3 Ways to Make the World a Little Bit Better

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Help Save the EnvironmentIt’s not that difficult to make this world a better place. Sometimes, all you need is to say a few words or dedicate some of your free time to help other people and make spread positivity instead of negativity. If you think you aren’t doing enough to show how much you appreciate what you have in life, then now is the time to change that.

Here are some simple ways you can be kinder and show more empathy to other people:

Say the Magic Words

Sometimes, people forget or find it difficult to say the "magic words" to the people around them. However, saying these can make the biggest difference in the lives of others and of yourself. Say “thank you” no matter how small the act of kindness was, say “please” if you are asking for a favour no matter how simple it is, and say “sorry” to anyone whom you’ve hurt even if you didn’t mean to hurt their feelings. You and the person you’ll tell these things to will both see a difference.

Do a Good Deed Consciously

By looking for local volunteer opportunities for causes you truly believe in, you’ll make a difference in many people’s lives. All you have to do is dedicate a few hours of your time to help those in need. Volunteering is a good way to give back to the community. This will give you a better perspective of the world and the people around you.

Take Care of the Environment

The environment is one of the most abused because people neglect to think about its importance in the lives of people right now and the future generations. Take care of the environment by using less paper, conserving water, driving less, and more. You just have to be more conscious of your waste and think green to help save the environment in your own little ways.

Follow these acts to make the world a better place, one deed at a time. Who knows, you might inspire somebody in the process.

The Perks, Profits and Importance of Proper Tank Maintenance and Repairs

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Tank Repair ProviderTanks are an important part of any oil-related business. Relatively, adequate repairs must be completed as soon as possible and regular tank maintenance should not be put off. This rule is applicable for all kinds of tanks for the following important and beneficial reasons.

Prevent Environmental Damage

The nature of oil-related businesses is already environmentally-linked from the very beginning. That said, there should be more awareness in caring for the ecosystem to avoid further damaging it. One little leak in a tank may be a small thing but its effects to water or soil are long-lasting. If repairs are not made at once, even to a sturdy tank such as an API 650, it can result in bigger issues involving an even larger area than your business’ property.

Avoid Danger to Staff

As said earlier, a little damage could lead to bigger problems, including a tank blowout. That kind of incident not only damages the environment but also injuries, and can even kill, people. The most likely ones to get hurt would be your own staff or workers who are employed on the site. It can even affect you if you are within close vicinity of the incident.

Saves Profit and Reduces Expense

True, added cost is involved with proper tank maintenance and repairs but it is a small amount compared to possible losses connected with a major leak or blowout. The required clean-up bill alone can cost more than the actual product loss. Other expenditures can include hospitalization for affected manpower, acquisition of new products and maintenance of affected machinery. This could also cause a temporary suspension of operations which will cost your company its projected profits.

Your efforts to maintain and repair oil tanks properly can be beneficial to many, including your own company. Contact a reputable tank repair provider to see to the regular maintenance of your equipment. Considering the costs and profits you can save with expert care and timely repairs, having this extra service is a very worthy investment.

Metal Roofs: A Practical Choice for the Practical Homeowner

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Metal Roofing in AucklandThere is no competition when it comes to roof longevity: metal roofs are immovable from the top spot. When asked what factors to consider in assessing roofing quality, building owners claimed that service life and lifestyle costs are most important. Both of which just happen to be metal roof’s biggest strengths.

Here’s a study to prove it:

Longer Lifespan – Bigger Savings on Cost

In 2004, a Ducker Research company conducted a research that compared the different life cycles of metal roofs, asphalt roofs and single-ply roofs. By inspecting 36 roofing systems from all industries – office, retail, institutional – the study found that metal roofs had a life expectancy of at least 40 years, which is 17 years more than that of asphalt and 20 years more than that of single-ply.

Lifespan still depends on the materials used. Experts recommend steel for superior quality. Steel roofing in Auckland, for example, can cover a variety of applications and is a cost-effective solution for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

The study also found building owners spend an average of 30 cents per square foot annually on metal roofs, versus 37 cents on asphalt and 57 cents on single-ply. Maintenance of metal roofs only costs about 3.5% of the total installation cost, versus 28% for asphalt and 19% for single-ply.

The people have spoken. If you prioritise service life and lower costs, going metal is an ideal investment.

Other advantages

A building’s HVAC system generally consumes at least 30% of the building’s energy, but investing in a well-designed and well-installed metal roofing system may help this number decline dramatically.

