Save on Mortgage: Lower Your Closing Cost

mortgageWhen it comes to the home loan process, it is important to identify ways to save on your closing costs. By keeping the closing cost to a minimum, you can save enough money for other extra expenses associated with your home purchase.

Third Party Services

There are third services that are essential to complete the settlement of the home purchase. This may include home inspection, transfer tax, appraisals, title insurance, and many more. When your lender gives you the opportunity to shop for these services, it is reasonable to accept their offer. The total cost of these services can vary and this can give you an opportunity to save money.

Loan Offer

Get quotes from multiple lenders and compares their rates. Each lender will provide a “good faith estimate” with details on the interest rates, other fees, and the closing cost that will be charged with the loans. Each lender will have different total cost and specific fees. When evaluating the loan offers, many Birmingham rental investment and real estate companies suggest calculating the total fee charges.

Negotiating Fees

For some lenders, certain fees like the origination cost will be negotiable. This refers to the cost the lender charges you for the loan itself. Some loan providers usually get a commission according to the fees the lender charges so they have room for negotiation. If you are working with a fixed-fee lender, however, the loan officer has a fixed rate and there is room for negotiation.

Discount Points

These points are considered part of the closing cost, as they are charged when the home loan is closed. Discount points, however, are different from mortgage fees, as you have the option to purchase them or not. While buying points can lower your interest rates, it can also cost you more money on the home purchase. It can add thousands of dollars to the money you need to close the loan. This is why it is better to ask your lender to give you a rate quote with zero points.

These are just some of the ways you can do to lower your closing cost. It is better to work with a real estate expert to learn more about your options in getting a home loan.

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