Tooth Loss, Bone Loss: Dental Implants to the Rescue

Dental ProblemsFor many, losing teeth is primarily a cosmetic concern, not realising that it is a health problem and increases the risk of dental bone loss. Not only will it cause the face to sag, it can also affect your physical health. Without a strong jaw, you will find it harder to eat and that makes you vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies and diseases.

Although tooth and bone loss is common to elderly people, anyone can be a victim of this health problem. It is important to seek treatment in the form of dental implant surgery or any other procedure a dentist deems appropriate to prevent bone loss and other health problems.

Bone be Gone

Bones support the teeth; a process that requires ‘stimulation’ from the dental structures to work. The absence of stimulation when you lose your teeth causes alveolar bone loss. As the bone loses width and height, the gum tissue becomes damaged. At this point, you will have trouble eating or speaking. The tragedy doesn’t end there, though. The damage extends to the basal bone, the one underneath the alveolar bone. As the problem gets worse, you will be at risk for jaw fractures.

No Teeth, No Problem

To prevent bone loss, the jawbone needs the same kind of stimulation; something that dental implants can provide. These dental appliances serve as anchors that support teeth. Moreover, they do not just replace missing teeth, but also fuse to the bone.

The titanium screw serves as the root of the implant and is bonded to the jawbone. This improves bone density and dimension. With implants in place and ‘roots’ restored, the mouth has everything it needs to produce more bone cells. This allows you to maintain the healthy structure of your mouth and ensure good oral health.

Losing teeth is not just unsightly. It can also result in serious health problems like dental bone loss. Prevent these issues by consulting with your dentist and determining if dental implant surgery is right for you.

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