Other than saving on maintenance costs, you can also save up to 40% on energy expenses. The key lies in thicker insulation, which prevents energy loss and fosters steady interior temperatures.

Metal roofs are also cost-effective in terms of lighting. They effectively absorb daylight and reflect it into the room, minimising the need for electric lighting.

From commercial to residential applications, metal roofs meet the requirements of the practical homeowner. And though most of its benefits lie in its functionality, its aesthetic appeal is also worth noting. Metal roofing is something to consider for your next project.

Here’s How Commercial Diving Contractors Can Help

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Commercial DivingGot an emergency? Do you need help in recovering lost objects or repairing an equipment underwater? If yes, then you might need commercial diving services.

Commercial divers, for those who are uninitiated, are professionals who are paid to go underwater to carry out an array of tasks. Specifically, here is how commercial diving contractors can be of help:

They assist in filming underwater

Do you need assistance in filming your movie, television show or documentary underwater? Commercial contractors like Underwater Construction Corporation have well-trained divers who are always ready to assist you. On top of that, commercial divers are also experienced in operating various equipment, including underwater cameras, to provide clients with their needed photos or videos for their projects.

They can help in maintaining the swimming pool

Most of the time, commercial diving contractors also have consumers who hire them for swimming pool maintenance. There is no need to empty your pool for cleaning or maintenance. Commercial divers are skilled to carry out maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and even repair jobs.

These divers make use of a multitude of equipment, ranging from water vacuum cleaners and other hand or power tools, to leave your pool sparkling.

They can assist in the recovery body or lost objects

These divers are also reliable in terms of salvage and recovery services. For example, when something worst happens at sea, commercial diving contractors are always ready to give a helping hand in a quick manner.

For more effective salvage and recovery services, they usually use different tools. These include side scanners, lift bags, grappling hooks plus underwater equipment.

Most of these contractors are even affiliated with different authorities and organizations to expedite the search and recovery process.

Of course, these are only some of the services that commercial diving contractor offer to their consumers. When you are planning to hire one, make sure that the company you are dealing with is reliable – this means that it has already completed hundreds of contracts in the past and that it boasts qualified and competent divers.

Cultural Transmissions Affect the Evolution of Dolphins and Whales

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Evolution of DolphinsLike humans and ancestral apes, cetaceans develop behavioural traits through social cognition and transmission in their lifetime. Cetaceans are a few of the species in the animal kingdom that are capable of shaping traditions and passing them on to other members of their units.

In separate studies spanning years of whale watching and long-term field research, a group of researchers, using the ethnographic approach, have found that the whale culture has some effect on the genetic variation and evolution of the species. This ground-breaking piece of knowledge helps explain why some animals, especially those that thrive in units, develop distinct behavioural patterns and sophisticated social learning abilities while others may not.

Culture and genetics

Like humans, whales and dolphins form complex social faculties. They thrive, move and survive as a unit. Units in the wild present cultural variations in terms of vocal and motor traits, and exhibit varying degrees of cognitive abilities.

Bottlenose dolphins, for example, have highly sophisticated social behaviour and cognitive traits. Data suggest that they are capable of using objects, actions and concepts to guide their behaviour. Culture in whales is far more complex than that of other animals, where cultural learning mostly relies on environmental factors and predisposition.

Criticism of the theory

The argument that culture affects the behavioural repertoire of whales and dolphins is widely criticised in the field of animal behavioural studies. Critics argue that distinct genetic lineages have nothing to do with culture, that only genetics and ecological factors could explain the behaviour of these large-brained mammals.

However, it is undeniable that culture has a profound effect on whale populations. Like humans, environmental cues and genetics are not the only variables that shape the way we socialise, think, feel and behave. Distinct cultural trends and niches help form our identity.

In the case of whales and dolphins, some units innovate cultural techniques based on know-how transfer, hence culture. While this hypothesis is still currently laced with controversies, there is significant evidence showing that distinct behaviours stem from cultural transmissions.

Why Erect Tanks to API 650 Standards?

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Reasons to Make Tanks to API 650 StandardsIn 1961, the API 650 standards were published by the American Petroleum Institute. This detailed the methodology that is to be used to create tanks for the gas and oil industry in the country. But companies that stored water, fertilizers, chemicals and food in above ground storage tanks, were not required to meet these standards as per the federal law.

However, some states require you to comply with the standards and also require API 650 repair regulations to be followed. There are three main reasons why it is advisable to follow the standards prescribed.

