Alternative Ways to Earn Extra Income When Money is Tight

MoneyLate on your rent and payday is still nowhere in sight? Does your car need a costly emergency repair yet your credit cards are maxed out? When money is tight, especially during unfavorable economic situations, you may think about turning to non-traditional ways to earn extra cash (by non-traditional, we also mean legal). Here are some of the things that you can try:

Sell Metal Scraps

Check your basement, tool shed, or garage for some scrap metals that are just lying around and sell them to your local recycling center. If you’re not exactly a metal scrap hoarder, you may want to check the refuse areas in your community. Alternatively, you can also ask your neighbors for their discarded metal objects, such as those from broken appliances or play sets. If you want, you can split the profits with them. Since you’re doing them a great favor by cleaning up their junk, they will surely agree to your proposal.

Apply for a Title Loan

If you own a car and have its title, go to the nearest car title loan provider and take out a car title loan. Unlike with other types of loan offers, title loans give you access to some fast cash without the hassle of credit check and income verification.

Invest in Your Creativity

If you love creating arts and crafts, there are plenty of sites that will let you showcase your talent and earn some money at the same time. Etsy and Café Press are two samples you may want to check out.

These are just some of the alternative ways that you can try to earn extra cash. Many of us have been in that humbling situation before — so broke that you’d rummage for loose change in every corner of your house. So, there’s no shame in being proactive and trying any of these.

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