Tenants from Hell: A Landlord’s Guide to Getting Around Needless Arguments

landlord tenantAs a landlord, it’s expected of you to exhibit a patient demeanor. But, not all landlords have a knack for dealing with nasty tenants—those who make late payments, complain a lot and create damages to property. These landlords who lack the patience sometimes end up having a row with their tenants, which sometimes results in evictions or worse, legal suits.

No matter how good of a landlord you are, there will come a time when you will meet a tenant who will try to push you to the limits of your temper. An intuitive response will be going head to head with an angry tenant, but this is a wrong move, especially since there are certain legal measures that the tenant may use against you.

Here are some tips to get around such situations:

Forget the Emotions

When dealing with fuming tenants, count one to ten before you respond. Giving your response abruptly will only make things worse; it’s often the words that you say on a whim that create issues. Be objective whenever you handle a problem that concerns your renters. Property management company RentHomes.com suggests responding to your tenants’ complaints and badmouthing by showing them the rules they have agreed upon.

Respond Legally

Some tenants are so sensitive that a simple reminder or warning from the landlord is received as a threat of eviction. These tenants often get into arguments, and when they feel like they’re losing, they’ll tell everyone you’re trying to evict them. In cases like these, show the lease agreement to the tenant and explain to them the points they have missed.


When worse comes to worst, offer your tenants a compromise if their actions are proving them worthy of eviction. These are the cases when the tenant neglects major responsibilities, such as paying rent and taking care of the property. You can’t simply evict tenants, as they have rights, so make sure that negligence on their part is proven before firing them.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when dealing with unruly tenants. As much as possible, do not make the case worse by displaying hostile sentiments.

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