  • Built for safety

The API 650 is based on principles to engineer and build a safe tank. These standards are constantly revised by the best structural engineers in the world and some knowledgeable tank owners. This standard will make sure that tanks are economical and safe to use. The API 653 concentrates on ensuring whether the storage tank is suitable for storing a particular liquid. The structural needs of the storage tanks following the standards, are such that they can handle extreme temperatures, earthquakes, high winds and other such influences.

  • State and international standards

API 650 is a standard which is internationally recognised for building storage tanks. There are some states that have the same guidelines on constructing and preserving storage tanks. Implementing these storage tank standards can help prevent spills and leaks. Thus your products are not wasted and you also protect the environment and the people around you.

  • Customer rights

By adhering to the API 650 tank building standards you protect the tank customer rights. The customers can ask for all the papers that show that the tanks are constructed according to the prescribed standards. The standards specify that the customer can reject any product that does not completely comply with the API 650 standards. As a customer, you have the right to question the tank manufacturers for the steel certifications, integrity reports and the API 650 standard certification.

Thus building the storage tanks according to the standards is advisable as it is beneficial in more ways than one.

A Few Incredibly Amazing Facts About Whales

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Whale WatchingWhales are air-breathing, live-bearing mammals like us. But they spend almost their entire lives submerged, living in the vast ocean depths. That alone makes them an interesting species. But the next time you go whale watching, know that the magnificent animal you’re witnessing is amongst the most interesting life forms of all.

The Lung Capacity Of Champions

Whales are the undisputed champions of the world in terms of lung capacity. Bar none. It’s basically due to their evolutionary adaptation to life in the sea. But here’s an interesting tidbit about their lungs: they’re quite small in proportion to their massive bodies. It would be dangerous for them to have huge lungs due to the depths of their regular dives.

Coupled with this is the fact that whale lungs store oxygen differently from that of other animals. They don’t even need to have oxygen in their lungs to live, specifically. About 75 percent of the oxygen whales breathe in is stored in their blood. This allows whales to hold their breath for as long as one hour. The human record stands at a mere 22 minutes.

Female Humpback Whales Love Their BFFs

Think only human women love spending time with BFFs? Think again. Female humpback whales are amongst the most social of all whale species — they don’t just make friends but also see each other again every year. When in each other’s company, the female humpbacks float, eat, and just “enjoy” their time together. Scientists even claim that this mutual connection gives birth to healthier babies. Only lady humpbacks do this, however.

“Whale Society”

Humpbacks are also at it with their socialisation techniques. Male humpback whales “sing” the most complex communicative songs of any other species. These songs also possess the largest frequency range, at 20 to 90,000 Hertz. They use these sounds either to directly communicate with one another or to look for food.

One of The Most Endangered Animals Of All

Rampant fishing, pollution, dam/bridge construction, and commercial whaling have reduced whale populations greatly. In fact, this has been going on for thousands of years. Many of our earliest human ancestors hunted whales for their blubber, meat, and oil.

Whales are truly amazing creatures. These few interesting facts about them might add to the mystique of seeing such whales in person — not everyone has the privilege to see them thriving these days.

Onward to a Keyless Future

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Keyless Entry Door

The world has gone a long way from crude, simplistic lock systems. Today, everything is classified as smart: smartphones, smart homes, and even smart locks. The latter, with aid from commercial locksmiths like Goldy Locks, Inc., is paving the way to a keyless future.

Forget About Keys And Keyrings Soon

Having a boatload of keys is troublesome. You’re always liable to misplace or lose one, or if your luck’s worse, all of them. But, life nowadays is too fast-paced to waste several minutes just to find lost keys. Today’s the age of keyless security — the days of bringing a lot of keys might soon be long gone.

Today’s keyless security systems are much more intuitive. But, this idea isn’t exactly new; it was already conceived back in 1975. Norwegian engineer and inventor Tor Sørnes is the one to come up with the world’s first electronic keycard lock. As a result, a new market for programmable locks opened up. Since then, security systems can now be accessed using fingerprints, passwords, and even facial recognition.

The Dawn Of Handheld Security

A good number of today’s keyless security systems are controlled via a smartphone app. From their device, users can unlock and lock their doors remotely. They can then choose who to share their passcodes with—family, close friends, and everyone else within their inner circle—provided that trust is not an issue.

