need help to stay physically fit in an era where mental fitness reigns.

The Road to Fitness and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

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Bike workoutThe past few years saw people from all over the world take a greater interest in health and fitness. This is evident in the surge of diet trends, workout routines, and the number of gyms going up in cities everywhere.

Some argue that this interest in health and wellness is a fad that will come to pass eventually, but studies actually prove otherwise. Experts disagree, however, saying that all the workouts like CrossFit, yoga, and biking are more than just fads—there is enough evidence to suggest that people are making a permanent change in lifestyle and hope to maintain it for the years to come.

People have become more active and aware about the state of their health, based on a survey conducted. Some experts believe that the reason behind the greater focus on getting and staying fit is in the technology that supports people to take action.

Better Health: There’s an App for That

Apps have certainly made it easier for people to stay on top of their health. From applications that function like digital pedometers to those that constantly track heart rate or the number of miles ran within a given time allow people to focus on physical fitness.

Exercising to Make Up for the Lack of Physical Activities

Most people assume are quick to assume that the prevalence of smartphones and tablets have led to stubborn and sedentary lifestyles, but people are actually taking it upon themselves to go to the gym or engage in recreational activities outdoors. For example, in the Philippines, mountain biking is one of the activities that saw a resurgence in popularity. This is thanks in part to organizers promoting the scenic landscapes of the archipelago by way of cycling.

Diets to Match

More than just exercise, people everywhere are also observing certain diets to help in their goal of losing weight and staying fit. Paleo, Volumetrics, Weight Watchers, Blood Type Diet—these are just some of the many programs used by people to stay in shape.

The road to fitness may be a long and difficult, but keep in mind that a change in lifestyle is the first step to better health and wellness.

Top 4 Things that Attract People to Houston

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HoustonIt seems everyone is planning to or moving to Houston. Its population growth is intense with an estimate 6.18 million in 2013 and a staggering 6,490,180 as of July 1, 2014.

What is in Houston that attracted 50 percent of college graduates in the country between 2000 and 2012? Clearly, it has to be about the prime lifestyle factors, namely housing, education, employment and health.


Houston’s low-cost living is largely the result of low housing prices. It also has the lowest minimum salary required to purchase an average home at $31,298. Weichert, Realtors – InFocus, one of the most trusted local realtors, is suggesting the mix of urban living and rural sceneries that make it ideal for settling down and establishing families.


The city also houses more than 40 colleges, university and institutions, like the Southern Ivy, Rice University, and the University of Houston, that offer higher education options to suit all interests. These universities are two of the country’s best research institutions, has advanced science and legal programs that can rival top Ivy Leagues.


The unemployment rate in Houston is significantly below the national level. Houston has recorded 309 percent job growth as of April 2014. It also topped among 20 most populous metro areas according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. When you adjust for cost of living, it has the highest pay in the country at $73, 418. It is also seen as self-sufficient with its IT jobs helping to increase other blue-collar jobs.


One of the best features of the city, Houston hosts the world’s largest concentration of healthcare organization, with its scientists working hard to beat none other than one of the deadliest diseases in the world, cancer. The extremely wide Texas Medical Center is the largest single employer in the area, and the largest medical center in the world, with 21 eight academic, research institutions and hospitals that are all not-for-profit.

Indeed, Houston is packed with all the amenities many would love to have. If you are choosing a city to live in, try this city and experience incredible possibilities.

Tooth Loss, Bone Loss: Dental Implants to the Rescue

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Dental ProblemsFor many, losing teeth is primarily a cosmetic concern, not realising that it is a health problem and increases the risk of dental bone loss. Not only will it cause the face to sag, it can also affect your physical health. Without a strong jaw, you will find it harder to eat and that makes you vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies and diseases.

Although tooth and bone loss is common to elderly people, anyone can be a victim of this health problem. It is important to seek treatment in the form of dental implant surgery or any other procedure a dentist deems appropriate to prevent bone loss and other health problems.

Bone be Gone

Bones support the teeth; a process that requires ‘stimulation’ from the dental structures to work. The absence of stimulation when you lose your teeth causes alveolar bone loss. As the bone loses width and height, the gum tissue becomes damaged. At this point, you will have trouble eating or speaking. The tragedy doesn’t end there, though. The damage extends to the basal bone, the one underneath the alveolar bone. As the problem gets worse, you will be at risk for jaw fractures.

No Teeth, No Problem

To prevent bone loss, the jawbone needs the same kind of stimulation; something that dental implants can provide. These dental appliances serve as anchors that support teeth. Moreover, they do not just replace missing teeth, but also fuse to the bone.

The titanium screw serves as the root of the implant and is bonded to the jawbone. This improves bone density and dimension. With implants in place and ‘roots’ restored, the mouth has everything it needs to produce more bone cells. This allows you to maintain the healthy structure of your mouth and ensure good oral health.

Losing teeth is not just unsightly. It can also result in serious health problems like dental bone loss. Prevent these issues by consulting with your dentist and determining if dental implant surgery is right for you.

Home Improvements and Building Extensions

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home extensionsYou may feel the need for a major change in your Perth home, but you are not exactly ready to build a new one. A good alternative to a new is to plan building extensions.

A building extension is different from a regular reno because you are adding floor space to an existing structure. As such, you will need to consult with your local council for the permits you will need. Before you get to that, decide on what kind of extension works the best for you. In most cases, you will want the extension to blend naturally into the overall look of your home. Otherwise, it might look a little off.

Room Extension

The easiest extension you can do is to open up a wall and construct an extra room. It can be as a sunroom for your living area, an extension of your kitchen, or greenhouse for your indoor garden.


