How to Effectively Manage Difficult Customers

Angry customer purchasing onlineDifficult customers could pose a predicament: Should you let them go or try your best to keep their business? Before doing anything impulsive, check your customer service. All businesses face demanding customers — those who want more than what’s included in the deal, those who always have a complaint, and those who send returns repeatedly. While it might be tempting to just turn them away, make certain that it’s the customer who’s really being difficult and not your staff.

Use Sound Judgment

When a customer makes an over-the-top or unusual request, the first thing you must do is to decide whether the request is reasonable. Retail sales training professionals add that you should step back, breathe, and think things through.

Is your business the problem or is the customer just one of those people who relish being difficult? In the event that the customer’s request proves to be reasonable, you’d have gained a priceless insight into your business and market.

Many small businesses fail to conduct customer research, but customers complaints and suggestions are actually a valuable source of information to help improve your service and business. Plus, it’s free. However, there are instances when customers aren’t always right. If you’ve done everything to meet or even exceed a customer’s expectations to no avail, you have to decide whether or not you truly want the customer’s business.

Offer Practical Alternatives

If you have a customer who’s always filing complaints or renegotiating contract terms, estimate how much resource that customer’s taking up to determine whether the resources you’re giving out are going to waste. If this is the case, you might benefit more if you recommend them to another business that could satisfy their needs.

Do note, though, that you need to suggest an alternative in the most positive manner possible because there’s a chance that the customer will still stay with you because you have better offers.

Evaluate Your Staff

Sometimes, customers who seem difficult might actually be telling you something crucial — that your customer service sucks. Check if your employees are the kind of people capable of building and nurturing relationships with customers.

Businesses have to realize that difficult customers are actually hard to come by, and that poor customer service could easily bring out the worst even in the most patient and reasonable customers.

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