That’s not even the meatiest part. These systems can be set to activate at a specified time in case the user forgets to lock up. Lastly, the app takes note of who comes and goes through the system in a log, allowing users to keep track of what’s going on.

Digital Crooks

But, what about hackers? Here’s one truth about keyless entry systems: they’re still not literally theft-proof. Hackers can still find their way through these locks if they try hard enough. For one, keyless entry systems on cars aren’t particularly safe—they’re often broken into a lot of times. But, fear not: hackers breaking into keyless system-protected homes are still few and far between.

Should You Remove Roof Moss On Your Own?

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Moss-Covered Roof Houses all over the country have roofs made from different kinds of materials like metal, wood, concrete tiles, clay, and asphalt. All of them, however, are areas where moss can grow and accumulate. The roof is under high exposure to rainfall and humidity, the two things that moss needs to grow and thrive.

Moss growth is more prominent on the roof’s north side where it stays wet for a longer period. Big trees produce more shade on the roof that can promote the growth and development of moss. Rainfall and dew takes longer to dry up on the roof’s surface due to the reduced amount of sunlight it gets.

Roof damage ahead

While a moss-covered roof can give your house that quaint medieval look, moss can be more of a nightmare than a fairy tale. Left without treatment, the verdant growth of moss can result in the degradation of roofing material, especially wood and asphalt.

Why is removing moss from your roof important?

Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest and other experts say that roof moss removal is a task that should take place on a seasonal basis (or whenever necessary) to keep your roof protected and good-looking.

Below are some of the advantages of removing moss on your roof:

  • Prevents gutters from getting clogged

  • Prevents underground drainage from blockages

  • Enhances your roof’s appearance

  • Prevents damage on tile surface

  • Enables you to see and replace the damaged tiles under the layer of moss

  • Removal of thick moss can extend the lifespan of your roof

Not for DIYers

Cleaning moss off roofs can be a risky task. Wet algae and moss on an inclined roof can be slippery as ice. Working on rooftops is dangerous and is not recommended as a do-it-yourself task.

A fit homeowner can perform the task but, in most cases, moss removal on roofs involves the use of ladders, towers, harnesses, and other equipment. It’s not that complicated either but you should still leave the job to a professional company that specializes in rooftop services.

Common Metals Used by Jewellery Manufacturers

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Jewellery ManufacturersBirmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a quaint place, a favourite stop for many tourists. More than 40% of jewellery in the UK comes from Birmingham. There are more than 500 jewellery companies there today. In fact, many modern developments came from the area.

To know anything about jewellery, Birmingham is where you should go. You can learn about the history and art of jewellery making, and find places to buy tools and raw materials for making your own. The most common metals for jewellery are gold, silver, and platinum.


Most people associate jewellery with something made of gold in all its forms. Gold is a relatively soft, rare metal that is easy to work with. You can make jewellery using a variety of methods, including casting and threading. You can make a thread 50 miles long or a flat sheet that covers 100 square feet with one ounce of gold, Jewelcast.co.uk states.

Jewellery designers can create unique pieces with gold that is not possible with other metals. It is also non-reactive, which means it will not tarnish or corrode. In most cases, however, jewellery makers do not work with pure gold. They mix it with other metals to make it less soft, especially in casting. Gold alloys show more detail than pure gold and keep its shape longer.


Silver is not as rare as gold, but it is also a popular metal for jewellery because it is beautiful. It is harder to work with than gold, however, because it conducts heat instead of melting. This is the reason students practice soldering on silver before moving up to gold.

The main problem with pure silver is it tarnishes, so you have to put more effort to keep it shiny. It is also soft, so jewellery makers mix it with other metals to make it more durable. Britannia silver has 95.4% silver, and the rest is another metal, usually copper. However, the most common silver alloy used for jewellery is sterling silver, which has 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is also popular for high-end cutlery and teapots, hence the term “silverware.”


Platinum is a metal that looks like silver, but it is much rarer than gold and silver. It is more durable than gold and does not tarnish like silver. Many wedding and engagement rings today are made of platinum. However, its use for jewellery is quite recent. This is because platinum was hard to refine back in the day. Some people even thought it was unripe gold, so it was worthless. Jewellery makers only started to realise its value and use it in 1900, and it works well with most methods. Today, jewellery makers use a mix of 90% platinum and 10% iridium, which has very similar properties to platinum.

Jewellery manufacturers work with all kinds of metals, not just gold, silver, and platinum. The metal and method used to depend on the design. Your best bet to get it right is to go to Birmingham.

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