Here’s How You Can Become a Nicer, Better Landlord

Landlord Holding the House KeyBeing a landlord is not an easy job. Many times, you’ll be compelled to put up with your tenants’ idiosyncrasies and complaints. Other times, you’ll be dealing with repairs and problems with fixtures. These problems, however, should not cause you to be irate and nice.

Being a nice landlord has many benefits. It will inspire tenants to become considerate when it comes to payments and property care. Here are some tips that will help you become a better landlord — other than getting insurance for landlords in California.

Be patient and consistent

Patience is the epitome of being a good and nice landlord. As mentioned, you’ll be dealing with a lot of problems with your tenants. And it’s important that they see you cool. Never ever attempt to shout at your tenant.

When it comes to service, you should practice consistency. Your tenants will appreciate your consistency, which in turn may inspire them to pay their rent on time.

Define your availability

Your availability matters a lot to your tenants. It’s also part of your legal obligation as a tenant to be available when the need arises, especially during emergencies. You must provide your tenants with different ways to contact you. Other than giving your mobile number, you should also give them an alternative mobile number and your email address.

Help them adjust

Your role as a landlord doesn’t end in the paper. You will also need to help them adjust to the neighborhood. For new tenants, you’re expected to walk them through the neighborhood — from parks to supermarkets. You may also give them a welcome letter or a gift, such as wine, cake, or anything that will make their first week in your property memorable.

Being a nice landlord is much easier than it actually is. All you need are a set of sharp social skills and a deep understanding if interpersonal dynamics.

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