Shake (the Sugar) Off: How Vibration Exercise Helps Diabetic Patients

vibration exerciseExercise is important for everyone, but even more so for people living with diabetes. Regular exercises helps diabetic patients better manage their condition, helping them maintain a healthy weight and lower blood sugar level.

Research suggests that aerobic exercise makes the body more sensitive to the effects of insulin. Because of this improved metabolism, diabetics are more likely to see a decrease in body fat. The most important benefit of exercise, though, is the boost in glucose uptake by the muscles. This helps the body store glucose normally.

While there are many exercise tips and workout plans for diabetic patients, some worry about exerting physical effort, especially those that lack stamina. There is one fitness trend strongly recommended by experts like Lifetime Vibe; it is an exercise that requires little physical activity, but allows patients to reap the same benefits of active aerobic exercises — whole body vibration.

Whole Body Vibration: Is it as Effective as Aerobic Exercise?

Some people are wary about vibration exercise, saying that metabolic benefits simply by standing on a vibration platform machine sounds almost too good to be true. It’s not — this innovative technology can really help diabetics manage the disease. There is research to back this up.

Various studies were conducted to determine if vibration exercise is as effective as regular fitness routines. One study involved thirty diabetic males who were divided into three groups: aerobic exercise (AE), whole body vibration (WBV) and control.

The fitness routine of those in the AE group involved three walking sessions a week. Every session lasted30 minutes to an hour. Those who were in the WBV group used the vibration equipment for 8-12 minutes with a frequency of 30 Hz and amplitude of 2mm.

After 8 weeks, the experts assessed the results. It revealed no significant differences between WBV and AE groups. Both of the groups, though, experienced a decrease in blood sugar levels. The experts concluded that AE and WBV are exercise routines that help improve metabolism, and they especially recommend WBV for diabetic patients who can’t handle aerobic activities.

Vibration exercise is an effective therapy and alternative to aerobic exercise when it comes to managing diabetes. For diabetics who are considering adding this therapy to their diabetes management plan, a doctor’s advice is necessary.

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