Cautions in Subdividing: 6 Things You Should Beware Of

LandSubdividing is very popular in Australia these past years. With the ease of application and the possibility of getting triple digit income or higher, there is no doubt this will continue to attract investors.

Property developer,, recommends checking how qualified a property is for subdividing and take care of how you will place your developments. There are a few considerations, though, if you are thinking of buying a property for subdividing later on.


But not just any tree. Significant trees like those considered indigenous species, such as Norfolk pine tree and Willow Myrtle. Steer clear from these because you cannot cut them unless deemed sick, dead and unsafe by a licensed arborist.


You may find out where and how your underground sewer runs through the street. This may come from a licensed plumber. Or else, you may have to fork out for a sewer extension to service your extra block. The same is true with gas connection.

Land levels

If there is a big fall towards the back of the property, you need to consider cleaning landfill, retaining water drainage and walls. These may cost a lot of money.


Every council have zones, such as industrial, commercial, open space and residential. Your property falls into a zone that has its own size requirements and may be different to the block of land across the street. With the help of a licensed architect, do some thorough research on this at the government portal.

Soil contamination

Is the soil safe to build on? If the place were a previous plantation or a repair shop, you may find that chemicals and impurities contaminate the soil. Not only is this unfit for long-term vegetation, it may also affect construction projects. You may conduct an inspection of the original site to help you decide on this.

Power and phone availability

This is usually a problem when subdividing in rural areas. You may check it just the same, especially if the electrical power pole could be standing right where you plan to put your new driveway.

Subdividing is truly a modern way to make your property portfolio better. With these few reminders, you may avoid extra expenses and make subdividing work for you.

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