The Natural Beauty of Silver Coins

4 Silver coins piled upIt is human nature to want new and clean things. Especially if you paid a hefty amount to purchase your item. However, there is always one exception to the rule.

An expert on silver coins in the UK would advise collectors never to clean their coins. As a non-coin collector or a newbie, you might be surprised with this seemingly contradictory advice. Who would pay hundreds of dollars to a dirty old coin after all?

Why is cleaning your silver coins a bad idea?

Natural colour is removed

Cleaning your silver coin would usually mean removing its natural colour due to the chemicals and ingredients used in cleaning it. Cleaning using baking soda and other harsh ingredients like vinegar or toothpaste and scrubbed by a toothbrush takes away the silver’s natural shine and colour. A true coin collector would know how to differentiate a cleaned silver and a naturally well-preserved one.

Decreases its value

Despite its shininess, cleaned silver coins have lesser value than the ones that’s not clean due to the reason stated above. Cleaned coins often have hairline scratches that ruin the whole appearance of the coin.

Fret not, however. This does not mean you are bound to buy dirty coins.

Some cleaning exemptions 

Cleaning is perfectly acceptable when it is done to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Easily clean dirt and gunk by gently washing your coin in soap water. Do not use any abrasive materials to scrub and remove the dirt. Instead, gently use your fingers to clean your coin. Clean your coins one by one to avoid contact and scratches. Rinse thoroughly with water and then dry.

Coin collectors see coins like wine. They age gracefully by itself. Little to no intervention from humans makes it more valuable. Therefore, the next time you see an old and shine-less coin, appreciate it. That small piece has gone through years of history to be in your hand now.

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