Should You Get Assisted Living for Your Loved Ones?

Young Nurse Helping a Senior ManIf you or your loved one needs help to complete basic day to day tasks like grooming and taking a bath, or you are just looking for a less complicated way of living, an assisted living facility may be the ideal option.

When considering assisted living in Utah, Legacy Retirement says that it is best to weigh the advantages versus the disadvantages.

Advantages of Assisted Living

Among the major advantages of an assisted living arrangement are the security and safety features in the facility. There is also the 24-hour access to care and support. The resident likewise enjoys a semblance of independence, and their privacy is respected. The staff are there merely to assist the residents with any tasks they may need help in completing.

While some services may vary from one facility to another, the same basic services are provided. These include three meals each day, assistance with day to day activities, housekeeping, transportation, medical care, exercise programs, social activities, and assistance with medication, among others.

Some facilities for assisted living in Utah offer apartment style living. This allows residents to maintain a semblance of privacy while having easy access to all available amenities. Assisted living affords seniors the luxury of no longer tending to their home, and allows them to get all the help they need.

Is Assisted Living for Everyone?

Assisted living arrangements may not be for everyone. It is important to observe you senior loved one’s needs carefully. If the caring required is beyond providing basic assistance for bathing, dressing, eating, walking, or going to the bathroom, then a more intensive type of care may be necessary such as that of a nursing home.

If the senior has a chronic health condition that needs strict monitoring or treatment, a facility staffed with skilled nurses may be a better option. On the other hand, if the elderly is relatively healthy and does not need assistance with most daily living tasks, an independent living community may be the more ideal and less expensive alternative.

By paying attention to your beloved senior’s needs, and understanding the various options available, you can easily choose the right living arrangement for them.

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