You can choose to make a separate building from the house and use it as a rec room or a granny flat, suggests Granny Flats WA. You can simply repurpose an unused garage or shed and expand it a little to make it more presentable. You can put in a game room, or even a spa.

Extra Bathroom

You might feel the need to add another bathroom to the existing ones just to keep the peace! With a growing family, bathroom time can become a major issue. You can add it to the back of your house, or convert a part or the whole of an existing room. Your major costs will be in putting in the plumbing.

Another Floor

You may also dare to add another story to your home, provided the foundation can take it, of course. It will be a major undertaking, but it is a good way to expand your living space without eating up your yard space. It is also ideal when you have very little open space to work with. An additional floor will certainly increase space as well as your home’s market value.

Whatever building extensions you decide on for your home, make sure that you take the time to seek out the best architects and builders you can afford. It will save you many headaches later on.

Signs Your Garden Needs a New Look

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House gardenIs your garden scaring away people with its eerily haunted look? Maybe the old, decaying trees with their low lying branches stir up the imagination of your neighbours. This may indicate that your garden is probably sending you hints that it needs a major or minor makeover.

Beaver Tree Services cites that getting rid of fallen branches, old trees, and weeds, can improve your garden and give your home a fresh new look.

Old or Weather-Damaged Trees

Old and storm-damaged trees appear dead with their fallen or broken branches. This decaying look makes your garden seem ravaged and desolate. They not only detract from your home’s exterior, they also pose a safety hazard as debris might fall on unsuspecting passersby.

Removing these trees will revive your garden. You do not have to remove the entire tree, if it remains relatively intact. Salvage it by having it pruned and cut in a certain way that makes your yard and its surrounding plants look good.

Pruning an old tree allows natural light to fall into your garden and house. Natural mixed with ambient and layered lighting gives a spacious appearance and highlights the best parts of your home’s façade. Try different ways to landscape to improve your property’s appeal.

Too Much Vegetation

Too many weeds in your garden means that you are not properly taking care of it. These weeds make it difficult for flowers and other plants to grow as they take all of the water and nutrients. Homeowners are at risk of bush fires when an overgrowth of vegetation is prevalent in their yard.

Weeds also make parking hard as seeing the curb and space will be challenging. Have them cleared to replan your garden’s landscape.

The Flowers and Plants Stop Growing

The presence of dead flowers and plants or if they stop growing like before may mean that they lack enough water and sunlight. Trees surrounding your garden may have limited the amount of sun your plants get on a daily basis. Trim leaves, prune branches, or cut them down to provide ample sunlight to your garden.

These are just a few indicators that your garden needs a makeover. Consult with a gardener or landscape artist to plan your next move.

3 Important Changes That Might Happen to SEO Come 2016

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Importance of Social ResultsGoogle, as the leading search engine in the world, is in charge of improving user experience by evaluating which websites are credible at delivering quality content. They make constant changes and subtle tweaks for better search results. That said, it’s your responsibility to adapt to these standards to remain at the top results.

New technology keeps emerging, from mobile to wearable devices. That’s why predicting what Google has in mind gets more difficult. Search algorithms are so sophisticated that you need expert help to keep up. For starters, here are some changes that will happen in 2016 based on the predictions of top SEO companies.

The Rise of Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph is the box located on the right-hand corner of the screen. It contains a run-down of information related to your search query. In 2016, its prominence will possibly develop and overtake even the top entries.

The Importance of Social Results

Social media is an undying force in online marketing because people spend majority of their time on the Internet here. Google scans Facebook, Twitter, and other prominent social media sites for posts and information. In the next years, social media platforms will be integrated more into search results. There may even be a separate “social” section.

Hello, Interactivity

Wearable devices are still rather new, so it’s hard to predict what functionalities it will get in a few years. However, these advances are present because users demand for more interactivity in their online experiences. Real time information will have more uses and Google may begin altering search results based on location.

In the online marketing world, innovations are unstoppable because of the high demand for more advanced technologies. If you want to make your business website matter, hire a credible SEO company to help you persevere and excel no matter what changes and developments arise.

The Best Smartphones for Piloting a Drone

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samsung phoneThe spotlight for drone flying now includes smartphones. Remotes and controllers aside, phones and tablets now take the helm as the main device for steering and controlling UAVs. Every Parrot AR Drone 2.0 review proves the existence of models that depend solely on smartphones for flight control.

This is how central smart devices have become to the craft. If you still don’t believe this, you should know that Parrot isn’t alone in making smartphone-only drones. Other models available on the market ship without physical controllers, too. It’s a sign that in the future, the role of smartphones would be bigger.

Now, not every smartphone that hits the market is ideal for flying a quadcopter. If you don’t have a decent tablet, you have to make sure that your phone can handle the job. Here are some of the top units that can do the work:

Apple iPhone 6 (Plus)

Apple’s latest iPhones work well with drone flying. The fast processor and the strong connectivity features of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus allow the flight apps to run flawlessly. Best quadcopter reviews point out that the lag on Apple devices when flying is very minimal.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The latest of the pack, the Samsung Galaxy S6, is no doubt one of the best choices available today. Its sizable RAM is the true hero here. It allows the app to record footage and fly without any hitch or performance issues. Its powerful connectivity features are also commendable. Moreover, Samsung has started making its chips available to drone and wearable developers, too.

Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z3 is also a good contender when it comes to piloting a drone. It has a fast enough processor to minimize the lag of the app. What’s good is that the phone stays fast enough to send controls and directions to the drone while midair.

Evidently, flagship smartphones are the ideal choice when it comes to drone flying. This is because flight control apps remain resource-heavy as of now. Unless developers come up with a plan to reduce the app’s usage of resources, it will always be best to go with the most powerful device around.

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