How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits for Your Child

Accounts Receivable Solution Many parents of children with disabilities struggle financially with the continuous increase of medical care costs every year. One way these parents can get financial support is through the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Social Security Income (SSI) Disability Program for Children.

But do you ensure social security disability eligibility for your children? Here are some ways you can secure the benefits your kids need:

Age Requirement

A child has to be under 18 years old to be considered for the SSI disability benefits. However, the child can be exempted to that rule if he or she is still enrolled in either high school or junior high full time. In these special circumstances, then the child will still be eligible until he or she reaches 22.

Medical Requirement

You need to show documentation of your child’s disability, whether it’s a physical impairment that limits his or her physical functions or a mental impairment that may last for more than a year. You may check with the SSA the list of all impairments included in the requirement. If met, there’s a higher chance that your child will be eligible for the disability benefits.

Financial Requirement

A certain level of income is also checked to see if the child is eligible for SSI benefits. According to the SSA, it may also consider a portion of the parents’ salary together with their resources, as if they were free for the child to have access. The government may also consider a portion of a stepparent’s monthly income if the child resides with a biological parent and a stepparent.

Social security benefits for disabled children is a great way to provide kids with pre-existing health conditions the help that they need. You might want to work with a company that knows a lot about the matter to get the customized solution for your child’s medical needs.

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